TWILIGHT FORCE Mission Week 45

Written & Drawn By

Steve Games

The Lost Records, Day 309 of the TWILIGHT FORCE Mission, November 5:

309 hywon examination.jpg

icon aliens 2

Hyr Ayr Oop: “Many of it’s core internal organs have become encased and divided by still-growing promethium-laced membranes, connected by fibrous webs primarily consisting of copper. The effect is spreading to other areas of the body, presumably to inhabit the body completely. Whether this membrane is of a parasitic or of a symbiotic nature is yet to be determined.”

Tr Teqyx: hywon varient 8c“And this is the very same effect happening in Flamear?”




Hyr Ayr Oop: icon aliens 2“Yes, and that was observed in the dissected subject. All three have experienced identical degrees of the effect, likely from the same source. That source obviously has been very efficient in self-reproductive nanotechnology. This kind of perpetual self-replication could overwhelm whole societies if contagious.”


Vwi Dyr Yiij: “The creature’s in shock! Shall we induce unconsciousness?”icon aliens 23




Tr Teqyx: “It’s expendable. In order to save Flamear we must understand what’s happening. Do not disclose the existence of these two to anyone. Flamear is already legendary in our mainstream. Do not besmirch that inspiration. You must proceed as necessary with this one to discover a viable cure. Dissection may be most efficient. Such an ugly thing. I thought I had grown used to physical oddities by now.”hywon varient 8c




Hyr Ayr Oop: icon aliens 2“Oddly, bipeds are prone to believing they’re at the pinnacle of evolution regardless of evidence to the contrary. That said, the creature before us is not extraordinary outside the bounds of its present victim-hood. It’s dispersal will have no ripple effects as I dig to the root of the matter.”


Vwi Dyr Yiij: “Wise ones, please consider: What if what’s happening to this being is not bad, but instead natural and good? What if we can only understand it by watching it unfold? How else can we know?”icon aliens 23




The Lost Records, Day 310 of the TWILIGHT FORCE Mission, November 6:

310 Interior Flamear.jpg

The Hywon were taking excellent care of Professor Flamear while Doctor Nopoin and Judge Bulbous suffered indignities under scrutiny of the same alien conglomerate.

To pacify and distract their valued and fabled guest, the Hywon offered Flamear the environment, tastes, sights, sounds and sensations he enjoyed. Flamear’s preferences in those regards were gleaned from previous interviews.

Chiefly their pseudo-legendary visitor was mollified by the supply of bottomless beer. Nothing could make one forget one’s abduction like a daily gallon of brewski.

0 flamear mirror

And what was a happy hour without imbibing buddies? Two guys from species the Professor knew back home on Zorrenna were slyly introduced on the staging ground. Their unexpected presence was explained away as being ‘collectibles’, seeds gained from ancient expeditions, now grown for further study by the Hywon.

icon flamear crouch 1Flamear: “Oh, you boys should’ve seen Zorrenna. What a metropolis!”




310 sup Rainbow Birdman

Wingdong: “What’s a metropopolis?”




310 Sup Flamear kid

Tungtoes: I know, I know! I can use it in a sentence. Once upon a time they buried the pharaoh in a metropopolis.”




310 sup Rainbow Birdman

Wingdong: “That don’t sound right.”




icon flamear1

Flamear: “That’s not what I said!”




310 Sup Flamear kid

Tungtoes: (to Wingdong) “Oh my god, I guessed it. He is a mean drunk.”




flamear toasting 2

Flamear: “Drunk? Who’s drunk? I like beer. I always liked beer. I’m used to beer. Beer has been around forever. Liked it when I was a kid. Still like it. I like beer.”



310 sup Rainbow Birdman

Wingdong: “Nahooo. I LIKE beer. You ARE beer.”




310 Sup Flamear kid

Tungtoes: “Honey, I will drink to that.”




icon flamear crouch 1

Flamear: “You’ll drink to anything.”




310 Sup Flamear kid

Tungtoes: “Dear lord, he’s going nasty again…”




icon flamear1

Flamear: “You’re drinking all my beer!”




310 sup Rainbow Birdman

Wingdong: “Hey, I just realized somethin’. ‘Flamear’ rhymes with ‘beer’. Flamear…beer!”




310 sup Rainbow Birdman

Wingdong: “Tungtoes? Hello? Wow. He’s out cold! That’s some punch you’ve got there, Professor!”




icon flamear crouch 1

Flamear: “I like beer.”





The Lost Records, Day 311 of the TWILIGHT FORCE Mission, November 7:

311 Left Behind.jpg

icon Angel ChoirAngel: “So y’all are gonna mess up my show because one of you’s an addict or somethin’?”




icon ichnida 7Mrs Ichnida: Judge Bulbous is no addict. She was kidnapped. I heard it happening.”




icon Angel ChoirAngel: “Who’d wanna kidnap her? No ransom danglin’ there. Y’all from another planet, remember?”




pretyman orange cuSenator Pretyman: “Damn, tonsils, I thought we could trust you to believe us…”




icon ichnida attack 1Mrs Ichnida: [Involuntarily jolts] “What? Coming from you? Trust? What are you? A spy! You spend a lifetime impersonating an American and become a senator, then we finally find out that real name of yours, but now that this is happening you want us to call you Pretyman again! Why? What difference can it possibly make? And why would you think you could trust anybody? You blew up our ship!”

Angel: “Can you two settle your shit on your own time? You don’t even know where to start lookin’ for that woman!”

Pretyman: “Mackerel mouth, you need to put it away. We can work together. We’ve been doing that for almost a year…”

Ichnida: “Together? Hah! The Judge suspected you were up to something. What was it? She almost told me once.”

Pretyman: “Ask her when we find her. Focus, Ichnida.”

Ichnida: “We aren’t going to find her! The aliens took her!”

Angel: “Aliens. Right. Was that those little gray ones from over in Roswell? And since you keep callin’ her ‘Senator’, I’d like to know what state she was a senator from? I never heard a’no green senators.”

Pretyman: “Just a stage name, okay? And how do you know there aren’t aliens, you ignorant bitch?”

Angel: “What did you call me?”

Pretyman: “You DEAF ignorant bitch?”

Angel: “Just ’cause fish-girl had her nose cut off and I play along don’t mean…”

Pretyman: “Don’t forget, Ichnida, the Judge was the first one to act against your country back in the real world. Not me, ever. She was the Martian traitor. I was the Texas patriot. That’s all you really know. The rest is a story I told you.”

Ichnida: “So that’s it. You’re in so deep you just can’t let it go. Even now. Even out here, surrounded by new worlds. Your bosses long dead. You’re still on assignment. Still the tool. You’ve got the Data Ring.”


The Lost Records, Day 312 of the TWILIGHT FORCE Mission, November 8:


The Cherokee American in Cairo had intrigued The Gamesman and Ripchordwith the tale of the Diamond of Egypt. It was the name secretly given to just one pyramid by those who did not want anyone to remember that this pyramid was actually a diamond, with an equal measure below the ground as deep as it was tall. The old storyteller knew the way, but…

79_0002Tale Teller: “I am afraid to go in or send anyone else, because my brother once went in and never returned. Many others had the same experience knowing the vanished, until the place has come to be considered a viper pit to be avoided. Only I and three others now remember the truth.”

The Tale Teller took Ripchord and Gamesman to an old cafe, where a mosaic hung behind the bar inside. In the dim light he showed the ancient work depicting the fate of Diamond pyramid trespassers, except for the one woman shown, who escaped.  But The Gamesman studied Cresp Mentorthe strange art for a long moment, something tugging at his eye.

Gamesman: “That isn’t a woman. That’s Mister Cresp!”

Ripchord: “Wow? Was I was right! Cresp became a time travelin’ wild man!”

They started through the catacombs of Cairo that led all the way to the underground branches surrounding the never-known Diamond of Egypt.

Meanwhile, in the Rogue Galaxy of the 5th Dimension, the Well of Souls gives up the remains of these discarded humans, or even squirming, living people who weren’t so mercifully disengaged. There waited Vagantrum, so named by the only – often thought mythological –  woman to ever have escaped this process and returned to this Earth. By “her” testimony, Vagantrum hungrily consumed all who emerged from the Well, living or dead.


The Lost Records, Day 313 of the TWILIGHT FORCE Mission, November 9:

313 Gray & Martian_.jpg

icon Angel ChoirAngel Choir: “You gals got yourselves a problem. They’s five or six weird cats outside the stage door waitin’ for y’all. Couple of ’em’s from somewhere’s else. They come a long way to see you, says they.”


icons pretyman3Senator Pretyman: “To see us? You mean to see you.”

Angel Choir: “Dat’s what would make sense to me. But no. Dey wants to see you two.”



icon ichnida 7Mrs Ichnida: “Oh…we’d better be careful. It could the Red Vikings.”

Senator Pretyman: “Or the Hywon.”

Angel Choir: “Or two crackers, a Jew, two dames and a schmuck from Punjab.”

Senator Pretyman: “What does that even mean?”

Mrs Ichnida: “I’ll go out…

ichnida profilem1…Hello? I’m Mrs Ichnida. Can I help you?”

28e“Good Lord. You were right. It looks real to me.”




41_0002“I told you. Where’s the green one?”




Mrs Ichnida: “I’m sorry. Did you have something you…”

41_0002“There’s a green one! The one I saw naked. She’s naked around here all the time and she’s green all over, it ain’t make-up.”




60_0“Be civil. Excuse us, ma’am, but we’re studying the phenomenon of flying saucers. You might have seen headlines concerning the crash of an alien space ship four months ago? Since then reports of odd creature sightings have been coming from this area. Have you seen anything strange?”


Mrs Ichnida: “Uh… no.”

28e“Look in the mirror!”




icon Angel ChoirAngel Choir: [enters] “Well good evening, everybody. I guess if there’s a show goin’ on out back here, we’d best be passin’ around the hat. Anyone like to make a contribution before the show go on?”



37“That’s one of those gray aliens they reported, with a wig on!”




Angel Choir: “I swear, ma’am, Mister PT Barnum must’ve been right. Sew a fishtail on a monkey, and you got your mermaid for a sucker.”


The Lost Records, Day 314 of the TWILIGHT FORCE Mission, November 10:

314 Cresp Returns Visits Flamear.jpg

Mister Cresp: “Professor! It’s me! I separated from E-Cloud! I’m back from outside this reality…!”

Flamear: Mister Cresp? Amazing!”

Mister Cresp: “I can’t stay long – too dangerous if I materialize beyond a point…”

Flamear: “Why are you wearing your mask again?”

Mister Cresp: “My appearance is what most observers expect it to be. This is what you think when you think about me.”

Flamear: “Cresp, what are you talking about?”

Mister Cresp: “I saved our reality. Ahret… didn’t make it. The most powerful individual in our reality was obliterated. But he showed me what I had to do. And I did it.”

Flamear: “The universe was about to be destroyed and nobody knew it but you and Ahret?”

Mister Cresp: “Flamear? ‘Universe’ means everything, so no, not the whole universe. Just our part of it. Our reality.”

Flamear: “Oh, our universe of the multiverse.”

Mister Cresp: “No. Everything in the multiverses is the universe. All the multiverses together are included under the term ‘universe’. Nobody has their own universe. Just your native reality. There’s just one universe.”

Flamear: “So how can you tell our reality from the next reality?”

Mister Cresp: “They’re in bubbles.”

Flamear: “Bubbles?”

Mister Cresp: “Yes, bubbles. I’ve seen it, there are trillions of them.”

Flamear: “You got in and out of our bubble without breaking it?”

Mister Cresp: “It’s surprisingly porous.”

Flamear: “And you’re back to yourself? Except, well, as a kind of phantom?”

Mister Cresp: “This was never me, Flamear. This is where I got stuck, courtesy of human experimentation.”

Flamear: “I suppose your original self was flawless…”

Mister Cresp: “Except for the part where I accidentally triggered massive radiation on the planets I visited, I guess. What’s with you?”

Flamear: “I’m the fatted calf.”


The Lost Records, Day 315 of the TWILIGHT FORCE Mission, November 11:

315 Soviet bargaining

68_0002Dr Fenenko: “The Americans have attained a terrible power over other nations. They can wipe out whole cities in one blow. One blow that does it instantly… then quickly… then slowly… in three stages. Instantly in a flash. Quickly in the next day or two. And slowly, in the months following that blow. They have split the atom. Do you understand why we are nervous?”


icon ALPHA twitter profile picAlpha: “You must be their enemy.”




43 (3)Dr Dorokhin: “We were their greatest ally in the war just won. We both stood against fascism.”




68_0002Dr Fenenko: “But we also stand against capitalism, and capitalism is the cornerstone of western decadence. Capitalism hides behind religion while it worships the dollar, and the divide between haves and have-nots expands rapidly in such an atmosphere.”


Alpha: “What are you getting at?”

43 (3)Dr Dorokhin: “You’re such a technologically advanced being, you must know… Well, you should know how to achieve an atomic reaction for the making of bombs. We would like you to tell us how to achieve this.”

Alpha: “You should be trying to neutralize such bombs instead of adding to the problem.”

Dr Fenenko: “How would that help us conquer territory? Fuck defense. Stalin wants offense. He wants to take back what we’ve lost.”

Dr Dorokhin: “Our radiation detectors have already told us there is a radioactive power source within you.”

Alpha: “But you can’t dismantle me, correct? You’ve tried, but your tools wither against my materials.”

Dr Fenenko: “So you can rot here in our hidden lab as we learn whatever we can however we can, or – you can give us the atomic formula and we will release you to your allies.”

Alpha: “Or, I could self destruct and take this hemisphere with me.”


End WEEK 45