TWILIGHT FORCE Mission Week 41

Written & Drawn By

Steve Games

TWILIGHT FORCE Recovered Files, Mission Period 281 Memorandum, October 8:

280 cresp e-cloud all star

All-Star: “What do you want?

Mister Cresp / E-Cloud: “We need your help.”

All-Star: “Identify yourself.”

Mister Cresp / E-Cloud: “We’re…we…are symbiotic. Hybridized. From… another time and space. We have people stranded and trapped on the moon. Can you help us free them?”

All-Star: “On the moon? You’re insane.”

Mister Cresp / E-Cloud: “He doesn’t believe us.”

Mister Cresp/ E-Cloud: “I think it’s a ‘she’.”

All-Star: “Why not just ask?”

Mister Cresp / E-Cloud: “We are! We did!”

All-Star: “No – I mean ask about my gender.”

Mister Cresp / E-Cloud: “We don’t care about that!”

Mister Cresp / E-Cloud: “You can save six lives if you act fast!”

All-Star: “On the moon? You’re insane.”

Mister Cresp / E-Cloud: “Pretty limited range of response.”

Mister Cresp / E-Cloud: “We know you can do amazing things. We see your whole.”

All-Star: “Don’t get nasty with me.”

Mister Cresp / E-Cloud: “But you can fly at fantastic speeds, for a material being. You can fly to the moon in hours!”

All-Star: “I fly using our world’s magnetic field for levitation and direction. Outside our planet there’s no magnetic field powerful enough to guide me to the moon.”

Mister Cresp / E-Cloud: “We can create one! We’re an electron-positron cloud! We can guide you to the moon And with your strength, stamina and solidness you can remove the rubble trapping our friends!”

All-Star: “I don’t think you’ve researched me well enough. I don’t perform random deeds of heroism. All-Star works for the state. Your friends’ fate doesn’t concern me.”

Mister Cresp / E-Cloud: “The most powerful single being of this entire world and you only work for one of its hundreds of nations?”

All-Star: “If you knew our world you might understand. But you don’t. So get out – now!”


TWILIGHT FORCE Recovered Files, Mission Period 282 Memorandum, October 9:

hywon realm

They came from the farthest corners of the realm to see him.

Their mythology foretold his coming.

Their very reason for existence grew from the search for him, ages ago.

The Hywon collected life from everywhere they could across intergalactic space and experimented to find uses for it. Some was integrated with their own base elements. Markets were constantly opened for exotic pets, plants and industrial components from exo-biology. This civilized quest began when the ancient mystic Hywontahqx had a vision of the future synerge, or ‘he who is unique’. This one-of-a-kind miracle being would herald the end of history and the golden age would begin.

Until now, the Hywon never found a unique being. Never before, one-of-a-kind. But now, there was Professor Flamear.

The planet Hywon spun protected with a bio-shield, erected by their technicians to hold out space floaters, aliens and intrusive radio parasites.  Because of Flamear’s alien nature, he would die if he went to the planet’s surface or atmosphere. Ironically, the world’s most anticipated legend can’t even visit the world.

So the world visits him. Kept in stable orbit over the Hywon capital, they came from the farthest corners of the realm to see him. Their mythology foretold his coming.

Professor Flamear was okay with the attention. Things were turning out better than he expected. The Hywon were inventing some tasty dishes for him. Massages and lots of cozy places to sleep were ubiquitous. Nothing seemed to be expected of him and everything delivered to him. And he suspected they were even dedicated to doing anything he asked of them.

His popularity was a mystery to him even once explained.

Still, why not make the most of it?


TWILIGHT FORCE Recovered Files, Mission Period 283 Memorandum, October 10:

283 hywon meets flamear.jpg

Professor Flamear enjoyed his celebrity status among these odd aliens for a day, but grew apprehensive when a collective of floating mushrooms surrounded him, prodding him with low-grade electric shocks through their tentacles, guiding him toward a ceremonial chamber.

Two types of familiar aliens were in the chamber waiting, Flamear recognizing them as among the ruling class. But then, out came a new abstraction. It was big, artificial-looking but moving gracefully toward him. It smelled of copper and thorium. It’s insides echoed with hydraulic pumping and gear shifting. But Flamear saw humanoid traits telling him this was an organic turned into a cyborg.

The being spoke to Flamear to his face, yet the sound somehow came from behind…

The Being: “I’m from the world below. I’ve come all this way just to meet you. Do you know who I am?”

Flamear stayed silent, trying not to emit a low growl.

The Being: “Look at you! Bipedal, as I always suspected. Here you are. The legendary synerge. As I told them you would be. Like me.”

Flamear: “I’m like you?”

The Being: “Primitive things see differences while I see similarities – and we have so many. We have similar eyes, though you need two. We have arms and digits, though your digits are always exposed and easily damaged. And we stand on two legs. In this vast universe we’re brothers. Except… are you truly the synerge?”

Flamear: “I never got a job description, so…”

The being spun about to address those watching.

The Being: “This man is not the synerge! Don’t you understand? This is merely someone’s experiment! This is a failure that no one wanted to replicate! I have lived 909 of his years because society wants to keep me alive!”


TWILIGHT FORCE Recovered Files, Mission Period 284 Memorandum, October 11:

284 Birth Of Red Vikings Movie.jpg

Twilight Force endured the mysterious hospitality of the moon dwellers without explanation for days until they were promised a meeting with the leader after the newcomers watched a story about their origins. It was one of the earliest “movies” ever made on the planet below. The story went like this…

I’m a reindeer hunter, Eric Skutkonung of Greenland. Born in 1415, the first generation of my family conceived and raised in the new world.

My father, Sinogoth, sends me from Greenland to Europe for my education at the age of twelve in 1427. Because of father’s family connections, I end up in France as an apprentice to the best metallurgists of the day.

Two years later I meet a renown girl from Eastern France, Jeanne Darc. France is engaged in a terrible war that father had been unaware of back home. I’m just fifteen, and under good protection when the acclaimed young female warrior comes through town between battles.

Like everyone in war-weary France, I know that Jeanne Darc believes she’s been called upon by God to lead France to victory. She’s two years my senior and a handsome, charismatic girl who takes a liking to me as I water her horse that day.

    The power Jeanne Darc commands is mystifying, and the respect she cannot be denied is baffling. Here is a young girl, bearing sword and shield, fiercely and passionately leading the charge on horse against the deadliest enemy of France. How is such a thing possible? Malicious rumors swarm that she is a witch.

Such talk offends me. After meeting her I can’t believe she’s anything but angelic. After knowing her for a day, I do believe she’s been contacted by something otherworldly, perhaps even Odin or Thor. I trust her. Moreover, I am in want of her.

I dare not speak my feelings. Despite the danger, I join the French army to just to stay close to her.

In the course of service I’m positioned in the artillery, where I bear witness to the latest modern cannon designs that are arming the French with the most powerful weapons ever known.

Then darkness buries me. The magical Jeanne Darc is captured by the enemy in 1431. Captured, and burned as witch. I watch helplessly from afar.

I’m devastated. I never knew what to believe, if Jeanne had been a witch or in touch with God Himself?

To distract my broken heart I apply to Henry of Ceuta for admission to work at his navigation center in Sagres, Portugal. It’s known as the most advanced place in the world for ship building, training, testing, and hiring of sailors for carefully planned expeditions to Africa.

I work in the docks and shipyards learning the latest techniques of the sea, helping send the Portuguese to discover the Azores, thus introducing black slavery to Portuguese sailors brought to Lisbon. To the Portuguese these blacks are regarded as primitive animals that enslave their own anyway.

In 1436, my son Yaroslav Ericsson is born. Two years later I move my family so that I can study under Ulugh Beg in Samarkand.

Beg has built the best astronomical observatory of all time, where he’s making discoveries completely unknown to the western world! I help him learn of spots on the Sun, craters on the Moon, phases of Venus, and of Jupiter’s four large moons.

In 1448, a German scholar with advanced ideas named Nicholas of Cusa is made a Cardinal. He believes that the world turns on its axis; that the world moves around the Sun; that space is infinite; that stars are other suns; that stars have planets orbiting them; and that plants draw sustenance from air; that the pulse is a diagnostic device; and that concave lenses can improve vision for near-sighted people.

When I learn of Nicholas I yearn to share astronomical notes with the powerful intellectual. I offer myself as a liaison between Ulugh Beg and Nicholas, and so am introduced to Nicholas.

But in 1449 Ulugh Beg, grandson of Tamerlane and ruler of Samarkand, is assassinated by his own son.

Ulugh’s observatory dies with him. Discouraged by assassination, politics, war and economic trickery, I, now thirty-four, depart Europe for home to Greenland.

Once there I settle back in and become the stealthiest, most cunning and deadliest hunter of mountain reindeer and snow bear the Norsemen have ever known.

When that miracle season is over in 1450, I propose a radical departure for those who will one day be known as the Red Vikings.

I tell my fellow Greenlanders…

“We must free ourselves from this world’s fools. Fools everywhere posture for kingdoms and lordships. These crowned buffoons are simple idiots arguing over incestuous relationships costing thousands of good men their lives and limbs.

“And for what, glory? Wealth? Vanity? Odin has sent a plague upon all who’ve surrendered their faith in Asgard Eternal. It was our ancestors who taught them such fear that now they dissolve and cannibalize each other.

“Have you listened to the tales of Ragnar? This world is full of ripe knowledge un-plucked by warring brains. Were such riches of the brain gathered for advantage by one smart company, such as ours –the world would look at us in wonder! Yet more importantly, the fools would never be able to harm us again.

“With the new tools coming to their disposal, they will be here, upon us, soon. We must be clever. We must be stealthy. We must be smart.”

     With booty being gained and well organized over the next thirty years, the last Vikings are determined to make our stand even further inside Greenland.

Seeing that our ways must change, we Vikings learn the art of espionage and gather information from our prey to be used to our own advantage.

While Viking spies steal artifacts and ideas from around the planet, amassing a new level of consolidated knowledge, we who stay in Greenland progress in our exploration of our new land’s extensive network of caves. These vast hollows are where I and my followers establish the modern world’s earliest high-tech civilization.

Between 1450 and 1480 I deploy Viking spy missions around the world to bring scientific and technological knowledge back to Greenland in all forms.

During this critical thirty years an assimilation of information propels our isolated group ahead of the rest of civilization.

In accordance, during this time an Age of Ice makes a short, small but chilling Ice Age encore to discourage those who would threaten its Nordic offspring from any direction.

     The Vikings are never seen again, believed by all to be swallowed by the glacial storm.

Before I pass in my sleep as a comfortable, enlightened and entertained old man in 1480, I see the discovery or invention of hydrogen, uranium, steam engines, photography, electricity, radio waves, oil, motion pictures, x-rays, combustion engines, radioactivity and airplanes, achievements that won’t be known to the rest of humanity for another four hundred years.

It is not known if I was admitted to Valhalla.

The show ended.

“They come from quite an exotic background,” Judge Bulbous observed.

“Nothing at all like ours,” the Senator noted. “They’re people – but not like us.”


TWILIGHT FORCE Recovered Files, Mission Period 285 Memorandum, October 12:

285 Hywon & Flamear

Professor Flamear took stock of his captors as they transported him for two days to some other location on their bizarre world. Those watching his transport along the way often recognized him. Word has spread about him. Many of them seemed happy and hopeful, cheering him on. Others were fearful or resentful, but more subdued in their reactions.

The operation was supervised by the transparent oddity he was calling Being Bag, or B-Bag for short. Hey, to Flamear it looked like a bag of being. The grotesque thing hated Flamear for its own reasons. Now it apparently was presenting Flamear to a higher panel of judges.

The tall, solemn ones descended silently on an escalator from the sky. Flamear smelled sour blood as they got near.

B-Bag: “This is not the legendary synerge. This is an abomination. A mere experiment by mediocre intellects that failed on an insignificant planet. The people make a mockery of our heritage by raising this feeble distraction.”

B-Bag fell silent. The tall ones stared at Flamear. No one moved.

“Hi, I’m Professor Flamear,” initiated the prisoner. “Very dramatic entrance you made there. Looks like everyone wants me to be something I’m not. Obviously I’m lost. Just looking for a peaceful place to stay. Had some problems with the old team, so, maybe I can work for you guys? I’m an astrophysiologist and…”

The whole time Flamear was talking he noticed the growing apprehension in B-Bag’s demeanor. B-Bag was afraid of these stiffs. Maybe there was a good reason.

“Look,” Flamear went on, “no disrespect, but I…”


The deafening decibels astonished all witnesses, and, it turned out, the entire Hywon universe. Flamear was what the hopeful suspected!



TWILIGHT FORCE Recovered Files, Mission Period 286 Memorandum, October 13:

286 hywon force.jpg

The morning after the Hywon declared Professor Flamear the Synerge, the Professor was visited unexpectedly by a startling surprise.

“Professor!” screamed the weirdly blended voices of E-Cloud and Mister Cresp“You’re alive! I sensed you strongly! And here you are! Alive!”

Mister Cresp?” Flamear wondered. “But Alpha destroyed you. Your body was… I saw…”

Mister-E: “My body’s gone. But I found a new life! I’m merged with someone, without actually touching her!”

Flamear flinched: “And – you like that?”

Mister-E: “Flamear? I’m losing my connection! How is that even…”

“…Possible,” the Hywon overlord revealed as the form of a meshed Mister Cresp and some exotic woman dissipated.  “We increased your bio-field output ten billion-fold as long as was safe for you. We hoped this would lure subatomic dermagnetic extremos that would definitively identify your micro-patterns. Instead, it lured your Mister Cresp.”

“Bring him back!” demanded Flamear.

“You can’t physically support the effort,” explained the Hywon.

Flamear: “Hey, wait a minute! You guys interact with other galaxies! That means you could get me to Gemneb’s World! I want you to take me to the Rogue Galaxy!”

Hywon: “We know no galaxy by that name. Show us its location.”

Flamear: “I don’t know… except that it’s outside of intergalactic space, the only galaxy in the 5th dimension.”

Hywon: “We have no grasp of a 5th dimensional galaxy. But our team is assembled to find your Alpha, and your Judge Bulbous, Doctor Nopoin, Mrs Ichnida and Senator Pretyman as well. Our scans of your interactions with Mister Cresp revealed tantalizing bits of their existence. The Hywon have never before discovered such exo- archaeological treasures. The Synerge already frees perception for the Hywon.”

Thus the Hywon team assembled around Flamear, preparing to track his past.


TWILIGHT FORCE Recovered Files, Mission Period 287 Memorandum, October 14:

287 E-Cloud and Cresp.jpg

Mallika Singh and her new partner, Mister Cresp, tried to process what happened to them.

Mister Cresp: “Did you see him? That was my only friend, Professor Flamear!”

Mallika: “Of course I did. We travel together everywhere now, remember?”

Mister Cresp: Twilight Force really thought Flamear was dead.”

Mallika: “They thought you were dead as well.”

Mister Cresp: “I am. I mean, my body is. And both because of Alpha.”

Mallika: “Are you thinking revenge? Our power together would be awesome as a strike force.”

Mister Cresp: “No. I like this. I’m glad Alpha made me this, even if by accident. It’s almost like being my original self. Only now I can go anywhere. Right?”

Mallika: “We can. Yes.”

Mister Cresp: “Then why don’t we? Why don’t you go back and visit your long-dead family? Why don’t we go into the past and change the things we don’t like? Why not go into the future and see how it all turns out? Why worry about now? Now is just another place, right?”

Mallika: “I have been to the past, Mister Cresp. Believe me when I tell you: ‘now’ is all that we ever really have.”

Mister Cresp: “So how do we help my team before they die underground on the moon either from suffocation or another tantrum by Alpha? No one on the planet seems motivated or capable.”

Mallika: “Why confine our search? The distance of worlds may mean nothing to whomever their savior eventually is. We can search the universe at once. There must be someone willing and able somewhere.”

Mister Cresp felt heat growing as Mallika took the lead, spinning herself into a trillion selves who swept the observable universe between time…

END week 41