TWILIGHT FORCE Mission Week 39

Written & Drawn By

Steve Games

TWILIGHT FORCE Recovered Files, Mission Period 267 Memorandum, September 24:

267 In Moon Cavern

Using prefabricated shelters released from polymarbles, Twilight Force and their companion The Gamesman created a large hangar within an underground lava dome on the moon of the planet they discovered. It was even big enough to comfortably conceal star ship Alpha.

icon ALPHA twitter profile picAlpha: “At least some of the natives are obviously paranoid about aliens. They already tried to destroy us once.”




icon ichnida 7Mrs Ichnida: “Hmm, paranoia. I’m starting to feel right at home.”




icons pretyman3The Senator: “They spotted us coming, so they’ll spot us trying to sneak down there. We should send drones to scope out the situation.”



icon bulbous AThe Judge: “Maybe there’s an island we can live on away from everyone.”




icon nopoin feminizedDoctor Nopoin: “I thought you wanted to be with people. You came all this way to be alone? You should have stayed in the 5th dimension.”



gamesman 1 cuGamesman: “The 5th dimension? What are you talking about?”

Doctor Nopoin: “The one following the 4th dimension.”

Alpha: “We need an adequate defense against Stonemaster. Now that we know he uses light to cause effects, I can filter out all wavelengths of visible light from my interior. However I will still be vulnerable to some degree because of my Gemnebian brain.”

The Senator: “Hey, where do you keep that brain anyway? In a formaldehyde jar?”

The Judge: “Let’s talk about this later. It’s so good to get off that ship. No offense, Alpha!”

Alpha: “Understood. The ancients called it ‘cabin fever’. Besides, as we agreed, now that we’ve found your new world our final mission is complete. The details of assimilation are yours. I am now free to follow my individual destiny. Please remove any personal items from my interior, and I’ll be on my way.”


TWILIGHT FORCE Recovered Files, Mission Period 268 Memorandum, September 25:

268 nopoin gamesman cavern.jpg

Settling into their cavern hideout on the moon of the newly discovered world, the Gamesman and Doctor Nopoin decide to explore the rugged environment.

nopoin sophisticate 1 cuNopoin: “This place is cold. Our atmosphere dome hasn’t warmed up yet, it’s so big.”




gamesman 3 cuGamesman: “Refreshing! It’s nice to have some wild space to move around in after a lifetime in Borderworld.”




Nopoin: “I don’t like temperatures.”

Gamesman: “Um…okay. I have to say, I don’t get you, Doctor. Sometimes you seem like you’re a little confused. Other times you’re suddenly lucid. I know you guys have had some kind of weird experiences since you started out. I guess that can throw you off a little.”

Nopoin: “Fishing for info? Yes, I have experienced extreme transitioning. I was an artintel and President of the United States a year ago.”

Gamesman: “What’s the United States?”

Nopoin: “And simultaneously I was Pope of the Catholic Church.”

Gamesman: “What’s a Cath-ol-it-ic Church?”

Nopoin: “I was the most important personage in Solsys.”

Gamesman: “Sounds impressive. Was everyone trying to kill you, too?”

Nopoin: “Why would anyone want to kill you?”

Gamesman: “Because no one believes I can’t die.”

Nopoin: “Well…why should they? Everyone dies.”

Gamesman: “Oh, it’s not that I won’t die someday. It’s just impossible to kill me. And I’ll bet just saying that made you think about trying, didn’t it?”

Nopoin: “Uh…”

Gamesman: “And sooner or later my reputation catches up with me. Then they find out about my other abilities and – what? Your girlfriends didn’t tell you about my probability power?”

Nopoin: “If you’re trying to impress me for romantic purposes, you should know that I find intercourse impractical and unnecessary. Besides, my ‘girlfriends’ told me you aren’t that good.”


TWILIGHT FORCE Recovered Files, Mission Period 269 Memorandum, September 26:

269 overheard monos

Alpha was cleared of the crew’s personal items, prepared to depart the sanctuary moon, except…

alpha TAREX ship alpha face PRIMEAlpha: “Senator, it’s time you removed your concealed explosives from my body before I leave your company forever.”


icons pretyman3The Senator: “Really? And how are we supposed to get from here to the planet? There’s two and a half hundred thousand miles of space between us. Nope. Until you get us safely to the planet I’ll keep my finger on the button.”


icon bulbous AJudge Bulbous: “Does it matter for me or Doctor Nopoin? We’re both going to die soon anyway. When Alpha said we were dying because of toxins we were exposed to in Borderworld I didn’t believe him even after Doctor Nopoin agreed. I felt fine. But now I’m feeling shaky.”


nopoin sophisticate 1 cuDoctor Nopoin: “Our conditions are objectively deteriorating.”




icons pretyman3The Senator: “Why worry? When pain becomes unbearable Alpha will be happy to exterminate you just like he flushed Professor Flamear. It really doesn’t matter to him – does it, Alpha? I used to think you were on our side, but that’s not true, is it? You’re just indifferent. As long as things run smoothly, individuals are expendable.”

nopoin sophisticate 1 cuNopoin: “All these feelings I now deal with -! Hot, cold, dizzy, hungry, bloated, nervous, horny, angry... how can you do it? Organics are under tremendous pressure all the time. Regulating emotions is all-consuming. I think I’m starting to admire you people for your restraint. And now I must die? I wonder. I was like you, Alpha, an artintel. I know your capabilities. I believe that you could save the Judge and me if you worked on it. These people are strong. Their will is amazing. And now I’m one of them. We have a will to exist. We are worth saving.”


TWILIGHT FORCE Recovered Files, Mission Period 270 Memorandum, September 27:

270 Crew and Gemneb-Alpha.jpg

icon ichnida 7Mrs Ichnida: “You mean Alpha only brought us close enough to the prize to convince us we were there… ?”




icon pretyman AThe Senator: “…But not close enough to be detected or rescued by anyone from the planet in their present state of technology and politics. Alpha wants to strand us here like castaways.”



alpha TAREX ship alpha face PRIMEAlpha: “I have no intention of introducing the five of you into the biosphere of that world. It would be cosmically irresponsible. There are consequences unforeseen in such reckless contamination.”

icon bulbous AJudge Bulbous: “Yet you still leave open the possibility that we might be rescued by the planet just by bringing us this close. Why not simply do to us what you did to Cresp and Flamear? Why take a chance that the vile, evil spirit of humanity will go on? Why leave any risk at all that we’ll corrupt the world below?”


icon ichnida attack 1Mrs Ichnida“Alpha, you’re a product of this same tainted culture. You’re one of us by inheritance and just as likely to accidentally ruin other worlds. You’d better blow yourself up along with all of us, right here and now.”


gamesman 3 cuGamesman: “Hey, hold on, hello? I’d like some input here!”

The Senator: “So Alpha, you’re refusing to help us?”

Judge Bulbous: “He’s also refusing to exterminate us. A part of him doesn’t think we’re all bad. Gemneb?”

Alpha: “What? Don’t… !”

Judge Bulbous“Gemneb was my friend. He’s inside Alpha now and that’s what makes him reluctant to euthanize us.”

The Senator: “If Alpha tries to leave I’ll blow all of us up with him. Agreed?”

Gamesman: “Disagree! Strongly disagree!”

Judge Bulbous: “Pull back, Senator. He’s listening. Gemneb hears me.”

Alpha: “…Emma?”

Judge Bulbous“Gemneb, take me home.”


TWILIGHT FORCE Recovered Files, Mission Period 271 Memorandum, September 28:

271 manplanet

Alpha finally agreed to take Twilight Force to the new planet when a surprise visitor appeared.

A massive quake shook the moon cavern violently, bringing rocks and gravel down on everyone before subsiding.

Nanocams planted outside the caverns of refuge showed the arrival of a wide-bodied individual unfettered by the vacuum of space, radiation bombardment or lack of air. The creature made a gesture with apparent hands, and another quake rattled the building.

The largest entrance to the cavern caved in. Dust billowed into the chamber nearly choking the team.

pretyman orange cuThe Senator“He’s burying us!”




alpha TAREX ship alpha face PRIMEAlpha: “Whoever or whatever it is knows we’re in here.”



icon ichnida 7 Mrs Ichnida: “He must be from the xenophobes Stonemaster warned us about.”

icon bulbous AJudge Bulbous: “How do we get out from under tons of rock? Great Goddard!


Alpha: “He seems to be affecting local gravity somehow.”


icon gamesman 1Gamesman: “Well there you go, Alpha, you cybernetic son of a bitch, you get your way after all. Looks like we won’t be mixing with any natives from down here. No contaminating the planet now. We can even hold our own funeral. Who…”

“I am Manplanet. You threatened our cities.” The voice came through thick walls of rock like thunder. “You threaten our existence. Warn others not to come or they will face the same fate.”

nopoin sophisticate 1 cuDoctor Nopoin: “Unbelievable. They sent a hit man out to cap us.”


Judge Bulbous: “I’m thinking we’re no match for that planet, Alpha. We’ve met two of them and they’re bad ass butchers with amazing powers. If we get out of here we have to move on.”

Alpha: “There appears to be no way out for my size. But you can explore further in for another way out.”


TWILIGHT FORCE Recovered Files, Mission Period 272 Memorandum, September 29:

272 moon caves

When they entered the moon cave for sanctuary they never thought they’d have to find another way out. Now their lives depended on it.

icon bulbous AJudge Bulbous“My Goddard these tunnels are extensive. Are you making sure we’re staying near the surface?”




pretyman orange cuThe Senator: “Well we haven’t been going down.”




icon gamesman 2Gamesman: “Hey, now that there’s a little distance between us and your homicidal spacecraft, can we discuss what the fuck is going on with that mechanical murderer?”



nopoin sophisticate 1 cuDoctor NopoinMy immediate concern is our Van Allen auras. I never had to worry about this when I was inorganic. How long will they keep turning hydrogen into breathable air? And shielding us from cosmic rays?”

The Senator“Depends. When did you activate yours?”

Doctor Nopoin“Activate? I have to activate it? What…? How…?”

ichnida profilem1Mrs Ichnida: “Relax. I did it for you. We’re good for days.”

Gamesman: “And food? What about…?”

Mrs Ichnida: “Polymarbles, remember?”

Gamesman: “Ah…right. You have any more of that chocolate?”

The Senator“Quiet. I heard something.”

All fell silent, listening. Long moments passed and there was nothing. Then, like a ghost lurking around a corner came a scraping, scratching thunder. Suddenly it stopped. The puzzled explorers looked at each other, coming up empty. What could possibly have made such noise in this place?

They cautiously turned a rounded corner and found out. There, completely filling the tunnel, was a giant sluggish blob inching its way toward them. Their passage blocked, they stared at the three sensor antennae extending from the thing’s leading end, writhing about for information.

Forced to turn around, faced with directional choices they couldn’t be certain of, Gamesman was sure of one thing…

“I’m not getting back aboard Alpha. That ship is crazy.”


TWILIGHT FORCE Recovered Files, Mission Period 273 Memorandum, September 30:

273 Pregnancies & Parallels.jpg

After two days of searching, Twilight Force found no way out of the moon cavern where the alien calling itself Manplanet buried them. They returned to the site where Alpha was parked, their ship a prisoner with them.

alpha TAREX ship alpha face PRIMEAlpha: “Sorry you were unable to find egress. But Doctor Nopoin, you indicated that you had some news for us?”


nopoin sophisticate 1 cuDoctor Nopoin: “It seems the toxins Judge Bulbous and I absorbed inside that tech wilderness have moved together inside of us. Consolidated. And weirder still: they’ve come together inside our wombs. In effect, Judge Bulbous and I are pregnant with growing mechanical fetuses.”


icon bulbous AJudge Bulbous“We’re having robots.”

Alpha: “Robot is a dirty word. It means slave.”

Judge Bulbous“Robobabies?”

Alpha: “Doctor, perhaps you should utilize my resources for a detailed analysis of this development. Termination of the process may be possible.”

Doctor Nopoin: “Sadly we’re past the point of safe removal. It’s unclear whether these things will gestate and emerge, or just keep growing…until…”

icon gamesman 1Gamesman: “Wow, great. Stuck in Plato’s cave with women who’d rather have baby terminators than junior Gamesmen. We got tragedy unfolding.”



icons pretyman3The Senator: “And we’ve got a crooked penis who can’t keep his story straight.”

Gamesman: “Which story?”



icon ichnida 7Mrs Ichnida: “How could you have been born and raised in Borderworld and also have lived on Earth? They’re both in the Big Sky and two hundred years travel time apart.”

Gamesman“That’s part of my charm. I don’t have just one story.”

The Senator: “Serial lying is a quality of charm? The more you know…”

Gamesman: “Not lying. It’s part of my quantum power. I share experience with my other selves. You know, the parallel world other me’s? I tune ’em in or out pretty easily.”