TWILIGHT FORCE Mission Week 32: Vortexed

Written & Drawn By

Steve Games

TWILIGHT FORCE LOG Mission Day 218 Transcript Excerpt, August 6:

[In the aftermath of a stampede of rats chased by cats, the team is astonished at Doctor Nopoin’s attendance… ]

Alpha: “That’s astonishing. Despite her general confusion, Nopoin’s  response is instinctual.”

Judge Bulbous: “Acting like a real doctor. At least I lived to see one miracle.”

NOPOIN Nurturer

Mrs. Ichnida: “I didn’t think Nopoin knew much about my anatomy, but…”

The Senator: “Really? Because I heard Nopoin was all over your anatomy on Lover’s Night. Whoo-hoo.”

Professor Flamear: [Laughs. Sees that Ichnida disapproves, stops.]

Mister Cresp: “I’m forever indebted to Doctor Nopoin for relieving me of that unbearable sensation… that… oh, what’s it called?”

Nopoin: “Pain.”

Mister Cresp: “Pain! Yes! Oh! That agony!”

Professor Flamear: “You had a one-inch cat scratch on your arm.”

Mister Cresp: “Don’t I know it! I thought it was all over! That I might…um, what is it that you do?”

Nopoin: “Die.”

Mister Cresp: “Yeah, that’s what almost happened. I could feel it. Life. Draining…”

Nopoin: “Blood. Minima… minimal… ?”

Alpha: “Minimal?”

Nopoin: “Precisely.”

Judge Bulbous: “Well, my cuts were serious. I’m glad instincts kicked in.”

Mrs. Ichnida: “She fixed my rib cage. I’m impressed.”

The Senator: “Nopoin? Why so savant-like? Where’s the old tyrannical spirit? The buzzkill we used to know?”

Professor Flamear: “Let’s just hope the good Doctor turns out good and make a toast before we go on into Borderworld. Here’s to a hair-raising Hiroshima Day!”

Judge Bulbous: “Cheers.”

Mrs. Ichnida: “Cheers.”

The Senator: “What’s Hiroshima Day about, anyway?”

Professor Flamear: “Explosives. Fireworks. You know, the old-fashioned kind.”

Mister Cresp: “Yeah. But why? What do explosives have to do with an old Japanese museum?”

Alpha: “It’s one of those things that no one remembers. I’ll access my history banks for it while we prepare to go ahead.”


TWILIGHT FORCE LOG Mission Day 219 Transcript Excerpt, August 7:

Flamear tunnel diver.jpg

[Professor Flamear leads the team as they go deeper into Borderworld… ]

Mrs. Ichnida: [Startled -] “Did you hear that?”

Mister Cresp: No! You scared me!”

Alpha: My theory is that Ichnida’s otoliths detected the hydraulic shift of an aqueduct flow.”

Professor Flamear: Shh! I smell something!”

Mister Cresp: Noise blocks your olfactories?”

Professor Flamear: “Block your blowhole!”

Mister Cresp: “Right!”

Judge Bulbous: It’s dark down there. Isn’t there any more light?”

The Senator: “It’s 24 hours back to the last junction.”

Alpha: “With no way of knowing if that route is any better.”

Judge Bulbous: “Why do we have to float through this maze? Why don’t we exit this thing and fly around it? Won’t we reach space faster that way?”

Professor Flamear: “Here at the very edge of The Big Sky air is no better than an ionosphere. There’s nothing to breathe. There’s no way jet engines can fly. The temperature is frigid. Deadly cosmic rays are looping around us in magnetic waves. Outside is a dead zone – worse than space itself.”

Mrs. Ichnida: “I don’t know. I can’t go down that tunnel.”

Alpha: “I sense no danger ahead.”

Judge Bulbous: “I’m not going in there.”

Professor Flamear: “Shh! Everyone. Listen carefully.”

Alpha: “I hear nothing unusual. My audio parameters far exceed yours, Professor.”

Professor Flamear: “You might be hearing things but you aren’t discerning them with a fully organic super-ear. You’re not interpreting them with super-organic instinct.”

Mrs. Ichnida: “What if we’re overrun by rats in the dark?”

Professor Flamear: “Let me lead the way. If there’s trouble coming or waiting for us I’ll sense it first.”


TWILIGHT FORCE LOG Mission Day 220 Transcript Excerpt, August 8:

[One day in, the team is in complete darkness in a blacked out corridor. Their personal light sources are suddenly fading quickly.]

Mrs. Ichnida: “Professor? Are you smelling any water?”

Professor Flamear: “Yes. Maybe three miles ahead.”

Judge Bulbous: “We’re completely blacked out! We can’t keep going this way. It’s madness!”

Mrs. Ichnida: “Sponging isn’t working for me now. I need immersion. And there aren’t any pools or tubs left in our polymarbles to fill with our drinking water. Flamear and Alpha both confirm that there’s running water ahead. I have to keep going. My hours are numbered. No choice.”

The Senator: “You really think we’d let you use our drinking water to take a bath in?”

Ichnida & Pretyman.jpg

Mrs. Ichnida: “We’re letting a spy live among us. We’re doing all sorts of unusual things. Why not? Omni! Alpha? Flamear? Are you sure it’s water? Not some other liquid?”

Alpha: “Distinctly water. But what’s in it? Trace particles can’t reveal enough at this distance.”

Mrs. Ichnida: “I’m feeling my way to the water. The rest of you can turn back. I understand. I probably would too if there was a choice. Goodbye, Judge. Thanks for your friendship.”

Judge Bulbous: “Deva! Give us a chance to find another way!”

Mrs. Ichnida: “I’ll be dried out by then. Must immerse.”

Professor Flamear: “You shouldn’t go in there alone. There’s a scent… unnatural…”

Mrs. Ichnida: “Is it coming from the water?”

Professor Flamear: “I… uh… no.”

Mrs. Ichnida: “I’m off. Goodbye Professor. Alpha. Senator. Mister Cresp. So long, Nopey.”

Doctor Nopoin: “Nopey.”

Mrs. Ichnida: “From heel to healer overnight. Okay then.”

The Senator: “You ain’t goin’ alone, sis. The Senator will negotiate your safety until we can rejoin your compatriots.”

Mrs. Ichnida“But… Why?”

The Senator“Because you’re my tuna tits.”


TWILIGHT FORCE LOG Mission Day 221 Transcript Excerpt, August 9:

[The Senator accompanies Mrs. Ichnida down the blacked out corridor in desperate search of water…]

The Senator: “Who’s there?”

The Voice: “Wow. Personal gravity adjusters. You guys must be rich.”

The Senator: “Identify yourself.”

Pretyman blackout corridor

The Voice: “I’m the bogey man in the dark.”

The Senator: “Okay. And I’m armed and ready to fire.”

The Voice: “You’re not aiming at me. The echo in here’s thrown you off.”

Mrs. Ichnida: “He can see us.”

The Voice: “Only with one eye.”

Mrs. Ichnida: “What are you doing here?”

The Voice: “I live on the outskirts these days. But you are truly out of place.”

The Senator: “How can you see? Light doesn’t work in here.”

The Voice: “No, and that gun won’t work, either. Unless I want it to, I suppose.”

Mrs. Ichnida: “Why are you trying to scare us?”

The Voice: “I’m not. You were already scared.  You look a little dehydrated, lady fish.”

The Senator: “Where’s the water? We know it’s nearby. Can you show us?”

[Silence -]

Mrs. Ichnida: “Hello? Shit. Where is he?”

The Voice: [Farther away] “We’re in a blackout zone. Power gets dampened to keep people out. Come this way.”

The Senator: [Whispers] “Could be a trap.”

Mrs. Ichnida: [Whispers] “If I don’t get immersed within an hour it won’t matter to me. I’m weakening.”

The Voice: [Even farther away] “Follow my voice!”

The Senator: “You should stay behind me in case there’s trouble.”

Mrs. Ichnida: “Are you joking? Have you seen my teeth and nails? I still have the strength for shredding.”

The Senator: “And here I am hoping to negotiate.”

Mrs. Ichnida: “Politicians…”

The Senator: “I knew you were with intelligence. I’m not the only spy on Twilight Force, am I?”


TWILIGHT FORCE LOG Mission Day 222 Transcript Excerpt, August 10:

[Waiting for The Senator and Ichnida to return…]

Mister Cresp: “How long do we wait for them to come back? What if they never do?”

Judge Bulbous: “Are we going to be lost in here forever?”

Alpha: “No useful purpose is served by summoning our worst apprehensions. I am completing a schematic layout of this superstructure using vibratory correlation. I’ll be done in 47.2534 hours. Roughly.”

Doctor Nopoin: “Rough lee.”

Professor Flamear: “What then? We’ll have an actual map of this maze?”

Cresp Erection

Alpha: “That’s the goal.”

Doctor Nopoin: “Goal.”

Mister Cresp: “I can’t take it!”

Judge Bulbous: “Take what?”

Mister Cresp: “Never mind.”

Judge Bulbous: “What’s going on with you? You’ve been squirmy for two days!”

Alpha: “I, also, have noticed the squirming.”

Doctor Nopoin: “Squirmy.”

Mister Cresp: “Oh! I might as well tell you. It’s getting pretty bad…!”

Judge Bulbous: “Give it up, Cresp. What is it?”

Mister Cresp: “This part down here… you know, this sex organ…?”

Judge Bulbous: “Sex organ? Are you talking about your penis or some new kind of musical instrument?”

Alpha: “The squirming indicates the penis.”

Doctor Nopoin: “Penis.”

Mister Cresp: “Yes… yes, right, there’s a problem with my… this penis I now have.”

Judge Bulbous: “Clarify.”

Alpha: “A typical complaint is the size…”

Mister Cresp: “Yes! It’s too big!”

Alpha: “Not the typical complaint.”

Doctor Nopoin: “Hard.”

Mister Cresp: “Uh… yeah, yeah…”

Doctor Nopoin: “Stiff.”

Mister Cresp: “Stiff! Oh, very!”

Doctor Nopoin: “Feel… like… penis… going… to… throw… up…?”

Mister Cresp: “Exactly! Like it’s going to pop open, like it’s going to burst like a bomb! How do I stop it?”

Judge Bulbous: “I’ll just be over there…”

Alpha: “Must concentrate on completing…this…um… you know…”

Doctor Nopoin: [Alone with Cresp] “I… know… cure.”

Mister Cresp: “What are we waiting for?”


TWILIGHT FORCE LOG Mission Day 223 Transcript Excerpt, August 11:

[Awaiting return of The Senator and Mrs. Ichnida, the team hangs out at the edge of darkness…]

Judge Bulbous: It’s my birthday.”

[A moment of confused silence]

Professor Flamear: “What??”

Mister Cresp: “You’re pregnant?”

Doctor Nopoin: “Surprise!”

Judge Bulbous: “Merciful Martians! Nobody’s pregnant! I’d be showing by now!”

{Awkward silence]

Judge Bulbous: “It’s my birthday! Hello? The day I was born.”

Bulbous Birthday

Professor Flamear: “You think you were born today? Doc, what’s the medical name for that condition? New-born-a-tosis?”

Doctor Nopoin: “Newborn-itis.”

Judge Bulbous: “It’s the anniversary – the anniversary! – of the day that I was born.”

Professor Flamear: “Then it’s your ‘Born Day.’ Right?”

Mister Cresp: “Born Day sounds more accurate.”

Alpha: “I, too, think…”

Judge Bulbous: “Birthdays were celebrated every year by people in the olden days, when women gave birth. We still do it on Mars. I guess we’re the only ones.”

Professor Flamear: “Why celebrated?”

Judge Bulbous: “Well, I suppose because they made it through another year and were a year older.”

Professor Flamear: “Every single year? Sounds excessive. I guess people back then didn’t expect to make it through another year, so when they actually did, hey, wow, let’s mark it! Is that the idea? Like, ‘Whew, I made it‘?”

Mister Cresp: “I studied much of your history for this role. There were thousands of ways to die before 23rd Century disease and accident standards took over. Did you know that people would crowd onto hot highways and shoot at each other on the way to work?”

Alpha: “I believe that’s folklore.”

Judge Bulbous: “Actually, at one time everyone had a gun. Sometimes two. They’d carry them everywhere. They had lead bullets back then. Imagine.”

Professor Flamear: “Okay, then. Hope you’re having a happy ‘Birth Day’.”

end week 31…

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