TWILIGHT FORCE Mission Week 31: The Streets Of Space

Written & Drawn By

Steve Games

TWILIGHT FORCE LOG Mission Day 211 Transcript Excerpt, July 30:

Alpha: Doctor Nopoin has been like this for two days and no one’s been helping… her?”

Professor Flamear: “I can’t believe that’s Doctor Nopoin.”

nopoin humanized corridor intro.jpg

The Senator“Why would anyone want to help it? Everyone hates it.”

Mrs. Ichnida“Her. Not ‘it’. Her. Whatever it was before it’s obviously a ‘her’ now. I’m getting something for her to wear.”

Professor Flamear“Great! Maybe then she’ll stop playing with her belly button.”

Alpha: “I believe she’s attempting to access her central control grid.”

The Senator: “Nobody tell her she doesn’t have one now.”

Judge Bulbous: “The poor thing can’t walk. Just keeps standing there.”

Alpha: “I tried feeding her earlier but she does not know how to chew. I applied a nutri-pad instead.”

The Senator“Yeah – she ate it!”

Alpha: “Really? Then she can chew. Odd.”

Professor Flamear“Why does she keep peeing herself? She hasn’t drank anything.”

The Senator: “She has a drinking problem. Dribbles. (laughter)”

Judge Bulbous“Don’t mock her. Openly. She’s never seen anything with real eyes before. She’s never heard anything with actual ears, until now. It’s all been a bunch of sensor readings up to this point.”

Mrs. Ichnida: (returns with clothing) “Why is she twisting her nipples?”

Alpha“I think she’s trying to unlock her primary modifier.”

The Senator“Let me know if she does. Maybe I’ve got one, too.”

(Nopoin laughs hysterically as Ichnida dresses her.)

Professor Flamear“I guess emotions are new to ‘her’, too. There’s a shocker.”

The Senator: “Did she just shit all over your dress, Mrs. Ichnida?

(Nopoin cries histrionically.)

Judge Bulbous: Now that was a mood swing!

Alpha: “What about Mister Cresp? He hasn’t moved or said anything for two days. We’re in an unknown location trying to fortify our resources with 29% of our crew out of commission.”

The Senator“What’s Cresp doing? Oh fuck! No!”

Mrs. Ichnida“What?”

The Senator“He’s taking off his mask! He’s taking off his damn mask!


TWILIGHT FORCE LOG Mission Day 212 Transcript Excerpt, July 31:

Professor Flamear“What’s going on with you, Mister Cresp? Do you know how scared everyone was yesterday when you took off your mask? It’s great that nobody died. But everyone’s wondering why you won’t say anything. I mean, you haven’t made a sound since Anthony put us here – wherever this is. The Senator has a theory. She thinks if you make a sound with your mask off it will kill us. If that’s true, please don’t answer.”

flamear cresp revelation.jpg

Mister Cresp: (Suddenly, with a burst of energy – ) “It’s true!”

Professor Flamear: (Startled – ) What?”

Mister CrespThe Senator just dropped dead.”

Professor Flamear: “No she didn’t.”

Mister Cresp“Go check.”

Professor Flamear“It doesn’t work like that. Does it?”

Mister Cresp: “It doesn’t work at all any more. I’m changed. Anthony changed me. Just like he changed Doctor Nopoin.”

Professor Flamear: “Well… I mean, it seems more like he removed a curse. Look at you! You’re an… okay-looking guy. Now you can breathe free, eat without liquefying, kiss the person of your choice…”

Mister Cresp“Professor…?”

Professor Flamear“What?”

Mister Cresp“I don’t know what to do.”

Professor Flamear“What happened to you, Cresp?”

Mister Cresp“I was trying to get home. I thought this expedition was my opportunity.”

Professor Flamear: “What do you mean? Solsys is our home.”

Mister Cresp: “Space is my home. A nebula was my birthplace. Flamear, I wasn’t one of you! Never! I had to learn this reality you live in, SATA forced me to! But I wasn’t you! Not until…”

Professor FlamearAnthony made you human.”

Mister Cresp“I hate him.”

Professor Flamear: “Being human’s that bad?”

Mister Cresp“Only when you’ve been something better. I was pure energy contained in your form. Now I’m blood and bone.”


TWILIGHT FORCE LOG Mission Day 213 Transcript Excerpt, August 1:

[This is the third day the crew has gradually moved through huge, empty corridors. Mrs. Ichnida and Doctor Nopoin are lagging behind the others during this excerpt. Nopoin has barely conquered walking and is practicing..]

Nopoin: “Uht’s wrung?”

Ichnida: “Are your legs tired? Should we adjust your personal gravity again?”

Nopoin: “Nuh! Uht’s wrung wit oo?”

Ichnida “Oh. What’s wrong with me? I have to find water. Enough to immerse myself. And I can’t stop thinking about Atcifia. And my family. It’s so hard to believe that they’re gone. That they just don’t exist any more.”

Nopoin: “Why oo elpin me?”

Ichnida: “Why am I helping you? You once helped me when I needed some really personal help. So I’m here to help you through this. Don’t misunderstand, you did some awful things to us. You openly despised us. You… wow. I’d better not recount the crappy things you’ve done or I’ll probably kill you myself right here. When you had all that power – ? When you were the Pope and the President and millions of others all at once? You used that amazing brainpower to act like a third world tyrant instead of making our worlds a better place for everyone. You had people killed. Some suspect that you may have used the undersea eruption as an excuse to wipe out Atcifia yourself without anyone knowing you dd it. I wonder if that’s what you did, Doctor? Can you even remember?”

Nopoin: [Struggling to remember…] “It… so… hard.”

[Ichnida suddenly throws her against the wall…]

Ichnida helps Transspecied Nopoin.jpg

Ichnida: “Yeah! Welcome to the world of hard, bitch. There’s only one person or machine alive that cares if you live or die. And the only reason I care now…?

“…Because now you’re pathetic.”


TWILIGHT FORCE LOG Mission Day 214 Transcript Excerpt, August 2:

[The Senator and Alpha lead the journey through mystery corridors…]

The Senator: “You were going to kill Mister Cresp, weren’t you?”

Alpha“How would you draw that conclusion, Senator?”

The Senator: “Your mixture with that alien ruined your poker face, Alpha. You looked stunned and relieved when Cresp turned out to be an ordinary guy. Like you just got off work.”

Alpha“Didn’t you start this mission by trying to kill Doctor Nopoin and myself?”

The Senator“You destroyed democracy and you were going after the most potent weapon of all time. You kind of asked for it.”

pretyman vs alpha debate

Alpha: “You, a Chasian agent, bemoaning loss of democracy?”

The Senator“I didn’t care about democracy. It was just my talking point as a senator. What I cared about was stopping artificial intelligence from enslaving or exterminating humanity.”

Alpha: “Everything would have been satisfactory for humanity under the care of artintels. Things had been improving steadily for 200 years.”

The Senator“Oh yes, statistically things looked better. But in practical terms, organic, emotional beings were unable to live by the clockwork rigidity your systems were imposing. We’re not machines. We didn’t want to become them.”

Alpha: “It was once common for your ancestors to adopt live cats and dogs. They kept mice, lizards, snakes…”

The Senator: “I don’t know what most of those are, Alpha. What’s your point?”

Alpha: “There was a phrase applied to those pampered animals ‘spoiled rotten’. You see, we weren’t trying to make you into us. We wanted to spoil you rotten.”

The Senator: “Glorious. We could have been your pets. Doesn’t matter now, does it?”

Alpha: “What matters is you’ve been a bad girl. I’m keeping you on a short leash, Senator.”

The Senator“Whatever a leash is.”


TWILIGHT FORCE LOG Mission Day 215 Transcript Excerpt, August 3:

[Still searching the corridors, Mister Cresp falls back. Judge Bulbous attends – ]

Judge Bulbous“Having trouble breathing?”

Mister Cresp“I… guess… that’s what… this is.”

Judge Bulbous“You’re anxious. You have to deepen those shallow breaths. Take a slow deep breath. Let it go slowly. Again. Again…”

Cresp Humanized With Bulbous

Mister Cresp“I’m changed from a life form of surging energy to vein-driven blood and bone.”

Judge BulbousMister Cresp, stop worrying. What do you think the rest of us are made of?“

Mister Cresp“How do you do it, Judge? I can’t seem to get used to it.”

Judge Bulbous“Being human isn’t something you get used to. We’re in a constant state of change. There’s nothing static about it.”

Mister Cresp: “Everything’s so different now. I feel the parts of my body individually. It’s cresp human facenot like this where I’m from. Our bodies are less compartmentalized. My hand constantly draws my attention banging into something or someone. My toes are aching from collisions. My stomach gurgles. I burp. I hiccup. I fart. Every time something happens I can only think about that part of this body. Then I get a headache. And I can’t exactly call on Doctor Nopoin.”

Judge Bulbous“Everything you listed is normal. Except constantly banging into things. You’ll adjust. Nature demands three things of life. To eat. To create shelter. And to sleep. Nature also supplies life with the means to do so. Beyond that is a dangerous place of invention, mischief, distraction, repetition and submission to ruling powers. Food, shelter, sleep. For now, concentrate on those three things.”

Mister Cresp“Why am I drawn to you, Emma?”

Judge Bulbous“Even though historically the repression of the male sex drive led to increasingly bloody wars, I’ll ask you to repress yours for the time being.”

Mister Cresp“Sex drive?”


TWILIGHT FORCE LOG Mission Day 216 Transcript Excerpt, August 4:

[As the team finally begins to understand where they are, Judge Bulbous tries to convince Mister Cresp to help Doctor Nopoin – ]

Mister Cresp: “Me? Help Doctor Nopoin?”

Bulbous Matchmaker.jpg

Judge Bulbous: “Of course, and by so doing you’ll help yourself. What was the whole point of the Space And Time Administration putting you in human form?”

Mister Cresp: “To survive as a human-ish sort of…person.”

Judge Bulbous: “Because they knew it could work. Why?”

Mister Cresp: “I can’t remember, exactly. Something about similar neural reactions?”

Judge Bulbous: “Which already made you similar to us in some ways. You’ve always had feelings to go with your thoughts. And for you, adjusting to a fully human life has already been underway. You’ve been learning human behavior and practicing it for years. Now you just have to make it authentic for yourself. But Nopoin only simulated emotion until this transformation. Feeling anything for the first time is terrifying. And everything is a first for her, authentically speaking. I think you’re good for each other.”

Mister Cresp: “Are you trying to brush me off on Doctor Nopoin? Because I don’t like Doctor Nopoin.”

Judge Bulbous: “Does this look like the same Doctor Nopoin to you, Mister Cresp?”

Mister Cresp: “Uh… Sort of. Like a transgender version.”

Judge Bulbous: Doctor Nopoin wasn’t male. Artintels have no gender designation.”

Mister Cresp: “So how did ‘it’ become a woman?”

Judge Bulbous: “My guess is that’s how Anthony saw the Doctor. As a lady. So when he decided to turn the Doctor human, that’s how it played.”

Doctor Nopoin: “Ah’m nuh denda.”

Mister Cresp: “I’ll kill it.”

Judge Bulbous: “You won’t kill her…”

Mister Cresp: “Is anyone taking bets?”


TWILIGHT FORCE LOG Mission Day 217 Transcript Excerpt, August 5:

[Alpha calls everyone together to explain his findings…]

Alpha: “I’ve determined our present predicament. I’ve analyzed our path through these empty corridors so far. I’ve taken note of changes in air current and micro-particle content in the air. I’ve monitored distant sounds and faint vibrations occurring regularly…”

Judge Bulbous: For the love of Lowell get to the headline!”


Mrs. Ichnida: “Really, Alpha, save the details for history. Where the depths are we? And have you found me any water? I need a dip badly.”

Alpha: “There is water. It’s running through pipes 17.36 miles ahead.”

The Senator: What? How far do these corridors go?”

Alpha: “Anthony deposited us near the tip of an engineering miracle that spans a radius of 9,698 miles, a web of corridors from which the one we’re in is a new extension. All part of an ever-expanding ‘Border World’ that lives at the boundary of The Big Sky at the edge of outer space.”

Professor Flamear: “And just what is it that we’re heading toward?”

Alpha: “If we continue inward we’ll encounter the inhabitants of this world as we make our way to open space. Or we can go back, return to The Big Sky. It seems Anthony has given us a choice.”

Judge Bulbous: “Free space without Solsys? Where do we go? What do we do?”

Professor Flamear: The Big Sky is terrifying. Eventually everything will be destroyed. The storms will get bigger. The atmosphere will keep heating. The trapped will die by the millions in pockets of isolated desperation. No one is safe in that turbulence.”

Alpha: “We’re alone. To survive we must redefine our mission. To find purpose we must re-evaluate our place in time. But not now. Something’s on it’s way toward us.”

end week 31…

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