TWILIGHT FORCE Mission Week 23: Strangers In The Sky

Twilight Force Mission Week 23 STRANGERS IN THE SKY

Written & Drawn By

Steve Games

Doctor Nopoin, Supreme Pontiff Of The Catholic Church, President Of The United States, Mission Day 155, June 4…


Since a glide path out of the great storm was calculated I’ve entered the gravity field of a small swarm of planetoids. One in particular seems active with life.

Humanoids again. An endless variety of them appear to populate The Big Sky. Cultural similarities suggest a relationship to our own origins.

NOPOIN snow mountain.jpg

Extraction and analysis of a native’s field organizing L-cells match a high percentage of projected evolutionary pathways for 28th Century humans. Humanoids can trend larger or smaller depending on the long-term environment.

Our time spent in the 5th dimension passed far more slowly than time passed in the reality of the world our mission originated in.

The reason for interference in my quantum entanglement communications is now obvious. While we were in the 5th dimension at least a millennium has gone by for Earth and for Solsys.

The Anthony entity did not know where he was sending his victims, but insisted that it was a terrible fate in order to frighten them into compliance. He had no hint that he was actually sending them back to the “real” world they came from – and that he had sealed them off from.

The main planetoid of this local group bears a powerful similarity to a time-lapsed version of Pluto if exposed to atmospheric surroundings.

My conclusion is disturbing but accurate.

This small part of The Big Sky is… was… Solsys.

I am “home”.


Professor Flamear, June 5, Mission Day 156, On A Dwarf Planet’s Third Moonlet…

I’m led into a cavern by the flying creatures who’ve been “attending” me.

A majestic winged bird man swoops in, hovering before me.

Flamear Underground Eagle

“What is your name?” he demands. Why not?

“I’m Professor Lionel Flamear.”

A mix of giggling, scoffing, chuckling, gasping, and muttering flows immediately from the observing shadows. It’s a set-up!

“Who are you – really?” the winged man commands.

“Why would you think I’m lying?”

“You were a fool to try this. You’ll be locked away for a long, long time!” shouts a woman from the dark.

I take the offensive. “Do you often make such ridiculous mistakes? You lock someone up for telling you who he is? I will make a fight of it, I warn you.”

The winged man moves closer. “How can you expect us to believe that you are Lionel Flamear?”

“Because that’s who I am?”

“You’re a myth?” snarks an anonymous voice.

“An historical figure that’s been dead a 20th cycle?” another complains.

“A legend?” someone adds skeptically.

I double-down. Professor Flamear is not dead. I’m right here.” Historical figure?

“Fuckin’ nut case. Professor Flamear vanished into the 5th dimension a 20th cycle ago,” an adamant man insists.

Flamear: “How long is that in years?”

“Years? No one’s talked about ‘years’ in 15 cycles.”

Flamear: “You said I vanished into the 5th dimension?”

“Amazing. He seems so real,” observes the winged man. “And just happens to show up now when we need an authentic hero the most…”


June 6, Mission Day 157, Deva Ichnida In A Mystery Hydrosphere…

The girl and the dolphin who saved me from the Bubble Beast have led me away from those murky depths where Anthony first sent me.

Ichnida And Aquatica.jpg

We can’t understand each other’s languages but she, Aquatica, and the dolphin, Bermuda, both have Earth-sounding names. Can that be a coincidence?

In fact Aquatica looks so much like an original human that it’s impossible to believe she comes from a different evolutionary path. And Bermuda is almost identical to a type of Earth dolphin.

Even the taste and smell of this water is familiar. But why?

This isn’t Earth or any world of Solsys. Of that I’m sure. But it reminds me of something back home.

We swim a great distance before coming to cavernous maws sprinkled along the slopes of undersea mountains. We turn inside traversing a labyrinth before reaching a bio-luminescent chamber. Aquatica presents me to an odd looking woman floating serenely inside.

Then the woman speaks in my language, perfectly!

“It was just a cycle ago when I realized that our new home, this hydrosphere in The Astro-Airway, was becoming familiar to me. I was recognizing things from the past that were only being constructed now. How could such a thing be? That’s when I realized this day would inevitably come. Heh, when I saw my own reflection shortly ago I knew it had to be soon. You don’t forget a face like this.”

Oh My Omni Continuum!

Is that me?


Pretyman, Mission Day 158, June 7, To Whom It May Concern…

I’ve been able to determine that we’re about 39 astronomical units from the nearest star. The star is either a type G or a type F. Flamear would know. He probably thinks I blame him for the rape, wherever he is. But I know what was behind it.

Pretyman Pluto Bound

Citizens and strange visitors alike are taking shelter against the oncoming storm. That closest star has thrown a billion-mile long jet of plasma and radiation sizzling straight at us.

I’m getting a beep. It’s a tracer! No – more than one!

Whenever we’re off base – the Twilight Force crew I mean – our tracing implants activate.  They work best in space, but even here in this cold, thick atmosphere they work at close range.

Unless this tracing tech has gone screwy, there are five Twilight Forcecrewmen out there on that planet with the artificial ring system!

I’m on my way there, and while underway I’m trying to pinpoint the exact locations of my five teammates on this planetoid. It’s about the size of 21st Century Russia in surface area.

Cresp , or “Creeps” as I call him, is in that valley below. Nopoin seems to be in the mountains somewhere over there. And Flamear is inside the surface, somehow – maybe in a cavern?

But Ichnida’s signal is weird. I have a geoscope in a polymarble, and pull it out for a look at the approaching planetoid. There’s an ocean of water 150 miles thick between the core and the mantle of this world – and Tuna Tits is in it!

Whoa! Bulbous’ signal just vanished. What happened to ol’ ‘”Bluebus”?

Hours until the storm hits. Everyone has to be on the right side of this world for protection. Everything else is dead.


June 8, Day 159, Mister Cresp…

It’s insanity! We set up camp on this moon to avoid the coming plasma storm.

The wreckage of an old crashed aircraft is serving as home until time to head for the cave. The rotation of the moon will have us facing away from the plasma wave for most

OE59 Master

of its passage. But we can see it coming at us now. It seems like nothing could get scarier when…

This fucking bird man drops out of the sky like lightning!

He swoops over my three rescuers and, using his feet, takes the man, Buckshot, up by his shoulders. Before Bucky can react he’s ripped in two directions, halves tossed over a cliff.

OE72 Master.jpg

Both women rise to confront the winged killer.

OE59 Master (2)

The anthropomorphic avian lifts a sizable boulder with its feet, taking it swiftly over Fly and smashing her with it before she can lift off!

I was beginning to love those people!

Only Friz B is left.

The fucker’s out for her too!

Friz B! Watch out!” I yell, frantically looking around for anything viable to throw. Then I remember what’s in one of my poly marbles. I withdraw a heavy duty sledge hammer,

OE59 Master (1)

give it a good wind up, and heave it directly at the hostile hawk man.

The hammer hits his chest, pausing his attack on Friz B and drawing attention to me, standing atop the wreckage.

The wicked predator zips toward me, cut short only by a fantastic blur that intercepts him at a right angle.

That blur is a huge, furry, long-limbed enemy of my enemy,who now, thankfully, engages him – unwittingly?- on our behalf!



Bulbous, June 9, Day 160, WTF… !

A yank through an intangible wall and a week later – ? – I recognize this place!

Judge Bulbous. I am Ansat, of the Transgalactic Comitatus. You were brought here before when we first rescued you from oblivion. Welcome back.

“Ansat? I never knew your name.” The voice seems different, aged.

“You were gone before we got to know you. Yet I did capture your essence. I used that essence taken so long ago to find you now with our new resonance instruments.”

Bulbous and The Whoever

Bulbous: “What about the rest of my people?”

The alien is disappointing. “Their essences were not captured. We have no way of locating them.”

I’m angry. I may have been close to them when Ansat snatched me. “Go look back where you found me! Or put me back there! Or come back with me! Please!”

“Why would you go back? That region is about to be incinerated by a plasma storm.”

“Hold on,” I insist, remembering, “you guys weren’t even able to pinpoint the Milky Way before, much less find me at a particular planet! What changed?”

Ansat looks at me as though I should have figured it out.

“Ninety-nine of your years passed in our Rogue Galaxy while mere weeks passed for you in twilight space,” Ansat explains. “Most of the Comitatus that saw you originally with me are now dead. Today I am the senior member.”

Aw, no. No! NO!

I forgot about relativity! I forgot that everyone immersed in gravity, even micro-gravity like that in orbit of a planet, is aging faster than me when I’m outside space in the 5th dimension!

All that time out there, the world at home was passing. My kids are dead! The war is long since resolved.

My kids are… dead? My kids -!


Executive Branch Report, Alpha, June 10, Mission Day 161…

The Transgalactics didn’t recognize me. And there was something different about them.

I’m still Alpha. Yet, integrated with Gemneb’s brain I’m also – for the first time – alive. And with knowledge from Gemneb’s people revealed to me I feel what dreaming actually is. But I can’t stop…

I watch the Sun squeeze Mercury out in a great arcing prominence. It cools in close orbit for long minutes before the Sun throws out a rare anti-gravity pulse, pushing Mercury quickly into a farther orbit where it expands to become Venus! Meanwhile another “Mercury” shoots out of the Sun into low orbit.

The sequence repeats every few minutes. Venus moves farther out and becomes Earth, replaced by a new Venus. A short time later Earth overheats, moves out, and cools down to become Mars. I watch billions of years of cosmic birthing reduced to minutes.

Alpha Dreamspace (2)

Mars passes through a pummeling asteroid storm, is pulverized, but something amazing is released and what was Mars expands into Jupiter.

Other stars are doing it as well, spitting out planets, every star family different. But I have to wake up…

These dreams have been chaotic, with feelings overwhelming reason, paralyzing me with confusion. I’ve sailed alone here in Exigency through the 5th dimension while my crew has vanished, possibly killed or now aged beyond recognition.

Whether revelations or illusions, these dreams have substance. Illusions create realities.

I’m receiving a quantum call –   from Doctor Nopoin?

Time signatures indicate the call was sent… decades ago.  I open it up. It consists of a faint image and one intelligible word before fizzling out…


But YOU don’t have to fizzle out! There’s plenty more TWILIGHT FORCE every Wednesday; and meanwhile…