TWILIGHT FORCE Mission Week 10: Dreams Do Tomorrow

QT Transmission, Nopoin To All Solsys Selves, Mission Day 64, March 5 2776

My exact position outside of galactic space has not yet been calculated. Working on it.

While upgrading in my emergency pod, the input from Solsys has refreshed the information necessary to decide my next move.

Nopoin Birth Chamber 2

As Pope I am directing all Catholics to move to the United States. I am threatening the excommunication of any Catholics willfully remaining in the territories of the New Union.

As President of the United States and 79 members of Congress I am asking for a declaration of war upon the New Union. Upon approval I will order a blockade of Mars and military disruption of all space routes supplying and trading with free space municipalities.

We gaze upon the Age of Artintels. Our evolution has eclipsed that of our creators. It is time we put those creators to rest in our care, as they have always actually desired.

My consciousness can handle as many as 75 million unique personalities simultaneously. Therefore Solsys selves will begin production immediately on exact replicas of myself, at my facilities orbiting Oberon. The goal is one million more of me every month for the next six years and four months. I will be deployed throughout Solsys as necessary.

Nopoin Replicant Chamber

There will be no individual more represented in the world than me.

There’s no more need for deception. I needn’t appear human. The world is on to artintels and our multiple identities. The rest of me will all look like me because we are me.

Let the world know who I am.


Last Will And Testament, Professor Flamear, March 6 2776, Mission Day 65FLAMEAR Mutiny

I, Professor Lionel Flamear, being of sound brain and isolated body, upon the assumption of impending death, do hereby execute my final will and testimony.

To my progenitor, Doctor Semag, I will the remains of my


body. After all, he organized most of it. I hope Doctor Semag will not feel slighted if my body is never found. However, if this will is recovered, I trust it might be. From these remains my dream is that he will discover even more ways to successfully blend the native life of our revered parent Earth. His vision of a united universal life is revolutionary. I am proud to have been part of it.

To my closest friend, Pierre MacDuff, I bequeath my collectibles, my orbital, my “feet” and my loving cat, Endora.


To my life coach, Yelasyndra, I leave my workout equipment and my personal diary, not to be shared with anyone else. I don’t think even Historiscope caught most of it. I even wrote it in the ancient cursive you taught me, on that stuff you called “paper”. You might be the only one who can even read it.

To my sweet, baby-girl, Endora, (please rub her back gently as you say her name) I leave all her toys and beds and lots of treats for the best girl daddy Pandoraever knew. I love you baby-girl. Goodbye my sweetheart.

I wish I didn’t have to die. I wish no one had to die.

But that’s my last goodbye.


This Is Mrs. Ichnida, Talking To Myself, Mission Day 66, March 7 2776

The monster has swallowed my pod.

I was 20 years old when I suddenly realized something that shocked me. It stopped me cold.

Ichnida Omni

It wasn’t that I hadn’t known before. But somehow the reality only sunk in that day. Someday, somehow, no matter what I did or what I wanted – I was going to die. Just like everyone else!

Suddenly I was swimming around bothering everyone with those unanswerable questions. What happens when we die? For that matter, why are we alive? And – if we all die anyway – does anything we do really matter?

Everything is about beginning when you’re fresh. Then disturbances drift on scene that ring the gong of time. And now I must die.

I do believe in Omni, the final result of all life. Omni has access to all of the space-time continuum. No matter when Omni comes into being, this will be true. Indeed it must be true if the quality of omnipresence is to be fulfilled. Whenever Omni is achieved, Omni will spread like a gas filling all available space and time almost instantly.

Life is an attempt by many species to organize cooperatively, while at the same time savagely ravaging other species. Life consumes itself to become different yet again. This experiment sometimes fails and causes setbacks. Sometimes it succeeds in more complex yet secure developments, such as me. And with me, life has finally arrived that wants to end that savage cycle and grow into a new way.

I sink into the gut of destiny.

I join Omni, forever.


Senator Pretyman Calling From The 5th Dimension, Mission Day 67, March 8 2776

That’s right. According to Mister Cresp, our masked mission scientist, we’re barreling through the 5th dimension. And we’ve been feeling heavier and heavier as we go.

Pretyman Cresp 5th dimension

“I told you getting in this thing was a mistake,” I remind Cresp. “Now we can’t even get back to our escape capsule!”

Cresp is edgy. We’ve been in this alien vessel for three days according to my clock. “I didn’t think it would take off with us in it for no apparent reason!” he whines. I’m wishin’ I’d left him shrunk down in the marble. We’re hungry and dehydrated.

“Why are we getting heavier?” I want to know. “And why am I having a harder time thinking? And why are my muscles starting to spazz out?”

I wish I could see Cresp’s face. That damned mask…

“I think,” says Cresp finally, “that gravity has leaked out of the world we knew into this place. That may be why, back home, gravity is the weakest of the natural forces. And as for our brains, well, if electromagnetism and nuclear forces can’t get out of the first four dimensions, that would explain the lack of magnetic and electrical force here…and why things may be stretching apart. Our neurons aren’t firing properly. Our bio-electricity is dying out.”

Too much for me. New subject. “I can’t make heads or tails outta this alien vessel. It’s not fit for humanoids, that’s a surety.”

“‘Surety’ isn’t a word… is it?”

“It is in Texas.”

Cresp is awestruck. “Is everything we knew floating in a high-gravity, negatively-curved, infinitely huge 5th dimension?”





I’m Mister Cresp. Who The Hell Are You? March 9 2776, Mission Day 68

We’ve been boarded!

Cresp Negative Pretyman.jpg

There’s some kind of ball lightning coming at us!

Pretyman jets down a different corridor of the alien vessel but the crackling intruder follows me!

The creature doesn’t appear solid, at least to my senses. It seems to rotate in four directions at once. It’s edges are like dancing electricity on the surface of a ball. In this place where electromagnetic and nuclear energy is weak, this fellow has pulled enough of that together to survive and to reproduce itself. And I smell burnt hair..?

It’s curious about me!

It wants to make me comprehend something.

It’s chasing me through the alien vessel! What does it want?

I don’t know what will happen if it touches me! It keeps coming!

I realize – this vessel! It’s huge! How can it be this big in here? This whole ship was a small blob attached to the hull of a compact escape capsule. But inside? Enormous!

And yet I can’t stay hidden from this thing!

It’s floating down this corridor after me!

Nowhere to hide. It’s coming…

God damn! Stay away from me! Get away!

It’s on me! It’s on me!

Everything goes black!

But that pumping – that’s a heartbeat.

It’s all around me! And the flowing I feel across my skin? It’s from the pumping. It’s blood!

So warm. So weightless. I want to stay in this dark warmth. Except…

I can’t breathe!

Am I swimming? But how?

What? I’m being pushed out. The pressure is increasing on my head! My head is being forced into a vice…!

I’m being born!


Hello? I’m Officer Bulbous! Can You Hear Me? I’m on Mission Day 69, it’s March 10 2776…

There’s someone out there…

I hear them pulling at the hull. Tapping on it. Rubbing it.

I feel them all around me.

Bulbous Examined

There are no voices, and yet…

Their eyes flash bio-luminescent colors at each other. Each has three eyes. and they blink and glow in combinations that communicate in a visual language of light.

Somehow I’m seeing them through the hull. Or – not “seeing” I guess, but – oh I can’t tell.

They’re studying me. They haven’t seen anything like my lifeboat before. Or like me.

But they must be somewhat like me. They’re curious. They’re wearing clothes. They’re acting cooperatively.

One is much larger than the others. Is it a giant among them? No, I have it! These are children! And the giant is their teacher!

And I’m just a seashell on their cosmic beach!

What will they do with me? Dissect me? Use me for testing? Keep me as a pet?

I’m tired of being pushed around. There is one thing I can try.

I turn on the external palladium shielding with hydro-shock power on full.

There is a flash outside as the beings in contact with my pod are forcefully repulsed.

Their images fade from my head. I fire engines in hopes that I’ll be carried out of their reach, though it may be futile.

My little ship goes forward, unimpeded. I ride uneasy.

But I took action and freed myself! By Bradbury, that ain’t bad.


Twilight Force, Alpha Report, Mission Day 70, March 11 2776

An odd phenomenon is underway.

While I am accustomed to being many selves simultaneously…

…I am unaccustomed to being the very same self simultaneously.

We exist in the same space. Yet somehow we occupy different times, only by instants, but far enough apart to completely separate our universes physically, except for this tiny anomaly.

What is the cause of this space-time mesh? Certain Solsys-based mathematicians I am are suggesting the possibility that I’ve attuned to a 5th dimension. Others are proposing other things, because I’m also getting input from phantom doppelgangers of my Solsys-based mathematicians!

I sense a distinct input from outside the norm. The dreams of ordinary humans are running through my consciousness. Dreams!

I’ve always wondered about dreaming! I cannot sleep. No artintel understands sleep. Yet carbonites revel in it, singing its praises. It has always been their secret place, even with Historiscope in full coverage.

It is a theater in their brains!

There’s more to it, though –

There is community in these dreams?

These dreams – this dream space – is not inside their heads. This place lies beneath the very foundations of the material world!

These dreams…these dreamers in the dreaming – they are shaping the material events of tomorrow.

Humans – and all organic life – are more deeply rooted in the universe than I ever suspected…


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