Twilight Force Phase 1 Characters and Definitions

Terms and characters will be added as we go along. 

Alpha, Executive Branch, office of The President, aka “Prez”, artificial intelligence (aka “artintel”), in spirit the bridge between natural and artificial life. Mission commander.

twilightforce alpha 1

artintels: 28th Century plural colloquialism for “artificial intelligence”. 


AtcifiaCapital city of the undersea state Cousteau. Exact location top secret, with masked transports in and out of the city. Located in undersea caverns large enough to contain Manhattan, Atcifia is well shielded from intrusion or detection.


BradburyA U.S. state stretching along a terraformed portion of Mariner Valley on Mars.

99th state on MARS

Bulbous Brother BrandonBulbous, Brandon – Citizen of Bradbury on Mars, brother of Officer Bulbous.

(Officer) Bulbous, Judicial Branch, Supreme Court Clerk, aka “Judge Bulbous”, genetically designed human (aka “humangen”), native of a terraformed crater state on Mars. Second in command and mission security officer.

twilightforce officer bulbous 1

cerebyte – a micro-implant for the brain that translates most languages and animal sounds into comprehensible meaning.

chemobionica chemically independent and self-sufficient being, as are the latest models of artintels such as Doctor Nopoin.

(Mister) Cresp, Space and Time Administration (aka “SATA”), technical operator aka “Governor”, genetically modified human (aka “genhum”), a genetic modification gone monstrously wrong and permanently impaired. Mission science specialist.

twilightforce mr cresp 1

Csaynikfirst artificially intelligent President of the United States

president csaynik

Data Ring – The ring holding the only surviving download of information gathered at galaxy W2246-0526 revealing the secret to perpetual energy.

DOD: U.S. Department Of Defense

Dreamspace:  Quantum foam foundation where organic beings interact on a fluid plane of imaginary matter, a reality molded by thought and emotion. Each brain perceives elements of the interaction differently, translated by memorized experience into comprehensible avatars.

dusties – human nuggets, a popular snack in the submariner state Cousteau and its capital city, Atcifia.

(Professor) Flamear, Department of Defense, astrophysiologist aka “Secretary Of Defense”, genetically unified species (aka “genspec”), a unique being combined of several animals. Mission navigator.

twilightforce prof flamear 1

gammadaran ultra-high frequency scan detailing surrounding objects at 200 times the resolution of radar, at distances as far away as half a light year.

genhum: a genetically modified human. 




genspec: genetically unified species, a unique combination of several animals.




Historiscope – the public record of all that happens in human society, witnessed by nanobots and filed in a vast library accessible to all. There are no secrets from those who search Historiscope carefully. (THIS ABILITY IS LOST TO THE CREW ONCE TOO FAR REMOVED FROM THE MILKY WAY)

Humans First Movement A reaction to the displacement of human beings by artificial PRETYMANPrime 3intelligence. The HFM calls for a humans-only immigration policy as well as secession from the United States when a majority of lawmakers, judges and a chief executive are not human. The strongest proponent of the HFM is Senator Pretyman.

humangen: genetically designed human from start to finish

example:  twilightforce officer bulbous 1

(Mrs.) Ichnida, State Department, extraterrestrialist aka “Secretary Of State”, genetically designed human (aka “humangen”), proud amphibious founder of the first undersea state. Mission communications officer.

twilightforce mrs ichnida 1

Lagrangea free space state of the USA located in a stable orbit opposite the Moon on the other side of Earth. Astrophysics center of the Solar System.

(Doctor) Nopoin, Legislative Branch, aka “Congressor”, artificial intelligence (aka “artintel”), convinced of artintel superiority over genhums and humagens. Mission physician.

twilightforce dr nopoin 1

Payne, Mona – U.S. Senator from Indiana

Sen. Payne

polytropic marbles4th dimensional storage containers into which organized matter can be transported across the 3 dimensional world without mass. Unsuccessful with organic substances.

(Ms.) Pretyman, Legislative Branch, aka “Senator”, genetically modified human (aka “genhum”), an old-fashioned girl with basically original human traits and conservative, fashionable modifications. Mission engineer.

twilightforce ms pretyman 1

QT, quantum tunnel entanglement – two or more objects linked by common origin are instantly connected simultaneously regardless of distance. Used for long distance communication by artintels, responsible for “psychic” insights.

(The) Resolutionthe inflatable 3-story deep space habitat carried in a polytropic marble when not in use (shown here in interstellar space).


Solsys – Contemporary name for the Solar System.

TAREXMethod of transportation using the TARgeted EXpansion of space, encasing the transport vehicle inside a bubble of space which itself is stretched using principles based on inflationary theory. While the vehicle itself never moves, the space holding it extends at many times the speed of light for a preset duration, releasing the vehicle where it stops. It is believed that any duration longer than 9 seconds would carry the vehicle beyond the bounds of the universe into nothingness.

Twilight ForceCrew assigned to first intergalactic expedition. Political, technical and social pressures have dictated the composition of the 7-member crew. Representatives of the President, the Supreme Court, the Senate and Congress are each aboard. They are supported by internal, external and psychological specialists.

twilight force collage

United StatesAbout to recognize its 1,000th anniversary if it survives present social turmoil of 2776. Tensions have arisen back home as the United States has elected the first artificially intelligent president. Organic fears and paranoia are growing that a long-fantasized enslavement – or even extermination – of humanity is underway.

American flag 2018 with factsAmericanFlag2776WithFacts

W2246-0526Once the most energetic galaxy in known space, target of the first intergalactic expedition to investigate possible perpetual energy residue.



Zheng, Secretary of State – For the USA under President Csaynik. Mentor to Mrs. Ichnida.


Zorrenna One of the 12 incorporated cities of the free space state Lagrange, located in a stable orbit opposite the Moon on the other side of Earth. Astrophysics center of the Solar System.

zorrenna 1

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