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Who Am I? Creator Steve Games, concept artist, Screen Actors Guild, musician, ME 1 DSC01187playwright, singer, songwriter, science fiction specialist, corporate and charitable fundraiser supporting The World Wildlife Fund, Earth Justice, Greenpeace, Doctors Without Borders, Habitat For Humanity, NRDC, the ACLU and many s TWILIGHT FORCE? Twilight Force” is the name of the 7-member team of Americans sent to a remote galaxy in hopes of being the first to unlock a secret that will enable its finders to exercise power over any rival. As they get underway, the factions of America they come from are breaking apart and a civil war beckons. In due course the team becomes lost in the vastness between galaxies and find themselves up against far greater dangers than each other.

Where Are The Chapters? The menu button on the far right of every page leads you to the following features:

An illustrated TWILIGHT FORCE CHARACTERS AND DEFINITIONS introducing the characters, concepts and places setting the scene for the stories.

Weekly summaries, a week-by-week collection of Monday-Sunday chapters in order from Mission Week 1 up to the current publication date.

Why Am I Doing This? 

How does one deal with the confusion of modern times? Are the systems running us? Can anyone keep up with every demand required by laws and regulations? Can anything protect us from the hate that trumps civility?

As a storyteller I’m dealing with America and a mission gone out of control. I have seven people of varied backgrounds trying to work together despite opposing goals. And when thrust into chaos, who will stick together? Who will turn on you? And how do you recover the ability to trust when you really should?

I’m dealing with the anxiety of modern times in a world of environmental upheaval, unprecedented economic disparity and technical complexity. As people know more and more while sharing in less, dodging bullets and hurricanes without healthcare all the way, some seek the right questions or answers through political debate.

This is where I do it.


Your comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated here or on any chapter. And thanks for your interest in my project.