Beat The Generation Rap

(LYRICS ONLY – music version following shortly)

Now the Lost Generation fought in World War One

See they’re “Lost” cause they’re dead but that’s stupid cause they won –

It’s the arbitrary naming that reveals the fuckin’ schism

Pushing prejudice and bigotry just like racism

Mister Shakespeare wrote, all the world’s a stage

But you can’t be justly classified because of your age…


See all the people born and living at the same time

Collectively regarded are called a generation

But all in all it seems an arbitrary designation

That correspondingly depends upon the same location

And switches up accordingly depending on the nation

Primarily engaged for further social segregation


Hey, sentimentality can take it too far

The “Greatest Generation” is a glorification

For winning a war and unionization

For getting it on and procreation

For racist bullshit and urbanization

Then pumping up Civil Rights legislation


Well youth versus old age is an old story

The older people get the more they go for conservation

The younger people are the less inclined to promulgation

The younger people blame the older ones for constipation

The older people say that young ass talk is masturbation

And everybody gets to call their gang a generation


Then the so-called “Silent Generation” came along

But their loud rock n roll was a huge sensation

And beatniks brought a new meditation

With bongos, surf and good vibration

And West-Side Story-like integration

Vietnam, napalm, mass incarceration


Whether born in the middle, or shot out on the cusp

You’re stuck along with all your peers into a reputation

Unwarranted, unearned, but still your obligation

With shared historic memory you make your own creation

But someone else, you know, is gonna name your generation

Applying social theories and a backwards explanation


This Generation Z is born up to now

1997 starts their orientation

You’ve been giving birth to your interrogation

Someday all these kids will make a proclamation

Blaming you for doing nothing for the whole nation

And giving them a “Z” to buzz kill a generation


Now who wants a “Z” in back of their “Gen?”

“Millennial” at least engages one’s imagination

With legendary meaning and historic veneration

Though here convenience and good timing was the inspiration

There’s still no proof Millennials are worth the concentration

Because events define a name-worthy generation


Yo, ageism sucks, just ask the Baby Boom

An Atomic Age name with explosive connotation

Getting older, reading glasses, aided mastication

Running out of time and money heading for vacation

Woodstock, hard rock, decentralization

Grandparents and parents no emancipation

Taking twice as long expelling urination

Watching climate change kill a crustacean

Seeing politicians worship rationalization

Spewing fear and doubt, hate-filled oration

Telling you that your age defines your station

Hearing “Time for a new generation


So don’t speak of generations to me any longer

That sets up a fight, doesn’t make us stronger

Did I leave someone out? I don’t know – what’s next?

Apologies to Generation X.

Rapmaster Knight Games (Lord RKG)





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