Imaginary Comix: OMNIGOD

…And the other 32% think they know everything.

Of course the god thing is real. Everyone senses that this existence is no accident. We just hate “religion.” Call it what you want. But the three elements that compose the essence of that god stuff are not always there…until they are!

Oh, there’s always OMNIPRESENCE. Being everywhere at once or anywhere forever. That’s the foundation, the seedling, the consciousness in everything that has no independent survival no matter how many things it becomes. Omnipresence forms fields that fabricate things.

OMNIPOTENCE is evolving gradually, form by form, species by species, favoring human traits on Earth and other traits elsewhere – for now. The power over nature itself is the final test for this awesome responsibility.

OMNISCIENCE can only be reached through experience. If you’re reading this, you are part of that growth with a “particulated” point of view, moving things toward a knowledge of everything experience can become. You are one singular, unique experience required for Omniscience to be achieved.


Remember: OMNIGOD is a time traveling space controller. Once in existence, OMNIGOD can exist anywhere, anytime. At the same time. Even to confront itself in progress. THREE FORMS OF INFINITE VARIETY…




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