The Woman Who Killed Guns

I didn’t do it in the name of ISIS…

I guess I just must have had enough.

I didn’t think it would ever be like me to shoot random people. Or any people, actually. But my psych report says otherwise.

“The subject profiles as an aging American idealist who is mentally ravaged by gay marriages, legalized marijuana, black presidents, women bosses, men becoming women, questionable investments, a  dishonest economic environment, disconnected generations and the decline of Christmas on top of the usual banes of adulthood such as dying relatives and nostalgic melancholia.”

What kind of redneck am I? 

“The subject experienced some relief after the 2016 election of a white, conservative and completely blunt new president. However by this time such superficial and temporary pacification was not enough to contain his growing rage at the relentless affront of faster and deeper changes. He is watching the baby boom break, and thanks to medical muddling his older peers are grudgingly living through it all longer than ever.”

I killed 37 people. Fuck.

“The subject is alone in the world, alienated and bitter toward the indifference of the world toward its own decline, obviously an irrational outlook.”

I wounded 15 people, of whom two are paralyzed, one is blind, three are amputees and the rest may still die.

“Clinically the subject suffers from future shock, a state of mental anxiety brought on by combinations of the internet, computer technology, automatic weaponry and automotive transportation. These constantly evolving media are the advancing forms of communication and service that actually shape the thought processes of those using them.”

I traumatized 52 victim families, everyone in a public park on a weekend afternoon, local residents and the world in general.

“The subject responds to questions in sentences composed of less than 140 characters.”

Yeah, I guess the Baby Boom is going to Hell, but meanwhile Millennials and Generation Xers are bombarded by marketing both overt and covert, influencing their information flow and insulating them into ever-more identifiable sub-communities, offering more choice among less variety as giant corporations bloat larger. These youthful sub-communities are further segregated physically by proximity and style. And so we are convinced the sky is falling; while in fact, it is our ability to think and to be present that is gradually slipping away.

“The subject created politically slanted memes with undertones of the violence later perpetrated…”

1000 WORDS

It took the widow of a murdered cop with a degree in electronics and a scholarly knowledge of chemistry to stop me.

Yolisa Gomex changed the latter part of the 21st Century after 3 years of intense focus on neutralizing guns.

Her husband, a police officer, was shot in the back of the head by a career criminal.

Eight depressing months after his death in Mexico City at the hands of a repeat offender who shot him from behind, Yolisa Gomex got angry and determined to make gun terror go away.

Three years later, armed with microchips, she had answers.

That’s when she gained the nickname “Magica Mano” – Magic Hand.

She wondered, What if you could jam any gun at a distance instantly?

Her chromium-detecting bracelet registers chrome plating as far as 53 yards away through all materials. Chrome is the plating used in the bores, chambers & gas cylinders of modern military firearms, making the bracelet, effectively, a gun detector.

With this advance warning that a gun is nearby, her other devices come into play.

She wears four rings, each serving an ordered attempt to neutralize the firearm if the previous attempt should fail…

The pentagon ring sends a precisely targeted electromagnetic impulse at the primer; if it is an electric primer this will cause a failure to ignite the propellant.

The gun simply will not fire.

The square ring beams microwaves through plastic casing to ignite the molecules of the propellant, causing an explosion of the entire clip – thus blowing up the gun.

The circular ring uses electromagnetic waves to increase air pressure inside and around the gun muzzles, fast and strong enough to jam up the bullets – again blowing up the gun.

A final resort, the triangular ring uses electromagnetic waves to cause instability of bullets flying toward it, deflecting most by 25 to 30 degrees off target.

This poses a danger to anyone around the target.

With the ability to detect large caches of weapons, investigations of suspicious arsenals can ensue with search warrants.

And maybe guys like – me? – can be taken down before we flip out.