Under The Clouds Of Venus

My mission is supposed to last one day.

In one day I must prove to the Solar System that Venus is inhabited and will not be violated. In just one Venusian day…

Fortunately that’s 243 of yours.

The rest of the Solar System has long disregarded the possibility of life on Venus. The pressure, the acidic atmosphere, the temperature, everything is against it. But reality says that where there is any chance for life, life will appear. And to us that Venus is beautiful.


I am a Venusar of the species 2nd from left

Venusars had never seen a star or even knew other worlds existed until finally the starry sky beyond The Great Cloud was discovered.

What providence arranged for the first alien probe to drop through The Great Cloud and fall to Venus just after that amazing discovery of a universe beyond our world?

One mystery object after another showed up, either dropping into our world or going around it somewhere just beyond The Great Cloud. Each probe brings a new source of pollution into the delicate balance of the Venus biosphere. Each new alien pollutant brings more sickness than the last. Someone is sending these things at us from beyond The Great Cloud.

We have to communicate in person with whoever is contaminating our world.

Most of our planet’s resources go into the project.

Our early probes reconnoiter the general nature of the aliens who now assault us. Can it be that they are not hostile, merely curious?

We can’t afford to wait while Venus dies. Emergency sessions are held. Our leaders decide that we cannot rely on our automation to represent us to outsiders. An exo-vehicle is conceived that will carry an ambassador past the Great Cloud and into the universe of stars. That carrier will be called Stellar.

Pressure, atmosphere, temperature and fear prevents co-existence for Venusars with humans on Earth or Venus under ordinary conditions. But inside Stellar, any psychologically compatible Venusar will move among humans to speak on behalf of a planet long ago arrogantly written off by Earth as too hot, hostile and acidic to nurture life. And what is our message? In the parlance of those we hope to reach:

Stop shooting shit at our world!

So expensive, technically advanced and personally demanding is the project that only one Venusar will leave Venus in the maximized Stellar exo-suit.

I am among those who volunteer for it, and am eventually accepted as the sole representative of the second planet from the Sun. Once shut into the suit, there is no coming out until and unless I can return to Venus.

Controlled with thermotronics built from subsurface minerals unique to our planet, pressure, temperature and atmosphere inside the Stellar exo-suit equals that on the venusars2-in-flightsurface of Venus, meaning a tremendous pressurized power exists within it. When released under control as a weapon the results can be catastrophic for any target. No vessel or armament of mankind can resist a blast from it.

My helmet has advanced enhancements used for two-way translation to help communicate with humans or other species, bio-detection sensors adjustable to general or specific types of life, telescopic and microscopic magnification, specifiable long-range sound detection and surgical long-range sound projection, with optional isolation from sensory input and all-subject information access with audio input.

Within my belt is my power source: Fission, drawing on hydrogen from outside in all forms as a micro star, able to power the suit for at least ten thousand Earth years. The creation of this alone cost more than any other aspect of the suit. The belt can also be used to generate targeted gamma rays, x-rays, radio waves, lightning and a magnetic field.

My operating system controls 100,000 on-board nanomites used for operator interface, comfort maintenance to cover temperature regulation, humidity level, pain relief and itching. Nanomites also automatically monitor and regulate waste recycling, respiratory circulation, pressurization, nourishment, energy refreshment, neural networking, sleep defense mode, systems self-maintenance and repair and remote communications.

Controlled pressure release allows powerful rocket action, used for flying, air punching, force field manifestation and rapid movement if submerged in liquid.

Stellar’s exterior pressure containment is much harder than titanium, used for projectile-proofing and shielding against extreme exterior pressure changes, all while staying cool on the outside and maintaining an internal temperature of 267 degrees Celsius.

I can fire heat beams capable of melting lead. I can heat the surrounding environment to oven-like temperatures, starting fires and making metal objects untouchable.

On my back is a retractable shielding cape woven from Venus fibers, unfurled when I need radiation protection, air braking, flotation, camouflage, color or pattern alteration. I have retractable legs and feet, used for walking, running and even dancing on solid surfaces where gravitational effects apply.

And on the front of my helmet is a reflective facial expression display to mimic the features of any extra-Venusian creatures I encounter.

Our strategists suggest that seeing yourselves reflected in our image will help convince you that our lives are just as real as yours.