The Man NO Woman Can Resist

69 man no woman could exist

I wake up holding an M16 assault rifle and wearing body armor.

I hate it when this happens.

I’m in a wheat field outside a remote farm.

“This is our big one, buddy,” says my partner behind the wheel of our camouflaged jeep. She winks with a smile. “Hope you rested up good.”

I have no idea what she means, so I nod slowly and say, “Could be the big one…could be…”

“Could be? He’s in there! And we get to go in first! This is better than nailing Osama!”

Hmm. I’ve some sort of cop? Where are my credentials? Let’s see exactly what I am. Wow. “Special Agent, FBI Science and Technology Branch.” Time to butch up.

So many questions I can’t ask without revealing my jarring ignorance. Are we here to kill somebody? Take prisoners? What? Then at once it’s time to move.

“Let’s go,” says my partner as she exits the jeep. “You know what to do.”

Oh my god I do not.

But away I go. We’re stealthily heading for the barn in the Moonless night.

“Why are you following me?” my partner asks, pulling off her gas mask. If only she knew. Wait. Gas mask? “Look, you swore you had it together enough to do this. Now we’re gonna get her out of there if she’s in there to get, okay? Stay steady. Go.”

Get her? Whatever. I split off toward the other side of the barn, fumbling to put on my gas mask. Now I’m on my own, sneaking up to a huge barn armed with an assault rifle and grenades without a clue as to what’s about to happen. I could get shot by my own people. I can hardly see. Wouldn’t it be best if I just got down in the wheat and waited this out?

But my partner, who I’ve known for 15 minutes, is counting on me. So are others out here. Don’t I have to at least try to do what the me of this Earth would do? Or make myself available in case I can help? It doesn’t feel right to shirk my namesake’s responsibility.

While I’m ruminating I hear a scuffle inside the barn. By the time I get there lights come on and FBI agents are inside the enormous barn, surrounded by hundreds of women and a few men scattered among them. The men are picked out and brought to the center of the barn. No one seems to notice that I missed out on the action.

“We missed him!” someone announces to the mass groans of FBI agents. Our primary perpetrator got away. No accomplices are identified among the crowd. There’s no resistance. In fact all these women seem tremendously sad, like someone just died.

Agents start preliminary interviews and get responses like, “It wasn’t one thing I saw in Al! He was perfect. Oh why I can’t stop thinking about him?” and  “My husband said if I didn’t stop talking about Al it was over. I’m sorry it happened but…there was something about Al that I just couldn’t resist – you know?”

Al? Then I heard one of the men talking to my partner.  “I wanted to kill the son of a bitch when I found out. But when I met him, something about him made me not want to hurt him. Lucky for him.” But even this man was melancholy.

Shit! And there’s my wife!

“I’d never seen anyone like him. Al was amazing.”

She’s under some kind of spell! Face to face, she’s angry about our so-called rescue.

“You scared Al away,” she complains. “He knew you were coming. He always knows when they’re coming.”

Over the next hour by listening carefully and pushing the right direction I form an idea of what’s underway.

Dozens of missing women have been traced to this location. So many women have disappeared here that law enforcement assumes there must be at least three to six perpetrators. We didn’t know if the women were dead or alive. 

Coordination of the transportation and medical attention for the women is challenging, but during the operation at the office in the morning I manage to access a company computer. My security clearance is pretty damned high. I have got to get the lowdown on this Al character.


Level 3 ET

From the Department of Homeland Security Re: Infiltration

Source of information that follows is preserved ET intelligence identified as belonging to a technological civilization translated as “Hywon Precinctorate.” This society and its members are referred to herein as “Hywon” or “The Hywon.” Their home world is referred to as “Hywon.”

Specififc Subject: codename ALPHA MALE

Background: The Hywons discovered the Solar System about 150 years ago. Humans, like almost every other species interesting enough to be reproduced on Hywon, are reproduced back in their home system and grown in a variety of situations to study human contrasts and similarities in developments.

Alpha Male’s ultimate goal is to populate human society with as many of his offspring as possible. To what end, the world can only guess. But security analysts have surmised that Alpha Male is a bio-synthesized agent designed after intimate study of our species under various laboratory conditions. Indications are that he has been sent to Earth to infest humanity with modified DNA that will steer evolution. Within seven generations there would be no stopping mankind’s transformation into Homo Hywon, compatible cousins to the Precinctorate Principal.

Brewed in an extraterrestrial lab, Alpha Male’s endocrine system is a thousand times more potent than a human’s. His engineered synthesis releases powerful pheromones permeating a growing radius until he appears as the most attractive male any female has ever encountered. Thus he looks, smells, tastes, feels and sounds different to every woman. The same pheromones also pacify local males deploying dominant hormonal emissions.

Alpha Male impregnates fertile females on first intercourse regardless of the female’s period. Alpha Male sperm remain alive and powerful for five weeks once injected.

Alpha Male attracts all women in surrounding vicinity including elderly, children and lesbians. Once a woman has been with Alpha Male, no man –or appliance- can completely satisfy her again. Alpha’s powers increase every time he has intercourse with a new woman, the radius of influence expanding.

So now I get the gas masks.

Well, well, well. I finally get a peak behind the curtain.

The insidious invasion is underway, but not the way people might think.

Nope. Just one anomalous super stud wandering the world with legendary transience and the fleeting blaze of a myth.