It’s A New Universe

“Your books and stories are all related. So what’s the best order to read them in?”

You can read any of them as a stand alone, as the stories are entirely self-contained. They don’t follow a strict chronology, but to get the most out of the character interactions and backstories as characters mash it up across all the tales, they’re best read in the order written…

Getting Too Young 1

Originally drafted as the story of Walt Disney’s return, Defrosting Uncle Walt got revamped into the tale of a Baby Boomer who finds immortality, Getting Too Young For This! – which became an outline for the universe that followed. The story starts in 2000 and ends in the 31st Century – with a trip to the Pre-Cambrian Era on the side.

mOOn platOOn cOver

Set in the climatic years of the Cold War, mOOn platOOn takes place in the 1980’s.

Tangleshock Cover A

Tangleshock stretches from the 1960’s into the 2030’s, from a very alien perspective.

slow motion murder cover

Slow Motion Murder:  The Malevolent X-Ray Man begins in the 1940’s and climaxes in the 2010’s.

Naked Professor CoverX

The Naked Professor picks up chronologically where Getting Too Young For This! left off – the 31st Century.

America Unknown Paperback Cover

America Unknown happens in the late 2020’s through the 2030’s, but flashbacks take us through the span of American history.

Starspecter Cover

Starspecter occurs in the late 2030’s.

Stem Cover Prime

Stem goes on around the same time as Starspecter.

Dubious Thresholds Cover

Dubious Thresholds also lives in the 2030’s.

tarexcover1 ex

…While TAREX starts in 2153 and runs through 2154, with scenes delving into the prehistoric past and across the early history of civilization.

Again, you don’t have to read them in any order to get into any one of the ten stories. Any way you go at it you’ll find ten distinct stories containing related characters.

But are they truly functioning in the same reality? Or are they intersecting at the crossroads of…


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