16 fates colliding in 2153…

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Madam Farouc heads the strongest outlaw organization of 2153. But someone is undermining her. Is there a traitor in her organization?

Angel Choir has been sent by her family to fulfill obligations to Madam Farouc. But is her heart in the criminal enterprise?

The Underground Eagle reluctantly follows Madam Farouc but for his own purpose: defense of his people’s secret home.

Acuatico is loyal to The Underground Eagle but privately fears Madam Farouc.

Doctor Anatomy has served Madam Farouc while she supplied resources for his personal restructuring. But he has his own plans and is contemptuous of her “inferior” intellect.

Ripchord has tried to be supportive of her father Doctor Anatomy, but fears that he’s either gone mad or been replaced by an artificial intelligence.

Ripchord and Angel Choir share a musical background. They have mutual respect – so far.

Public Officer runs a peacekeeping task force aimed at prevention of violence. His current nemesis Madam Farouc has successfully eluded capture so far.

Also on the most wanted list are Weather Witch and her enchanted makeover Captain Abomina. WW is a rogue terrorist who somehow recruited the formerly loyal Captain, once a member of the task force. Abomina, once Public Officer’s trusted friend, now is devoted only to her.

Public Officer’s girlfriend Starlight thinks it’s time for him to transition out of his dangerous career. But he can’t, not while he sees the public menace growing. Meanwhile Starlight secretly protects the fugitive no one suspects is her sister… Shamrock.

While Shamrock does her best to evade capture she travels incognito as a roadie for her admirer, popular singer Zeerow-G. But the strange performer is more than just a fan. He wants her.

Sea Demon, Earth Champion and The Gamesman have all been individually assaulted by Madam Farouc’s crimes. Are their enemies somehow linked?

Sea Demon is searching for The Underground Eagle, who stole one of his ships.

Earth Champion is after Angel Choir, who destroyed an entire village in search of rare minerals.

The Gamesman is trying to find Acuatico, his missing wife.

And Asserta just wants the approval of her father, Sea Demon, who can’t curb her homicidal impulses but tries to conceal them from the world.