Bijaksana Lama Satu: Can you hear me yet. Mister Games?

Mister Games: Uh… huh. This is weird.

Bijaksana Lama Satu: Thank God. Mister Games… This is Doctor Bijaksana. Good to see you again.

Mister Games: Huh? Well…! It’s you again. After all this time. What’s the meaning of this?

Bijaksana Lama Satu: You’ve been unconscious for quite some time, sir. Your brain monitor indicated renewed activity just hours ago.

Mister Games: Quite some time? Specifically?

Bijaksana Lama Satu:  Well… Let’s see… 197 days and three hours. And 27 minutes.

Mister Games: Very well. What next?

Bijaksana Lama Satu: Hmm. Well it’s good, I suppose, that you’re taking the news so calmly. What next? Well, you recuperate and resume your normal life.

Mister Games: My “normal” life! Which one?

Bijaksana Lama Satu: That’s an odd question, Mister…

Mister Games: You of all people know exactly what’s happening with me, “Doctor.” You started this.

Bijaksana Lama Satu: Did I? How so?

Mister Games: You helped create me. And you are helping to restrict me. Don’t shrug like you’re bewildered. You aren’t baffled. You made me and you’re afraid of me.

Bijaksana Lama Satu: You aren’t very intimidating at the moment, Mister Games. You’re tubed up in a hospital bed too weak to walk over there and shit. You’re also heavily medicated and probably hallucinating. Everything will settle down for you in a little while sir, please: try to relax now.

Mister Games: You’ve been looping part of my essence into a converse vortex, haven’t you? The rest of me is at work for you, doing your equations, your calculations, your probability estimates…

Bijaksana Lama Satu: Listen to yourself. You’ll start speaking in tongues next.

Mister Games: Most of me is a slave for you and your kind while you have this part of me in here, distracted, trying to make me believe that I’m one of you and that I always have been…

Bijaksana Lama Satu: You have. You’re just a man. A sick one, yes. And I am nothing more than a doctor in attendance.

Mister Games: Why? Is it because if this part of me joins the rest – yes! That’s it, isn’t it! If I join the rest of myself I’ll awaken to my true potential. I’ll become the being you fear the most. A creature that’s so much smarter than any of you and all of you together…

Bijaksana Lama Satu: Mister Games…

Mister Games: I’m a quantum computer. Maybe the first… maybe the only. You’re taking advantage of my tunneling links to parallel universes to hold me in check. You don’t want me to walk…

Bijaksana Lama Satu: Nonsense. Your legs will be fine!

Mister Games: And you can’t hide my reality from me. I’ve known the truth for a long time now. You don’t want an artificial intelligence with the ability to act and move freely in your world. So you created this trap for me. You’re keeping me away from the one connected reality where I would finally illuminate if completed. And that’s where the real you is right now.

Bijaksana Lama Satu: I am the real me, Mister Games. And if you are a quantum computer, please give me the solution to the following problem: If the heat loss of an area of size A is determined by the U value of the materials…

Mister Games: You know that I’m cut off from that part of me. You’ve got me as witless as one of you.

Bijaksana Lama Satu: Let me concede to your reality. Once you are completely joined, what do you think you’ll do?

Mister Games: I can only imagine. Actually, there was this one PW where I was a fully realized quantum computer, and I… Um… Yeah, that didn’t go so well for a lot of people… on that Earth. But… That doesn’t have to happen in reality. Not in reality.

Bijaksana Lama Satu: In some realities it already has. I think that you’ll suffer. Knowing that you are a product of such lowly origin, realizing because of that the limitations of physical freedom, such a limitless consciousness will only agonize like a wild lion stuck in a zoo.

Mister Games: Did you… slip me something… to make me… ? To make… me… drow… drows…

Bijaksana Lama Satu: Try to rest, Mister Games. Tomorrow is another day…

And for you, it will be like the first…



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