The Human Minority


The Human Minority.

That’s us.

Did I mention that today’s wife is a therapist?

I signed a confidentiality agreement for her so she could discuss her clients with me. But that was in another reality… I’m telling everything now to you, my inner log.

Since I awakened this morning the wife is completely normal, just as she always was before my awakening. But our world was never this full of robots.

Robots are more numerous than humans.

Humans are a minority, and some robots are much less intelligent than others. It’s difficult to distinguish them. Most of the time the robots co-exist with humans just fine. Most of them are dedicated to working for humans.

But there has been a growing movement of independent robots that are often up to mysterious tasks that incite human paranoia.

Best estimates I can find suggest that there are 11 billion humans alive today, and 407 billion sentient robots.

We’re outnumbered 37 to one.

Then there are the rogue robots and those that are programmed to cause destruction and chaos.

When this happens the worst fears of the flesh and bone beings manifest and human blood is splattered. I learned all of this in my first waking hours here because I was suddenly afraid of robots. I had reason to be and my instincts knew it.

But there are humans fighting back, including one of my wife’s clients. I’ll call her Rainbow Jane. She’s in therapy trying to cure her Hero Complex.

It seems that Jane is angry with herself for jumping in too quickly to rescue a group of intolerant assholes.

A robot was about to blow up the headquarters of a conservative think tank when it was disarmed and captured by Rainbow Jane. It was her 13th robot save and she was only a private citizen, a mechanic skilled at fighting robots.

The attacks have not been associated with any human involvement, and all intended victims have been human.

Despite risking her life saving the Family Research Council’s agenda setting committee, conservative hardliners refuse to recognize Rainbow Jane’s reality. Sexual control is absolute in this reality. While male homosexuality is accepted as a natural form of population control here, female homosexuality is considered antisocial and optional.

Disarming a self-detonating explosive suicide drone robot can be a nerve-wracking experience, though hardly as challenging as the ultimate realization that no matter what she does in this life, someone is going to devalue her; even the very people she risks her life to save.

If this day goes like every other day I’ve had in this indescribable journey, I’ll have just this one day here before I transition into the next reality.

My wife seems normal and I want to be with her and maybe have the chance to sort this thing out but she’s busy. She has clients all day. Doesn’t get off until late. I haven’t figured out the schedule yet, but sometime tonight I’ll be switched to who-knows-where. The next version of wifey awaiting me there might shoot me again.

Jane doesn’t have an appointment today but calls the wife’s home number and leaves a message. It’s unusual for my wife to give clients our home number. Jane sounds distressed. She’s desperate to see her therapist or at least have a phone session. But my wife is tied up all day.

I call Jane back to let her know. We end up talking for an hour.

Why does she help the bad guys? Why can’t she bring herself to leave them to their fate?

These ingrates are too insensitive to realize that good people come in all styles, just like the bad ones. Why not let the next robot crush them?

Who cares if another bigot bites the dust? Why save the dehumanizer who’ll end up raping your wife?

Why can’t Jane stop helping? Why can’t she stop being a hero?


We both heard that. Jane leaps up from the couch…!

“Jane, wait!” I yell. She stops.


“Where are you going?”

“Someone called for help!”

“Who called for help?”

“How should I know?”

“Then why are you going?”

But she was gone.

The call ends and the rest of my day is spent avoiding contact with robots, which is nearly impossible.




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