Thespis And The Granddaughter Quick


The bad guy is wearing a billion dollar insulated air-conditioned solar suit that draws molecules, condensing them together.

Those molecules increase local heat from a narrow finger beam to a wide range, from just “uncomfortable” to the melting point of lead.

Lucky for him he’s wearing a special helmet that eliminates visual heat-distortion and supplies filtered air for two hours if necessary…

…Because my Granddad just steered him into the ocean!

The secret lies in the amazing Super Theatre that Thespis projects from his helmet. With a touch the Super Theatre encompasses the immediate area within a holographic dome masking the interior with a 3-dimensional makeover. Scenes such as hanging above the middle of the ocean – even though you’re still standing on the oil rig –  serve to disorient enemies like that hothead he just dunked.

I hate bad guys.

Bully, beware: this girl has had enough. After months of harassment, belittling and relentless teasing, my best friend Diane did what the bullies suggested –she killed herself.

I have to act. Yet I’m determined not to make the situation even worse by taking the usual route.

Filing complaints feels useless. Instead I would confront bullies separately and deal with them as individuals. I do not want to disgrace my family should I fail, so I 

Omigod I saw this little girl in a green costume and a mask beat up two boys who never had a chance to fight back. It was scary but awesome!
“Omigod I saw this little girl in a green costume and a mask beat up two boys who never had a chance to fight back. It was scary but awesome!”

created a disguise that allows me to use a personal array of tools against stronger foes freely. Kind of like Granddad does, but freshman style.

Thespis is not only an expert in stage magic, special effects and showmanship, with 50 years of experience on stage; he’s also a recent graduate of criminology at night school.

Thespis wields the startling power of surprise!

Like a mind reader he knows who you are and things about you that no one but family or friends should!

He knows what you’re holding behind your back…and when you’re distracted enough to be subdued by one of his inconspicuous weapons.

Each finger shoots a special assault while each thumb can plant explosives.

“Mesmer-eyes” persuade those staring into them to follow suggestions from Thespis.

His charisma spray allows the susceptible to admire his charms regardless whether friend or foe.

His cape holds endless stowaways including rabid rabbits, dangerous doves and frightening frogs.

His helmet may suddenly erupt with light, spin, pop open and release a swarm of killer bees.

His palm may explode with dazzling fireworks overhead while he glibly narrates and strikes from below. Fascinating!


Skateboarding to my latest bully call, I overheard what three kids said about me.

Packy: It’s that kid that’s been beating up bullies and gangs!

Jose: Her? She’s a lot smaller than I’d have thought! Wow!

Zelda: It’s true, I saw her do it! It happens really quick, too!

Hope those kids don’t figure out who I am! The adults will crucify me!

"Somebody's kid is out there beating people up! That's bad parenting."
“Somebody’s kid is out there beating people up! That’s bad parenting.”

While I do not wish to harm anyone permanently, I do whatever is necessary to set a price for bullying that must be paid.

Confronting Diane’s bullies successfully disgraced their behavior and placed one in the hospital. Now rumors of a new bully have arisen, a bully ready to confront, defeat and unmask Quick if she dares take him on after school…

So here I am.

But he best beware.

Quick twirls and tosses twin batons with bouncy tips and hard poles capable of ricochet accuracy for delivery of concussive punches and bruising blows.

I use pompoms that shoot sneezing powder causing uncontrollable sneezing if waved or hit in face, which I “borrowed” from Granddad – heh.

I have a flexible hybrid skateboard for trick bounce jumps and unusual maneuvers, with rain-resistant wheels. Made it myself.

And there’s my sparking special curvy metal hula-hoop that throws hot vengeance as it hits pavement then hurls flaming sparks, skidding away from the burn-spackled victim right back to me.

And let’s not forget my throwing discs weighted for weird trajectories so as to blindside targets with stunning chops.

But what I really want to use are my yo-yo’s with rock-hard shells and copper wire for punching, tripping, restraining and tazing .




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