Time Of The Trinotaur


The Trinotaur ruled the plains.

I’m in the odd position of telling history to natives of a world I came into today for the first time.

The me of this other Earth is gatekeeper to a kind of Trinotaur museum.

Kids have arrived. It’s a school field trip. Apparently kids love Trinotaurs.

I gather as much info as possible, learning that a Trinotaur was a very large hoofed and horned three-legged behemoth responsible for uniting ancient humanoids in defense. Humanoids, it seems, were the delicacy of choice for Trinotaurs.

And this Earth is called Hetar. The people “I’m” a part of call themselves Milzinas Avinas.

The earliest recorded stories from the Milzinas Avinas of Hetar tell of their bloody struggle to survive the huge, deadly animals that roamed their territories.

As their species evolved the Milzinas learned to work together to outwit the predatory beasts. As the people grew more clever, the predators eventually became the prey. The organized clusters of Milzenas were able to settle in defensible territories where no known danger could intrude. With unimpeded access to water and agricultural land, cities grew.

But here is where the primary divergence from the Earth I know occurred.

As on my Earth, the physically powerful were exalted for their contribution to their people. And just as happened here, the exalted started to exploit their power for control.

But on Hetar there was a woman known as the Mother of Wisdom whose early example laid a foundation for peace.

Mother Wisdom  whose early example laid a foundation for peace.

For it came to pass that a tyrannical beast fighter named Ryt had turned from killing Trinotaurs to conquering the beasts into submission; and had taken to conquering other beast fighters using Trinotaurs themselves.

As the loyal scout Goosmuntok rode the message trail one day, his ride was disrupted by Ryt, atop a Trinotaur, acting as its master.

At Ryt’s command the monster stomped Goosmuntok and his steed with its mighty front leg.

Roars from the creature alerted beast fighters from nearby, who quickly gathered at the scene only to discover their broken brother and his murdered horse.

As Ryt commanded her weapon to strike yet another fellow beast fighter, three of Mother Wisdom’s bravest students clamored onto the giant, clinging as weights to its arms and locking its legs until Ryt tumbled from her mount.

At that moment, driven back by a well aimed spear, the Trinotaur stepped on Ryt, squashing her into a bloody pulp instantly.

The angry creature shrugged off the weaker students and one by one beheaded them with blade-like teeth, crunching the skulls and swallowing.

Then Mother Wisdom came forth herself.

The Trinotaur fixed its cold gaze on her.

Its snort was heard a mile away before it charged at the small teacher.

But before the unflappable lady could be assaulted, a throng rushed between them, encompassing the overwhelmed giant, burying it in a quarry of citizenship until unable to move. Carts of great stones were then chained upon its limbs and body, pinning it down.

Mother Wisdom’s near sacrifice reminded her students, and through them all Milzinas, that tyranny by assault no matter how great could always be cut off by active resistance and restraint. Her advice was meant not only for external application against swaggering mongers, but also against one’s internal urges to act out violently.

Throughout the following millennium civilized people everywhere on Hetra channeled their assertive energies into cooperative efforts and the suppression of militants like Ryt.

By the two-thousandth anniversary of Mother Wisdom’s birth, violence against other citizens  is considered taboo, blasphemous and results in the removal of the offender’s hands.

However there is no such consideration for any animals, any of whom can be slaughtered with impunity and often are, merely for sport.

While warfare seems to be an inevitable aspect of human existence on my original Earth, there are civilizations on other Earths that have avoided war altogether…

Just as, for once, I managed to avoid all the drama!