The Voice From Beyond


A Ghostly Interview From The Transdimensional Cubes…

While in the midst of dreaming I clearly hear a woman calling out to me and it comes from between my ears.

“Are you there?” the female voice asks.

“I am. Where are you?” I respond. The voice came from no certain direction. Looking around I see that I’m in a bedroom. I have no clue as to who this bedroom belongs to. Nothing in it looks familiar, gives a hint of gender or otherwise rings a bell.

“This is Detective Corannan of Transdimensional Investigations. You are being contacted from beyond your present location. You are a person of historic interest…”

“Wait, wait, wait!” I insist. Again with the crap inside my head? Do I have an implant or something? “Where are you? Get out of my head!”

It’s quiet for a long moment before Detective Corannan says, “Sorry.”

I cringe. There it is again.

“Is this the only way we can communicate?” I ask, wincing. Waiting for it…

“Yes. It won’t harm you.” Ugh. That sound…

“It’s harming me mentally,” I assure her.

“Is this any better?” asks a second female voice.

Actually, “It…is.” In fact this voice is kind of soothing.

“This is Detective Nemid, Detective Corannan’s partner. We don’t have much time. Will you answer some questions while we have contact?”

“Why should I answer questions from a couple of ghosts?”

“For entire generations of whole worlds, people have shared your story and dreamed of following you and finding you. Can’t you share with us your wisdom?”

“You want wisdom from me?” I chuckle. If only she knew what her voice between my ears was doing for my hormones, would she consider that an attitude of wisdom? “Wisdom? I’m in a psychological labyrinth.”

“Where are you right now?” asks Detective Nemid.

“Now that’s just the thing!” I use as an example. “Who the fuck knows?”

“And how will you deal with that?”

What a stupid -! Why would she want to know that? “I…I’ll find out where I am. I think I still might have to wake up first.” What’s going on here?

“It means so much to the world that we’ve made contact with you,” Nemid whispers, “but there’s not much time left. The chance we’ll find you again is small. So what does it all mean? How do you take what you’re going through for all eternity?”

Eternity? Well she did refer to me as an historic figure. “Are you saying that I’ll be transporting from one alternate reality to another forever? Is that what you’re telling me?”

A long silence before Nemid responds. “There’s no answer to that, but we’ve no idea how to contact your original dimension to find out if you ever got back.”

But if they aren’t from my original dimension how do they know about me?

“Oh,” explains Nemid, “in our time you’re famous in the six known neighboring realities because your impulse was detected on our transdimensional sensor grid as jumping consciously between dimensions roughly every 24 hours. You’re a phenomenon.”

Okay, thanks. But I did not ask that question out loud. I know I didn’t.

“Canannan again!” The other voice cuts in with a grating scrape. “What are the common factors between all these realities you’ve seen? What’s out there?”

What are they looking for from me? The New Ten Commandments? Okay, let’s see what I’ve got…but then…

“I told you we did this too soon!” I hear Nemid say under her breath. “I wanted to prepare better questions!”

“Who thought it would work so fast?” Canannan answers defensively. I wasn’t supposed to hear that, I guess. “We’re smarter than I thought we were.”

“Yeah, I could have used some prep time, too,” I tell them. “But here goes. So, how do I cope with starting over every day? I try to avoid getting killed, that’s harder than you think when things are unfamiliar, especially if they seem familiar. I make a point to remember that things I think happened might not have, and that things I did might not be remembered. Also, things I never did might be attributed to me. I’m ready to parry any of those thrusts.”

Canannan cuts in: “How do you think of your own future?”

I laugh. Is she kidding? “There’s no more planning for the future for this guy. No more living paycheck to paycheck. No more retirement plans. No insurance. From now on it’s living day to day. Some days will be rich, some days will be poor. Some days will be pleasure, some days will be pain. And…”

Nemid’s voice fades away, “We’re losing contact, will you…” dwindling to a pinpoint in my head.

It makes me strikingly sad. I choke up. Somebody knew me. Somebody knows what happened to me.

In case they can still hear me, I manage to say one more thing. “And even if I can’t die until my quantum life span has expired, I can lose everything along the way.”

Every new day my goal must be to avoid losing my sense of self, no matter where I am. That means looking for an answer to this relentless diversity and sensory overdrive.

On the dresser I find some music. It’s by a group called Nemid and the Transdimensionals. I put it in my ear and play the first track.

It’s her voice. Am I in the same world with her?

I want to find a place of timelessness, Hopeless, helpless Time eliminate

I know there is a place of Holiness, A miracle for all to see

In alternate reality, A lack of rationality

Improvisation land

Imagination and…

Out in Dreamspace everything is one, Inner / Outer space reintegrate

Inside the stars new thinkers thinking, new lifetimes spring from thee

In alternate reality, A lack of rationality

Improvisation land

Imagination and…

Out in Dreamspace from which we’ve been reduced, From the one thing we were that was confused

The one we were once upon a time, until – We turned inside our self creating more

Alternate realities, With lacks of rationality

Improvisation lands

Imaginations, and…




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