“Religion In The 22nd Century”


Today’s Fellowship Leader:

Rev. Xenon Argonight

I know that once I take off, I might never come back.

Less than a century ago, around 2020, by the best estimates of those who surveyed Americans at the time…

69.5 % believed in a personal God

12.3 % were atheists or agnostics…

and 12.1 % were deistic, believing in a “higher power” without a personal connection.

That’s 93.9 %, so what about the 6.1% unaccounted for?

Did the rest believe that they are God?

If so, some, at least, were not insane. However they were quite a bit ahead of themselves.

Strangely, each one of these beliefs and non-beliefs contain part of the truth, though not for the reasons one might think.

Let us agree that the God we discuss has three primary qualities. To stop scaring 30.5 % of you, let’s stop referring to “God” and call our subject “Omni” as the qualities are omniscience (all knowing), omnipresence (watching everywhere), and omnipotence (all powerful and capable of everything). Omni is all three of these things.

And whereas “God” is always assumed to be the starter of all things, “Omni” is very much the opposite. Omni is the final result of all things.

To know all, one must learn all…

How does this provide any kind of personal God? How did the universe begin, then? What is the reason for an almighty who shows up at the end of the show?

Atheists are right. There is no Omni – yet. Agnostics are right, too. There’s no way to know scientifically if there is an Omni or not. That’s because there both is and there isn’t an Omni at the same time. And this dichotomy is easily explained.

To be all, one must know all…

Omni has access to all of the space-time continuum. No matter when Omni comes into being, this will be true. Indeed it must be true if the quality of omnipresence is to be fulfilled. But is this evident from the point of view of a single species on a little planet of a mediocre star? Whenever Omni is achieved, Omni will spread like a gas filling all available space and time almost instantly. Omni is so much in everything that it is impossible for our senses to tell the difference between Omni and  nature.

You are natural as well. What does this imply? Obviously, Omni must be in you, too. Omni is so woven into your fabric that you’ve lived with Omni’s effects since you can remember. But to what end?

To learn all, one must be all…

Everything in existence appears to be a process. Even basic particles like electrons are subject to change. Even a static universe where nothing exists but a silent quantum foam will produce a fluctuation every few trillion years. Just one such fluctuation has been enough for an energy-generating expansion, resulting in a universe.

I was becoming “Omni” as all are, as all must…

A universe has no need for any Omni to get it started, but “today’s” universe does seem to be reaching for peace out of chaos. Life is an attempt by many species to organize cooperatively while at the same time savagely ravaging other species. Life consumes itself to become different yet again. This experiment sometimes fails and causes setbacks. Sometimes it succeeds in more complex yet secure developments, such as humanity.

And with us, at least in part, life has finally arrived that wants to end that savage cycle and grow into a new way.

I took off into the sky…

Terrible things happen to people. No human exists on any Earth for long without encountering loss, despair, fear or pain. Why must we suffer? Why do horrible things happen to people whose only aim and direction day to day was to be and do “good” at all times?

Yet, how else can Omni be achieved? Omni, like all the universe, is a process when experienced from inside the dimension of Time. All things must be experienced on the road to Omni, good, bad and boring.

As to those of you who still pray to your personal God, keep up the good work. Be it Mohammad, Jesus, Yaweh, Ra, Buddha or any other spiritual leader, regardless of how you conceive a Holy Presence, there’s every reason to believe that Omni is listening, watching and – if decided – interacting with your life and everyone else’s, even if not to your liking.

Go forth. Let us live.

– Rev. Xenon Argonight