Police Woman Of The Planet




As a super-empowered American I hereby declare the rights I will defend and promote as well as corruptions of them that I will not. Some of my fellow Americans will be pleased, others offended, but no one will stop me – for my civilian identity is carefully concealed and my crusade based solely on the written word of the nation’s founders – not on interpretations.

The very first mention in the Bill of Rights is about religion. The U.S. government can’t support or deny a religion. Scientology, for example, has taken full advantage of the incorporation of religious freedom. American Woman will not become involved in defending or destroying any religious ideology. Only buildings and people.

Just behind that, the second item mentioned is free speech. This allows us to weed out the fools and geniuses, although we rarely know what to do with them. If you, however, try to stop anyone from saying what they want to say whenever they want to say it, American Woman will thwart you. If you block anyone’s speech by sabotaging their access to common mediums, again, thwarting.

The same thwarting will be used in defense of the press to express anything they wish. Since the founders gave us freedom of the press, various courts have tried to amend it, restrict it, confine it and otherwise reduce the idea of “freedom” to “freedom, except…” and that is unacceptable. American Woman will hammer anyone impeding any form of mass media expressionism. The founders meant “the press” to mean the people’s communication mediums. How do I know? I read the words. How don’t you?

Then comes the right to assemble. Guess what? There is no mention of the concept of “unlawful assembly” or the need to apply for “permits” to have one. It’s not the job of any government to interfere in any way with any assembly. Therefore, if anyone tries to disperse an assembly, American Woman will disperse them. Sadly, this will require acting against any police, city councils, state governments or National Guard that interfere with assemblers that do not specifically individually commit crimes amid the crowds. It will also require American Woman to disperse any rioters among those crowds. These actions will undoubtedly set me up as unpopular with looters and a wanted criminal. This illustrates my point about inadvertent anti-Americanism amidst the grandest flag-wavers of all, politicians.

All branches and agencies of government are subject to petition by a people’s assembly, and so any police or military blockade of such petition by barricading or push back will trigger a physical resistance by American Woman. All government agencies must be accessible to peaceful citizens. Secret wars, secret war strategies, spying and techniques of undercover craftiness in search of military upper-handedness are no longer necessary or productive for national security. When you have enough power to destroy all life on the planet a hundred times over, why bother with stealth?

So much for the First Amendment. Marching on…

The Second Amendment, the right to be able to kill each other when necessary, has been shrouded in confusion. To “bear arms” is to have a one-on-one equal opportunity to blow someone else away before they do it to you. It was established when anyone had to be at least within visible range before you could kill them. “The whites of their eyes” and all that.

Now someone can kill you with a drone from thousands of miles away. Yet political interests orbit around highly financed survivalists whose rifle-hoarding only leads to pointless stand-offs and pompous doomsday posturing. “Good” guns almost never respond to “bad” guns unless they are police. Very few private citizens have ever had to shoot intruders to their homes. And despite the fact that guns can be bought openly anywhere, the black market in weapons sales flourishes.

Arms are not merely guns. Arms are nuclear devices. Despite congressional and judicial rationalizations since the founding, everyone who wants a gun should have a gun. And anyone who can create a nuclear device should have one. Just make sure that you’re a member of the local  militia. Those are the 2nd Amendment conditions.

If you are not a member of the militia, in these days represented by the National Guard, police forces or duly deputized officers  and reserves, you don’t have any right to bear arms.

So American Woman will act to destroy, confiscate or damage any weapons discovered in the hands of unauthorized personnel. I won’t care what your state laws have to say about it, what the NRA or Congress has to say about it, or whether you think you’re the good guy or the bad guy. If unauthorized, you are the bad guy. Give up that gun gratification, it’s the 21st Century.

And for anyone breaking internationally recognized codes of conduct, I won’t be applying for a passport to pay you a visit. My diplomacy is swift and decisive.

Who am I to act on my own?

I’m one part of a complex, wild, unpredictable world. No better or worse than anyone else. Just unwilling to build myself up while others are destroyed as I turn away.

I’m not turning away.

I’m watching.