Your Deep Freeze Getaway


When warming is global there’s still one place that stays cool.

Coming out of a dream I realize that I’m waking up. Am I in a bed? A normal bed?

I touch my face – and hallelujah! – I’m human again. Five out of the last seven transcarnations have been something else – a polar bear, a cat, even creatures I’ve never heard of.

Hey now, this is a nice bedroom. Hold on. This is a hotel? Here’s a pamphlet. “Subpolar Sal’s.” I play the cover photo…

Subpolar Sal's Cover.jpg

Subpolar Sal comes alive, saying, “Taste some of the best food from around the world right here in Subpolar Sal’s Kitchen. Our skiing is unbeatable and our bedsides cozy. Thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay at the bottom of the world!”

That’s crazy! Weather in Antarctica is the harshest anywhere on Earth. Uh, well, on my Earth anyway. I open the blinds of the picture window. It’s a winter wilderness, a blur of giant snowflakes, ominous clouds and shadowed whiteness everywhere except for the Vegas-like lights shining through in certain spots. What kind of technological advances have been accomplished to allow people comfortable hourly travel to and from here year round? A green chair with a single passenger, somehow pushing back the storm around it, emerges from a hangar and crosses through the storm effortlessly a quarter of a mile to the cargo hold of a C150 military transport that rises into the sky without incident shortly thereafter. Amazing…but something seems unsettling about that green chair.

This becomes a day when everyone leaves me alone – a rare occasion. No expectations. “I” am on vacation, alone, at the bottom of an other Earth.

I go to Subpolar Sal’s Kitchen for a stack of pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon. I take in the tourists, a global mosaic. Maybe some of them can fill me in.

Turns out that many are here for the service offered by Sal’s husband, known as Antarctica Andy. Apparently he or his crew take tourists out to a remote site where mysterious giant ice carvings were discovered a few years ago. But the big attraction is when they go to see the site of a crashed UFO. No photos are allowed. Andy has a picture on page three of the pamphlet. I play it…

Antarctica Andy Cover

“‘Brang’ it on down to the Antarctic wonderland for your vacation this endless summer and escape the stormy shores and inhuman temperatures torturing Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas – every other damned continent on Earth!” a gregarious Antarctica Andy offers. “Cozy accommodations and transportation throughout. Keep it coolest, y’all.”

Yeah, that’s the number three reason anyone who can afford it is coming here. This Earth is a hothouse. Looking at temperatures around this globe is disturbing. When I get back to my room I bring up background on the owners of this place.

Salina Gomez and her husband Andrew Roosevelt were among the beneficiaries of global warming. With sweltering temperatures creeping up coastlines around the northern hemisphere, and improved technology making the Antarctic continent accessible year-round, they created a casino village and tour operation establishing the showiest winter recreation on Earth. Providing much needed relief for those who can afford a vacation there away from 120 degree F summers with humidity driving the “feel” of the air to 132 degrees, entrepreneurs have cleaned up.

This Earth is a tropical sauna, with humans no longer crammed into cities that drive such territorial animals insane. The poorest of humanity is spread along the humid shorelines, seven continents of beachfront to accommodate ten billion people. The wealthier live at higher elevations, and once intolerable mountain crests are speckled with high tech home developments and crystal mansions.

Using fusion power fueled by seawater, even the poorest homes have adequate air conditioning. The coastline of every continent, even the naked land of Antarctica, is lit with humanity’s outline. But with the warmer world both new creatures and old creatures dormant for the long winter have arisen. With these changes, so is the life of humanity transformed.

Can this have anything to do with that Greenway character who wants to speed up the rising of Earth’s oceans?

If he can expose the resources of Antarctica for exploitation, he’ll be the richest scheming bastard of them all.