Where Lands The Nuclear Man


The winds arise to pick me up and deliver me where I’m needed. Earth calls to me when it needs me. I am always on call. I am always in waiting…

I can remember no other parent. For as long as I know, I’ve belonged to the family of Earth, the grower of life.

And I have been raised to clear her garden.

She has purged herself before. She has used volcanoes. She has used floods. Both fire and ice have been called to end the world. And the end of the world came for species of a certain nature.

But now she uses me.

I have coalesced in human form. And a human-born catastrophic force is what I am.

I have no opportunity to explain anything to witnesses who see me “float” down miraculously from the sky.

Mankind only sees me appear at the scene of major consequence and judges my actions as either good or bad. Their judgment is irrelevant.

Where I land, populations quake. And then…

radius five

So many billions of humans, starving, diseased, suffering. Cities overcrowded, crime ever rising and thieving corporations have drained citizens dry. Millions living on the edge of the ever reclusive opulent few, suffering their children’s deprivations…

These are not those she eradicates.

I think of nature as beautiful. But is it?

Nature seems rather tricky to me. Deceitful in its calm bounty, I once relaxed in it. And then I was bitten.

Now the soothing summer breeze is also the carrier of subtle catastrophe, and I must be vigilant.

I choose not to give up no matter how challenging it becomes, day after day, to remember who I am and where I’m from.

I have to think that Earth cannot tell me why any particular task needed doing or why I’m the conduit of her will. Or maybe she just doesn’t know that I’m curious.

And then I land amidst my next subjectives…

radius four

Humans aren’t the only species needing a trim.

A whole species of bee must be eradicated. Temperatures rise and fall as the atmosphere aids my quest.

I’m never alone. My world is always with me. Like any living planet, the face of Earth is a cosmic receiver and the world itself experiences sensations deeper than a human can imagine. Those sensations are sometimes passed on to me. And when it needs to, the world itself lends me the power to overcome its foes.

Powers? This ain’t about super powers. Everyone has at least one of those. Mine is unusual, not sure if it’s necessarily good or bad.

No, this is about choices. We all have so many choices to make and so little time to make them. We’re facing a paradigm shift in choice making.

Half of humanity is against me. There are forces gathered to hunt me down and hold me to account…once they can prove that I’m real.

They want to know who my family is. They want to know where I came from and why I have such apparent power. They fear that I am Satanic in origin and a harbinger of doom for their loved ones. They even have a label for me: “unknown terrorist”

They look for me while I’m still dispersed as a cloud. By the time I’ve regathered they’re distracted. And the wind carries me on…

radius two

Earth gives me its love. Is there another being who has ever known the world as I do?

My isolated down times are sweetened with all the beauty my senses can perceive. I am shown respect by animal and insect, who stay away unless I want them near. Sunshine, shade and cool waters are offered with gentle fragrant breezes and orchards of every fruit. All this is arranged by my parent planet for the sake of her own defense.

All of Earth is my home. The savannas and valleys, the plains and forests, the jungles and deserts are rooms of my mansion. My freezer is Antarctica and my oven is the equator.

And surprisingly, half of humanity is for me.

There are cults devoted to worshiping me as the new Messiah. They consider me akin to an angel and attribute my mysterious ways to God.

This is their proof that end times are near and they -the righteous- are about to be picked up for eternal reward before Earth collapses entirely.

And some of them are here when I arrive…

Radius One

Business districts, neighborhoods, parks, schools, roads, bridges, signs, trees, dogs, cats, birds, flowers, homes, families – millions destroyed instantly.

I have no choice. Like a chess piece, I’m moved about at the silent whim of my player. My purpose is rarely clear until the play begins.

Humanity itself holds this same destructive power and continues to encourage its use.

The most powerful nations insist on keeping nuclear arsenals while forbidding vulnerable nations the same defense.

The only decision that will end their continuing threat to themselves is their complete surrender of all such arsenals, everywhere.

But can they draft a law against doomsday?

radius three