The Solar System Society


As Stellar I belong to a special force that independently acts to protect civilized space. We neither have nor seek authorization. We can’t be ordered into action or be expected to respond to any particular situation. One of us might show up or all of us might. If we do


appear, we will attempt to stop any hostility underway. We will not initiate violence. We will react to it. Our unique union was formed by accident then necessity during a prolonged ordeal to save millions of lives.

This is Moonshade, the vigilante identity of Licentiate Tycho Scarp of Solar System Security, once the officer in charge of interplanetary traveler identification at the busiest spaceport of all. He had access to Solar System-wide transportation and communications


and information advantages. He knows things that people seek to hide from Historiscope. Moonshade is armed with a self-designed combat suit consisting of a recorder and Historiscope


scrambler, photon armor, a laser cutter, some amazing prehensile wire that can reach out to 100 meters in length, distraction flares, gas emissions, a tranquility strobe, a paralysis whistle, a terror shriek, remote nanomite control, an X-ray visor, thorium batteries, and automatic combat override where he lets the suit take over with programmed moves and counter moves. As Moonshade he pilots Lunavan, a vehicle especially designed to hug cratered surfaces with speed and precision. In daily life he’s a mustached long-timer passing for 50 but known to be 61 with short wing-tipping dark hair, not stylish but has his own sense of fashion preferring suspenders bow ties and black berets. Scarp is a descendant of a notorious criminal called La Cucaracha.

This is Yorwan, and yes, he’s a Martian, a survivor of the great disaster, chemically sensitive and scholarly. Martian infections harm only Martians, but prejudice is rampant from those who believe and say that Martians never should’ve existed at all, condemning the humans who chose to create and become them. Unknown parties add to the confusion by introducing still more mutated germs falsely attributed to Martians, and those germs


are fatal to a hundred thousand foreign visitors to Mars and their later contacts across the Solar System. Martians are shunned and Mars is on lockdown. Now the killing of Martians has begun. Unidentifiable robots performed the dirty work yesterday. Yorwan became expert at fighting and disabling technology. Then he made the chance discovery of military bio-weapon enhancement packets in the wreckage of Fort Olympus, just before the Martian authorities themselves ignited the fission bomb that destroyed the suffering Martian population, including them, in a so-called mercy killing. The bio-weapon chemicals filtered by fission bomb waves gave Yorwan something extra. Thereafter, while all Martians are bio-luminescent, Yorwan can bend light to his will, allowing for image re-creation forming an overlay of photons that appear however they are commanded to align. Basically a perfect visual chameleon, camouflage and disguise working across the entire color spectrum of electromagnetism, Yorwan cannot fool the other senses. Regardless of how he looks, Yorwan is likely to smell funny to humans. Also, regardless of his disguise, his eyes go red when assessing an enemy for combat. Bubbling, a nasal percolation that passes for the Martian version of snoring, is equally annoying and a sure giveaway.

Prominence is a daughter of Heralda, and sister of Corona from Io Island, home of the New Jovians. She’s related to but estranged from the Kraktle family, whose fortune was built on rocketry serving transit from Jupiter to the Earth-Moon System in the 21stCentury. Instead of gestation in a womb, Prominence was prepared under laboratory conditions. The elements composing her original cells were derived from the depths of Jupiter, with genetic instruction coming from the Sun, where wild chromosomes, solarchroms, are dancing in its fountains. The gestation period for a Jovian fetus can be


reduced to three days. A fully developed, healthy baby can be born within 72 hours of solarchrom application with few if any side effects on the mother and none on the fetus. Babies conceived while either parent is on solarchrom will be born within three days (72 hours) of conception. Pria Dance is born from an old ideal, designed to be an ideal and to inspire those who look up to her. She was taught that faith has to be available if intelligence is to survive in the face of the vast unknown. For the sake of their safety in the face of Zeusar’s incursions at Jupiter, Pria has engaged with the outside world by earning a captaincy in Space Command, sacrificing a personal life on behalf of her people’s security. Living forever is not a goal of the New Jovians. Besides, they “waste” no time sleeping. She possesses both natural healing and food production abilities, unusual strength and the Jewels of Plato consisting of six jewels embedded in her neck: Amber, Ruby, Turquoise, Emerald, Sapphire and Gold. One of those jewels possesses a terrible power that she can only use once. Born legless in zero gravity space she uses GAMS inside gravity. She drives a planetwagon called P-Wagon. Her weakness: She has to answer any honest question, and she’s incapable of lying. The next words out of that mouth have to be the answer or what she believes to be truth. She does not eat, as she is sustained by solar energy. Her boots have a powerful carbon microfiber heel. She wears a bracelet that fires a variety of projectiles. And notably, Prominence has never had a dream.

And Manifest, while an officer in Space Command, was selected as one of the 12 Tarexia capable of responsibly using TAREX to explore its potentials and dangers to civilization.


Manifest Jaden is an Ura from Francisco, and was a test pilot for Kraktle Energy before joining Space Command. Special Tarexia equipment he wields includes the Analyzer, providing star analysis for elemental composition, environmental analysis and bio-analysis; the Coordinator, providing space navigation and synchronization of multiple creations; the Communicator, providing interstellar communication and airless speech communication; the Producer, providing elements for building; the Stabilizer, providing stability for creations; and of course TAREX, providing interstellar planetary travel and time travel. An unfortunate side effect of TAREX on Manifest is the faceless mask of energy permanently fogging his features, though he can sense everything perfectly as if it wasn’t there. He even eats through it.

Flare is the code name for Eron Arkmysen, once merely another handsome young blond security officer and volunteer for The Flare Group. With laboratories at Enceladus, members of The Flare Group are engineers experimenting with their own technique of dark matter / dark energy reaction, lagging far behind the research of Izy Sparrow. They have, however, succeeded in transplanting small non-organic items; and have mastered


inflationary communication techniques allowing for essentially instant communication between all points in the Solar System, giving them capital to carry on further experiments such as the one conducted with volunteer Officer Eron Arkmysen. Officer Arkmysen volunteered for a series of experiments including the one that imbued him with a transdimensional ability to move around time to any point within visual range instantly. He can also suspend himself in time to ponder a situation if necessary, but interaction with anyone or anything is impossible in transit; and the cost of that effort takes precious years off his life. Eron is a native of Enceladus born as many space dwellers are, without natural legs, and a new GAMS user whenever visiting a walking-required gravity zone.

Ah, here’s Corvette, King of Neptune, ruling the vast habitable zone of the sky called Allure. As Prince, Corvette grew up with the windriders, living about one-tenth into the depth of Neptune’s atmosphere. The fastest winds in the Solar System are ridden by the


expert Neptun windriders. Windriders are accustomed to slightly more than Earth-level gravity from their habitation zone, a wide range stretching from a third of the way into Neptune’s atmosphere up to the top of Neptune’s clouds. Corvette pilots the royal fighter scout Fervor. Neptuns have the unique ability to isolate cellular death-triggers and several false deaths can occur before a final demise, if the cause is a specific wound or organ failure. For decades the new species of Neptune has kept to itself in that enormous livable region of Neptune’s atmosphere called Allure, believing their genetic ideals were best nurtured in isolation. Mostly man, part bird, part fish, the King of Neptune and all Neptuns seem to be varying degrees of each.

I know, you have no special abilities like the rest of us. You’re a regular citizen with your own life to live. But your proven resourcefulness in two recent cases impressed everyone. So if you’ll accept it, we’d like you to take on a special role for us.

Your job will be to keep us all connected. No matter where any of us are, you need to know what we’re up to. No matter where we go, you need to be able to call us together and act as our dispatch. We’ll all be orbiting around you.

We’re giving you a code name, too.


Welcome to the Solar System Society, Bugga Sun!

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