Battle For Love


FACILITY: Kawbng Emergency Hospital, Kawbng, L2DoctorNeuraxulla


MEDICAL LOG: 7633401

PATIENT 1: Zoekna

PATIENT 2: Potomish

PHYSICIAN DESCRIPTION: This doctor is the official symbiotic cyborg autonomic surgeon of KEH, qualified for repairing and improving whole autonomic systems.

Although this huge habitat is drastically overpopulated and on a normal hour every thoroughfare teems actively, the citizens of Kawbng are just beginning to reappear in public, having hidden quietly in fear as the two most powerful figures of our world faced off for control of the air and water supplies.

Both of those powerful opponents ended up in our emergency facility, and one has passed away as a result of their encounter. Air and water services have stabilized and appear to be safe in most districts as of this time.

It should be noted that the deceased, in addition to injuries incurred from her direct opponent, was also assaulted by several unseen bystanders acting as snipers for an organization called LIGHT. They have issued a manifesto dedicating themselves to forcing the legged to go “back” to Earth.

In that regard medically, it should also be noted that Kawbng is locked in synchronous orbit around Earth behind the Moon, and 89% of Kawbng’s inhabitants, legged or non, have never set foot upon Earth. Of course, no one born and raised away from Earth would be safe if they went there today. The gravity would crush them and stop their hearts. And space construction is at an all-time low while space population surges, so…

There is limited room inside Kawbng while the population has exploded. Hence, boiled over tensions leading to this tragedy.

I recently reported a brief drop in injuries treated due to violence that I attributed to love-sphering. For the unfamiliar, love-sphering involves social tests in zero gravity options, where recreational sex is enjoyed in sphere clubs. The spheres gently grip skin holding lovers to the surface as they slowly rotate. Temperature control sheathes form around participants maintaining comfortable skin conditions.


Love-sphering has shown widespread therapeutic results, but for reasons still under study.

However, the only real answer to Kawbng’s health dilemma is expansion. People of all kinds need more physical space.

Because of our isolation and tribalization as we move into space, humanity faces the shocking realization that for rare families inbreeding consistently leads to offspring with superior brain and body performance, increasing immunity and lifespans for generations to follow.

Such families often strive for the appearance of normalcy by reinventing backgrounds for spouses if plausible, and inventing stories of how these “strangers” met. The creation of secret identities has become common anyway in these days of Historiscope. The only hope for a taste of anonymity for even a short time is a secret identity that can only be effective once.

When discovered, such families are carefully monitored by security agencies for fear of advanced positive mutagenic advantages, or APMA.

Potomish was born with APMA.

As for direct cause of the fatal conflict:

The Historiscope system has recorded all humanoid activity for he past 133 years
The Historiscope system has recorded and made available to everyone all humanoid activity for the past 133 years

Resources are being rationed for the first time; panic is spreading. And since privacy is long gone to Historiscope and no one can hide their true nature, everyone knows where everyone stands. Duplicity, backstabbing and traitorous tendencies are minimal if not non-existent in contemporary conflicts, if only for their current inefficacy.

Large segments of the population started frequenting places like Rotations. Legs were unnecessary in zero gravity
Large segments of the population are frequenting places like Rotations. Legs are unnecessary in zero gravity

In the midst of it all a new species is being born who are rejecting their own legs. To many this is an act of self-mutilation and too radical a rejection of basic humanity. Both immigrants and home born blame each other irrationally for the evolution of a space born branch of humanoid that will never see a planet as home again.

Zoekna came to Kawbng from a childhood on Mars, and misses the canyons and plains of her home, but can never return to such heavy gravity again. Her body has acclimated to such smaller degrees of gravity that a return to Mars would be disabling; a trip to Earth would be deadly. Zoekna’s single hand-held weapon, a super-compressor, is powerful enough to destroy half of the city-world. At high power it would deliver chaos within the super mall structure.

Potomish was raised in Kawbng and planned never to leave us. But the enhanced APMA ion energy inside Potomish – if released at full force – can shred our superstructure to implosion.

Zoekna and Potomish met for a showdown in the weightless center of the gently spinning mega-form.

Territorial Space Cover.jpg

…and as I describe the nearly catastrophic battle that ensued, I’m suited up in the SCAS 307 Operating Uniform complete with goggle scope, audio aids, breath recycler, sensor gloves and micro weave fabric. I’m simultaneously performing neurosurgery!

My SCAS 5 Surgical Support Unit adjusts for any degree of magnetically aided standing or sitting. I have a fully rotational magnetic operating bed with length adjustment and bio-nurturing attributes.

As if sitting on someone else’s shoulder, I feel like an observer getting filled in even while I operate. This is one crazy otherearth. Let’s see if I can “remember” what all this stuff is…

That’s an organ pad monitoring organs, with operating tools facing the chest and abdomen (or spine and back if rotated), also providing anesthesia and medication as needed via nose and mouth.

And this is a sterilizing domed headrest with surgical tools, nano matter, electron cameras, lights, suction, waste disposal and transmutation abilities.

And something else. I “remember” that as a health sciences student, Neuraxulla dreamed of a day when surgery could become minimally invasive.

No more primitive microscopic robots churning through veins or laser beams deep frying tissues.

But still nothing to bring one back from the dead.