Waking up. It used to be so routine. Stretch. Yawn. Shake it off. Coffee. The crapper. Some toast, some eggs…

Now I am waking up knowing that I’ll be lost.

I don’t stretch. I listen. I don’t move. I wait. I don’t even look unless something startles me, until I’m mentally collected and ready to improvise.

OE96 Master

Two women enter, a tall brunette and a shorter blonde, wearing robes. I become aware of music pulsing gently from the walls. The lights grow dimmer and the star swarms on the lunar horizon beam brighter without a flicker. The ladies approach seductively. Please don’t have whips…

“Congratulations,” says the big one. Once again I’m sure this person is speaking a language I don’t understand, yet I’m completely comprehending it. I’ll bet I can speak it, too…

“For what?” Yep.

“They didn’t tell you why you’re here?” asks the blonde. Nope. “We’re milking you!”

“Yeah, you have the milk we want,” says the brunette. “We’re going to make sisters.”


This is a time in the early days of the Red Vikings, and women dominate all facets of the most advanced technical culture of the time.

These collectors and consolidators of science and technology from around the entire world are 300 years ahead of western civilization in many areas, including health and medicine, engineering, rocketry, weaponry, physics and astronomy.

Men serve as tools for the female hierarchy since a clever and ruthless former shield maiden rose to the top through poison and treachery.

Blaming male impulsiveness for the ruins of the outer world, and crediting Hargartha Skutkonung instead of Eric Skutkonung as the primary founder of the Red Viking Collective, Qarax puts males to task using our muscles instead of our instincts.

Not quite reduced to the status of slaves, we are trained to protect the hidden sanctity of the Collective. Men stand guard. Men go forth to fight.

Men are sent for fish in the icy maelstrom and for elk on the frigid tundra. If we never return, more are sent out, never with enough rations to reach any land of known sanctuary unless we turn back.


As the militant “Daughters of Qarax” inherit a shaky dominance over the ever-rebellious men of the Red Vikings, lesbian love is open and widespread.

Such is the bond between Annie, the brunette, and Anna. Annie was born in Central America in the mid-14th Century of mixed Asian-Polynesian-American Indian descent. Anna is a daughter of the late, legendary Qarax, an immigrant from Scandinavia by way of Greenland.

Conversely, male homosexuality is vilified.

All sperm – or “milk” – is to be saved and frozen. Masturbation can be punished with imprisonment and supervised “milking” for the duration of the sentence. Wasting milk in any way, particularly by swallowing, ejecting uselessly or wiping off, is a felony. Men who experience wet dreams, if discovered, are punished if they haven’t been wearing the catch-bag as ordered by the state. Those with nocturnal contributions are paid modest fees for submissions. Questionable wet dreams are submitted to a legal panel for determination of the man’s sleep state, as monitored through men’s bedding.

All semen is recorded, analyzed and categorized so that every woman choosing motherhood might know exactly what she is getting. Often, couples like Annie and Anna choose to have children from the same specimen, creating true half-siblings. And that’s where I come in.

Here they come again…


It’s a strange period when men are looked down upon as truly inferior by Red Viking females, at times punished severely at the merest hint of bullying, threats or rebellion. Yet because of our subservient deference, men are disinclined to fight with each other or display unsanctioned aggression. Conversely, we’re expected to “man up” when needed whether ready or not.

OE22 Master

Such expectation extends to the bedroom, where disappointment could lead to humiliation and even castration.

Combining knowledge from Asia and Europe, Qarax had a vision of a giant blazing arrow that could flame across the sea and strike enemies afar. She spoke of conquering Europe.

The odd zeitgeist passed after a decade and Qarax was replaced by a more reasonable Red Viking Republic. Still, the remarkable technological advances – even for Red Vikings – that were achieved under her direction enabled this industrious secretive society to launch their giant arrows, to the fear and astonished respect of startled antagonists.


Underlying our terror of women is the ultimate horror of being sent to the Chamber of The Waukazi.

Those delivered to her den are doomed. Whatever our crime, or offense, or mistake – none believed we deserve this. The Waukazi is a creature too strange for man’s brain to accept, no matter how long her terrifying form seethes before him. This we know from their screams. This we know from her smell, rising from the pit…

The sour stench emanating from her glistening folds causes gagging. The scrape of claw on rock makes men gulp. Death approaches, to be delivered by a hideous nightmare none would have believed could exist.

OE122 Master.jpg

It’s The Waukazi, as strong as you are helpless; and as deadly as your fear.

But there is no other like me, created at the whim of a simple, wealthy woman. Compelled from birth to do her bidding yet imbued with spirit, without which her fantasy could not be fulfilled, I, Goldenhorn, mature as the trademarked invention of Azurblå Prinsessa.

Well that’s something. Annie and Anna have to pay for my services.

The powerful bio-engineering lobby resists any legislative constraints on its experimental limitations, and sentient males created under such conditions have no protection and are exploited in any way available. But Goldenhorn has a brain that’s been around.

Maybe I can help men around here get out from under.