Patrol Of The Arctic Ranger


I saved him from drowning under the ice when he was a boy.

Ever since, Nuuk has been my friend. Our relationship is unique.

Though born and attuned to the glorious twilight of the farthest north where Canada and Greenland become confused, the cold and bountiful homeland –even with its beautiful fat young princesses- is not enough for Nuuk.

Nuuk’s disappointed but loving and wise parents recognize their son’s need to roam and bless his travel south to his destiny.

Nuuk finds himself in a world where population is exploding, where 150 million Africans are starving while almost 700 anti-western terrorist acts are perpetrated in a year.

Nuuk starts using the nickname “Nick” to help ease his transition.

Persistence and intelligence win Nick an education leading to awareness of what was happening to the Arctic. 

But then, in Nuuk’s absence, an oil spill in Baffin Bay poisons fish that are caught and consumed by his family and innocent friends.

Organizing and fundraising finance his vengeful return home as a crusading vigilante determined to undermine the secret drilling operations at the elaborate new fortress in the northernmost sea. Nuuk becomes the first group-funded superhero, Arctic Ranger.

I am bear-ly hanging on. That’s a pun. I’m a bear, a damned polar bear… and my iceberg is melting fast.

Why can’t I maintain status as a human man, any more?

I wake up furry on a melting iceberg in the twilight of the northernmost realm of the planet.

I feel my beastly body responding to the slowly shrinking ice…

On this Earth this is me.

I smell everything. The world comes at me from all directions. I smell the fish below the surface. I smell oil. 

I feel the subtle shift of ice beneath mighty paws.

I dive into coolness where I weigh nothing and fly through crystal corridors.

I emerge in a breaking wave onto the ice with a wriggling catch in my mouth. Its cold meat is delicious.

But in the bay something lurks that doesn’t belong. Something that poisons the world…

On this Earth this is who and what I am, a polar bear in a dwindling biosphere.

Yet I have hope.

The human I’m following gives me hope.

I can barely keep up with the human, who’s wearing temperature bands that regulate thermal suit heating and cooling areas and a propulsion pack with 60 mph uphill thrust for those power skis even when climbing at forty-five degrees.

Come on, I weigh 990 pounds and my top speed at a sprint is 25 mph!

But I’m on it.

We have to catch that airplane before it takes off because the scumbag aboard it is playing a dangerous game.

Greed-driven energy giants covet the pristine wild of the north.

While court battles to stop them ensue, machines and hubris push exploration and development ahead.

That is a nut case named Greenway who wants to speed up the rising of Earth’s oceans.

He’s head honcho of an ice-covered continent, getting the ice off the continent ASAP, I try indicating through bear sign language, with pathetic results.

Luckily Arctic Ranger trusts me and gets my meaning. Top scumbag on plane. Probably here just to witness the progress of his secret project.

Here comes the plane. If it gets past us it will gain enough speed for take off, and Greenway gets away.

Using all my energy I lope across the flat ice and ram the Cessna 150 four-seater with my full body weight, sending it spinning. It hits a snow bank coming to an abrupt stop.

Firing an ice pistol that uses snow stuffed in a magazine turned into 67 ice bullets propelled with enough power to penetrate six inches of concrete, Arctic Ranger blasts the airplane.

The wings shred like paper before the cabin collapses around the passengers.

One of them, a bodyguard, draws a pistol and aims at Arctic Ranger.

Arctic Ranger has ski poles with gyroscopic heat-seeking homing spearheads composed of aluminum-titanium alloy with grenade handles.

He hurls one at the bodyguard.

The bodyguard goes down.

The explosion a moment afterward takes out the pilot as well.

A green chair lined with geomagnetic “propulsors” utilizing super magnets that wreak havoc coming or going, rises into the sky from the wreckage.

Greenway sits within. He’s getting away…

…But he won’t get away with it.