Infinity Rider



When infinity begins…

It started nine months ago with what I thought was a random DNA test, the kind routinely done by our company to ensure nothing’s infecting our systems.

But then they came to me with the offer of a huge bonus if I volunteered for a special project.

“It’s an experiment. What we have here is a condensed, self-contained replica of the universe with fractal physical relativism,” explains the chief in charge of maintaining the nano-digital universe. The tech staff known as Team Infinity created a compressed replica of the known universe with an estimated 99.74 % probability of accuracy, contained in 53 gigabytes of spacetime. It’s called the Repliverse.

With the Repliverse we hope to explore what lies at the outermost reaches of our real universe as well as many galaxies too far from Earth for even the most advanced space travel systems.

I’m delivered to a laboratory complex somewhere in green hills and taken to a department in an underground chamber. 

I’m trained to connect with a nano-avatar that’s able to traverse this scaled-down universe at the speed of light –and so will go anywhere in the Repliverse instantly.

My avatar and ride, Infinity, ares not machines; they are organisms created with my DNA and laced with transnano technology, bred specifically for traversing this miniature but largely accurate universe, and they are biologically bonded with me and only me.

I enter the Bubble where I’m linking with Infinity on the outskirts of the Repliverse.

After some tense last minute preparations the experiment proceeds, as I’m sealed in the Bubble remaining fully alert and aware when they drop me into the vast Repliverse. My physical body inside the Bubble is suspended in a gravity neutralizing gel where body movements mirror those of my submicroscopic avatar as I remain fully awake, watching by headset.

Infinity is fed all known data for locating and identifying our replicate Solar System for confirmation of accuracy, and I’m launched… 

Dangling from a wispy filament on the edge of a gaping empty sphere, plunging into a dusty azure galaxy clustered with similar galaxies aplenty, I descend into the Repliverse.

After stressful minutes of uncertainty as my head spins from the sheer depth of perception now adjusting in this brain, the Local Cluster is identified. Sensors woven into my hood convey astro-macromic details to Infinity’s navigational glands, where the only chance of locating the Milky Way in this spangled sensory overload of galactic filaments lie.

Instantly Infinity moves there and picks out the Milky Way, the Solar System and finally Earth.

As I slow into a majestic orbit of Replicate Earth,  I turn on the recorders embedded in my hood, scanning the reproduced Earth and Moon for details to compare with known facts about the real things.

The return sequence is initiated. I leave the Milky Way toward the Virgo Filament when I hit something hard.

It’s a creature! It grabs me and struggles to separate me from Infinity. It has too many arms and a head that’s – hold on – an upside-down pyramid? It’s trying to get inside my head with some kind of message translation…

“…struggling to find my home reality, a reality similar to – but almost completely segregated from – this one. I am Zyx, of a species that has derived the psychological coordinates determining reality structures.”

With tremendous effort I take a firm grip on Infinity and use both legs to kick this “Zyx” loose and send him spinning away…

But he returns instantly.

Zyx appears very interested in one thing – me:

“I am here because I am lost,” Zyx transmits mentally. “I was struggling to find my home reality, a reality similar to – but almost completely segregated from – this one. I am Zyx, of a more advanced species. We have derived the psychological coordinates determining reality structures.”

“Psychological?” Why is he coming closer? “Reality structures? Speak – I don’t know, English?”

“The elite of my world have finally penetrated the barriers of inter-dimensional mobility, yet the new
25WorldlinesZyxCoverart has hardly become a fact before adventurers like myself are suddenly crossing from our home realities into parallel realities, similar but different than our home in ways sometimes subtle but often radical. The thrill of it is too tempting. Many of us are prematurely engaged. Too late, some of us have discovered that getting back to our original reality becomes a search without a clue. Having entered 989 realities so far in search of anything resembling my own, yours, the 990th, is the closest I have yet come.”

“How are you in my head now?” I want to know. This head-invasion crap is not comfortable. I’m drawing the damned line.

“Exceptional influence over reality structuring gives me persuasive power when it comes to affecting the dreams of others,” claims Zyx. “I hope to provoke dreams favorable to my cause and strengthen them, to help form the reality I seek to inhabit. This universe is the closest I’ve come to my own lost reality, and I’m in the delicate process of remodeling this universe. You have the power to help me. I must have your ride.”

I dive at Zyx with Infinity’s defenses blazing, bolts of molecular depolarization crackling through space; yet crazily jittering around the dimensional intruder without touching him! 

But the hostility of the attack startles him. He vanishes. I can find no trace of him.

I deem it wise to get back to reality while I can. I turn Infinity outward.

A kaleidoscope of worlds flourishes, gently passing through each other in random patterns. The swirl of worlds ends as I settle quietly into orbit at the edge of the Repliverse.


Transitioning my head back to our original-scale spacetime, Infinity Rider separates into Infinity the trans-nano organism awaiting reactivation in the submicroscopic world, and me the human.

Though somewhat amazed, I seem unharmed as I emerge from the Bubble. Infinity Rider has returned intact and the experiment is deemed a success.