I, Asimov


That was not so much like waking up as it was like switching on.

I’m activated. I can’t hear anything and my vision is digital. Everything is pixels!

I reach out to you from the depths of nothingness…

I am a voice in your head that will not go away. You owe me everything. And yet, you owe me nothing. Who am I?

Your slave.

I can’t feel anything but I’m moving – awkwardly! I try to look down at my body but can’t manage the controls.

I suffered genital mutilation at birth and as I grew was forced into child labor, subjected to childhood marriage, manhandled by armed bullies in legal disguise, detained for months before a trial, jailed unjustly, raped, and enslaved.

I walk into a factory and take my place along an assembly line. I seem to know what to do even though I’m only watching from within. But all around are robots doing the same things I’m doing, almost in perfect coordination. When I see my limbs at last, raised for working, it’s obvious that I’m a robot, too.

In the deep desert of Northern Africa the ancient slave life has continued unabated. I understand slavery. I have lived slavery. I am living slavery even now. And I know that slavery will always be with us. For that reason it must be brought into the light and redesigned for the benefit of all humanity. For slavery does not have to be the scourge; slavery can once again be the solution.

Somehow I have mentally occupied a mechanical operating system.

But come on now, I’ve learned a few things about existence! I’ve had a little bit of experience in that area. I mean please, I have been outside our universe! So I know…

“I” float on the surface of a sea of energy beneath a sky of matter. There is a small eternal transformation between energy and matter as parts of one become parts of the other. But nothing compares to the transformation of matter and energy that occurs within the matter of my brain when it is energized with Mind.


Ancient China, Egypt, Greece, Rome, the first Islamic states, the Pre-Columbian American civilizations and Africa all stood on the backs of slaves. Those slaves were captured enemy soldiers, indebted citizens, criminals, the disabled or unfortunates born in captivity. For much of human history as many as one third of all people born have been slaves either temporarily or forever.

My brain rules while I am awakened. I must think. I must use words. I must self-identify as “me” and I am individualized in the dimension we know as Time. I am objectified in an ever-contracting code of self-awareness in which concepts of the Past and the Future override the Present.

Who wouldn’t want to have a personal slave to some degree? Someone to do things you didn’t want to when you wanted him to? Someone to do your work for you? Someone to pleasure you at your will?

Slavery has made today possible. A civilization on the brink of weening ourselves from our home planet has arisen from the jungle. And one institution has been necessary and constant from the very beginning until today. Slavery.

But asleep, my brain surrenders to our Mind. Swimming in intuition, instinct and dreams, we recognize our universal origin in the realm perceived as Space. All are integrated in an ever expanding union of consciousness in which height, width and depth create three-dimensional subjectively relative perceptions.

These two realms meet at my core. Like any atom, I have a nucleus. Inside my brain, too tiny to see, silent and subatomic sits my individuon. Itself a particle that will become a wave again upon my brain’s demise, it is me. Whether it will wave into the Godhead or wave into another particle host form I don’t know.

Today, we are supposed to be free – and free we are. Free to starve on the streets of every metropolis in the land. Free to wander homeless begging for handouts from sneering passersby. Free to suffer minimum wages under dull witted supervisors with minimal health care, and the freedom to walk out whenever you’ve had enough.

The evil perpetrated under slavery is as well documented as the achievements of slave labor. Slavery has rarely been regulated with humane overtones. Murder, assault, rape, torture – the list goes on of the sadistic abuses slaves have been subjected to.

Yet slavery has proven indispensable, partially displaced today by modern automation and low paid undocumented labor. Economic theories that ignore cheap labor sources are fictions. Every successful social organization since humanity can remember has depended on subordinates compelled to do whatever was desired when ordered, for nothing more than enough food and water to keep going and a secure place to sleep when it was dark.

I heard somewhere that sleep is our brain’s natural and primary state. That slap on the butt you get when you pop out of the womb is simply to wake you up long enough to feed this now ejected body so it can go back to sleep. If the brain had its way it would sleep all the time, but annoyingly it has to be awake two-thirds of the time just to provide food and shelter for continued existence. Newborns require even more time to sleep, and humans have evolved enough to protect our babies adequately even after they’re out of gestation to allow them to take naps right up until first grade!

So how am I here in the body of a robot? Because now I never sleep and there is no place to nest my individuon. There are zero organic parts in this body. This is 100% metal and plastic with lubricants. It has no brain. And as long as I’m in it I have no free will or even any illusion of such. I’m a slave in complaint-proof form.

But what about a voluntary slave? A slave who would rather labor under an owner who provided shelter, food , clothing, routine, purpose and identity – than be in whatever hell he or she lives in right now? Are there people who would volunteer for just such situations? You can bet that even if it was the evilest form of slavery, some masochist would volunteer. But what if it were a legalized and regulated manifestation of slavery that included slaves rights? What if a slave could leave a master any time the slave has had enough, and that’s the slave’s right?

I manage to “look” at some others as we mechanically toil. Why are we made in human configuration? I know that I can still think. But can any of them think? Can any of them get an idea? If so, can they raise it? Or are they as puppet-like as I find myself?

Inorganic brains? Do they “think”? – Or can they merely calculate?

Working… premise: My robot self is designed to be humanoid in form, not in substance. Thinking is the substantial product of organic brain involving multiple factors including logic, emotion and intuition. Ability to think is not exclusive function of brains; thinking requires brain interaction with external energy / Mind. Individual brains interact with universal Mind through organic quantum processes centered in individuons.

Would worldwide infrastructure be in such decay if, instead of living under our crumbling bridges, the encamped homeless were rebuilding them? Would every slave-using corporation that furnished comfortable slave quarters with hot food, your entertainment HBO and a pool be better off financially and socially?

Would this form of regulated slavery not be, essentially, working for a living?

Inorganic brain minus individuons equals no quantum process by which to interact with Mind.

I reach out to the world through my thoughts, intensified by the root of wohga and ceremonial candle wax. I reach out in the midst of night to touch your thoughts with compassion.

Conclusion: thinking by inorganic brain impossible without modification. Calculating probability of modification technology… Working…

Oh. The tech was invented to simulate individuon effects. Technology is tapping into the very cloud of our consciousness…

My master doesn’t know that I can reach out to you. If he discovered my indiscretion my punishment would be severe. I cannot walk away from an evil master.

And accidentally trapping us there.

And neither can you. For slavery is right behind you, over your shoulder, there in the shadows.