Dreams Of The Deep


Why am I underwater?

Damn! I really am underwater! And – there’s a dolphin drifting next to me. This is not cool.

I’m scared. I have to go up. Who knows how long I’ve been under? What am I supposed to be doing?

I paddle upward. Fuck, how far down am I? The dolphin suddenly appears above me! It pushes me back down!

I know I’m not supposed to panic in the water. That’s the worst thing you can do. But this fucking dolphin took me down a long way. Is somebody using a dolphin to kill me?

I start back up, watching for the dolphin. I don’t feel particularly light headed like I have back in civilian life when I stayed under for over 90 seconds, holding off the urge to draw breath. I keep going up. I blow a bubble to make sure I’m headed in the right direction.

The dolphin swoops up below me. I draw my legs in and wait. Just as the nose comes within reach I lash out smacking it in the face with both heels.

It disappears into the murk. This is no pool. This is wilderness. I go up faster. Still not weakening. How much further can it be?

Son of a bitch! My fingers are webbed! My skin looks weird, slick, hairless. My arms are so thin! Wait a minute, I’m a woman…or a girl?

Same with the feet, webbing. I’ve got to get to the surface! I am freaking out!

I make it. There’s air! I open my mouth to vacuum it in, but the lungs aren’t particularly interested.

“You could’ve stayed down a lot longer,” says some guy on the deck of a nearby boat. “Why did you hit Serene like that? She was just trying to get you back to sleep.”

Uh… of course. Just go along and see how it plays out.

Once aboard, I’m reoriented enough to access memories from my host brain. On this Earth I am a 13-year old Filipina named Nina Acuatico.

It seems that my affinity with dolphins was established in a childhood spent at sea with the family fishing business.

Rescued from the typhoon that killed the rest of my family by Captain Plaszczka, a former pirate nautically known as Sea Demon, I was brought seademoncoveraboard Sci Island for lifesaving surgery.

My badly damaged respiratory system might stand a chance if elements of SI’s cellular research could be applied; but that would basically be step one in transforming a human to hybrid.

With no time for outside consultation they went ahead and saved my life, and then presented me with the option of going all the way. Despite the ethical concerns of some, the project proceeded. For their own good the researchers had to choose an idealistic innocent for their first full-fledged trial.

“What’s this?” I ask one of the friendlier technicians who’s got an interesting chart above her desk.


“Researchers testing theories on Sci Island make clear distinctions between the terms brain, mind and consciousness,” she explains. “With the discovery of the individuon deep inside the autonomic system, ‘Mind’ is reclassified as a scalar web activity underlying organic stimulation – thus outside the body; ‘brain’ is strictly the organic construct enabling interaction with the environment, and ‘consciousness’ is the synergistic bridge linking 3rd dimensional brains with trans-dimensional Mind.”

“But when I go to sleep I’m unconscious?” I wonder.

She nods negatively. “No living brain is ever actually ‘unconscious’ because even when asleep or comatose, so long as the brain lives the link is there. When an ordinary human girl is asleep it’s like being distracted. She can quickly be recalled from the distraction by loud noises, shaking, crying  or things like light on her face. A girl has to be either asleep or awake. But a dolphin can be both at once. Dolphins are aware of their dream state and their environment simultaneously during their rest. And because of that, lucid dreaming is the only dreaming dolphins know.”

Fascinating. Because they – and currently I – are so adapted, the reality-structuring participation of sea mammals must be gigantic – and one possible reason that the vast majority of Earth’s biosphere is underwater, where there is 300 times the living space of the rocky surface!

They created a chimera between human and dolphin in hopes that the hybrid – me – that would have a conscious doorway opened to universal Mind enough to willfully influence the reality of Earth.

Learning to sleep with most of my brain while another portion maintains a twilight consciousness was part of the training provided to Nina Acuatico by the dolphin Serene.

It’s now time to watch anxiously as my mental power sprouts manifestations. But that may take months or years…

Then what will they have me dream?