Earth. The Moon. The Sun…

Mars, Venus, Mercury, the dwarfs and asteroids, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and every satellite – that was the only world I knew.

Like all people of my time I’ve been born on the planetary scale. I live around a star and I’m made up of atoms. Unlike them, however, I can scale up or down between the heights of cosmic ranges and the depths of the subatomic. 

The universe has a way of repeating itself. 

But how far can it go? Can there be super-submicroscopic molecules supporting micro-miniature planets? Or super macroscopic galaxies where giants not unlike ourselves dwell fractals-2within which we are but an atom? Our physical sciences say “no.” Yet all matter and energy behaves differently at different scales, despite a similarity of forms, as I was destined to discover in the course of a fateful experiment for which I was hired as an explorer.

I’m hired on to work with Team Infinity. My psychological profile qualifies me to be among those likely able to assimilate the experience.

Their quantum computer allows Team Infinity to create a perfect compressed replica of the known universe with a 99.74 % probability of accuracy. Infinity Rider, another field agent, connects with a nano-avatar able to traverse this scaled-down universe at the speed of light –and so can go anywhere in this replicated universe within two chronons.

My code name is Nanoman. My Nanoman avatar scales downward even further than Infinity Rider. The immensity of the psychological danger only hits me as I don the fractal harness and am strapped in the pilot chair.

It’s worse than I feared.

I deal with unimaginable sensations as I face the real threat of losing my sanity if my avatar is destroyed. My awareness might be super-compressed to enter into the simulated nanoscape of any spot in the “Repliverse”. I face challenges on a whole new scale.

How do I know where I am? Branches of a tree, veins and arteries, bolts of lightning – which silhouette are you looking at? Is that an alien mountain range you gaze upon or a fractals-3mound of mud in the garden after a rainy night?

The fractal harness inadvertently taps into a unique electromagnetic ground state triggering a fractal reduction in me. It takes awhile before what happened to me becomes evident.

I witness the strong nuclear force holding protons, neutrons and atoms together. And I feel the weak force converting matter into energy. I hear gravity holding stars and their planets together. I smell electromagnetism energizing matter.

As I descend into a proton I strangely discover myself thinking of legendary giants and shrunken men who, despite their relatively modest size variances, couldn’t exist on Earth. There’s no functioning for a human body at a height of six centimeters or six meters. But at submicroscopic or supermacroscopic levels, new normality kicks in. 

Strange filaments appear. The larger they become I wonder if I am shrinking or growing?

I know there are four fundamental forces at work in nature; electromagnetic force, gravitational force, the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force. But I can now clearly see that there are two forces operating in the universe in addition to the four defined by Team Infinity’s science.

I can see what holds galaxies together! I’d call it the attractive cosmic force. It is obviously the fractal triplet of the strong nuclear force and gravity. Attractive force accomplishes on a cosmic scale what gravity does on a planetary scale and what the strong nuclear force does on a subatomic scale.

So what’s pushing the galaxies away from each other and making the universe expand? Aha! It’s positively radiating once you know what to taste for. I’ll call it the repulsive fractals-1cosmic force. It’s the fractal triplicate of the weak nuclear force and electromagnetism. Repulsive force accomplishes on a cosmic scale what electromagnetism does on a planetary scale and what the weak nuclear force does on a subatomic scale.

The fractal harness is out of control. Every time I start to remove it I flash somewhere else. What happens if I remove it at the wrong time?

I’ve been to the Brobdingnagian Reality and to the Lilliputian Reality. There is nothing to keep me from expecting scales even greater and smaller than those. Each level of reality is locked in its own layer, with layers upon layers of realities stacked endlessly. Watch out for me, will you?

Look up. Look down. Look all around.