Jackson Ghost Thriller



The truth is coming out – one ghost at a time. 

Every fatal accident, every war, every murder and every death produces a ghost.

Up until this world, ghosts weren’t even a consideration. I had no reason to believe in ghosts because I’d never encountered one. I’m on a world now where you can’t avoid them.

As I understand it, this sun, Trappist, was acting up a while back, kicking out some unusual energy that altered the wavelengths of visual light and audible sound. Such a solar event was never seen before, but Trappist had only been monitored scientifically for a few decades. No one knew what it was actually capable of.

This makes a zombie apocalypse look like a vacation. There are few time outs for the living when 93.5 % of the Jackson population that has ever lived is dead and still active. That’s right. Almost nine ghosts to every person alive. Ghosts are everywhere and humanity – and the rest of nature – has to deal with spirits that won’t rest.

Passengers aboard an airship cruising in clear skies suddenly encounter a rainstorm of 253 naked people dropping through them, screaming, crying, panicking as they plummet to their deaths again and again. The flight is forced to land because of medical emergencies – sudden deaths – caused by the incident. This further compounds the problem, adding even more ghosts to the scene.

Major highways are closed. The confusion caused by haunting at the scenes of tragic accidents leads to more tragedy, making driving in many places extremely dangerous. Routes where no deaths have ever occurred are called Miracle Runs.

Spirits of dead victims rise against their torturers, driving them mad with relentless sensory assault. Phantoms of former enemies battle again, with the innocent living caught in the middle.

Ghosts appear in the places where they died, even when that place has been changed. They appear in malls where homes once existed. They appear in the sky where a mountain once stood. They appear at 35,000 feet where they were blown up.

Phantoms sound and look like real people at times, but they are always naked and not quite the right color. Ghosts are the wake of cellular life and can only be produced by organisms. No false tooth, prosthesis, toupee or evening gown survives the end of the body.

Disturbing infant spirits waft about, unable to move on their own but drifting helplessly in eternal confusion.

Vast armies of the dead inhabit the famed battlefields of the past, so nearly every city is infested with some degree of sorrowful limbless, mutilated and decapitated apparitions.

The ancient dead groan inside our heads as they try to make sense of the new world we’ve evolved into. The primitive dead pound our ears with their surreal drumming, mustering just enough material force to thump.

Ghost animals – ghost insects – ghost plants, for the love of sanity! Everything that ever lived is creating a planet-spanning layer of chaotic, ecoplasmic mist.

There are those among the living who are sentimental and want to find the walking spirits of their ancestors. They soon discover that ghosts are selective about whom they communicate to. The exchange is rarely mutual, as ghosts have very bad perception and the inability to process new information with any clarity.

Ghosts have peculiar relationships with their memories and motives. Some are fixated on the event of their death. Others wish only to seek out and follow loved ones. Some are angry to be kept on Jackson, cheated of the paradise they expected. A few will try to reach some place on Jackson that they always wanted to visit but could not go to when alive.

But what are these noisy images, really?

I see photons. I hear sound that is generated by light. Can light generate sound? And why do I feel a chill whenever I pass through these phantasms?

Despite being everywhere, any ghosts’ individual recurrence remains unpredictable. They seem to go on and off. Like waves into particles and back.

I believe the way to make them go away permanently is by using sonic vibrations that will disrupt their frequencies. Yet some people don’t want to do any ghost busting. They want to become ghosts themselves. Many are enthusiastically volunteering!

Yes, give yourself the eternity you want by arranging your death in just the right place. Might take a little research to avoid sharing eternity inadvertently with some monster of the past, but won’t it be worth it?

What is it about this odd planet that holds individuons to it even after the disintegration of their material bodies? What’s keeping them away from other Earths?

Will it be able to hold on to me, too?

Is this what living forever really means?