The Planet Formerly Known As “Prince”


Apparently I have gained some degree of mastery over reality structuring. I am imagining new worlds and then appearing within them.

Are these worlds already out here where I’m drawn to them by conscious desire? Or are these worlds born in my imagination and somehow printed in 3-D detail on a cosmic scale once loosely envisioned?

Yes, there’s a third alternative. Maybe I’m just crazier than ever. After all, my identity has become fluid. I am no longer dependent on a single body, or even upon any one country, civilization or planet. If I actually am just a brain patient wasting away in a hospice, wasting away turns out to be pretty cool.

But the details can be challenging.

On this planet Prince orbiting the star Trappist, I – Ototelat – am born into a world with more life but less diversity than Earth had when I knew her.

Life is grey and overcast here, constantly. There is no clear sunlight by day, no stars at night. The atmosphere crackles energetically. Lightning and thunder are constant and commonplace. Our native bodies are immune to lightning strikes, with built-in grounding diverting electrons around our forms.

Perhaps if I didn’t retain clear memories of the technological comforts of my old home on Earth it wouldn’t be so frustrating watching the sluggish progress of technical advancement here on Prince. With my activated awareness now I could eventually reconstruct some of the electrical tech that I grew up with, and give these folks a boost in chemistry, biology, and especially astronomy. Wouldn’t hurt to brighten this place up a bit. There’s lots of unnecessary illness, and things are way too crowded and monotonous.

But is that what I’m here for? To change things? No. I’m here to observe things. I’m here to participate as an observer. I’m not here to teach. I’m here to learn.

But then… But then… They came! Again?

Humans? Here? Holy crap, humans are showing up everywhere!

Well surprise, surprise. Humans are feeling superior around these parts. I’m sure some of them are claiming to have “discovered” Prince, like it didn’t exist before they spotted it. The Columbus Syndrome.

The Caribbean was pretty sweet for Columbus at first. But Prince wasn’t paradise for humans. There were lots of prospectors at first, but then fewer coming and more leaving all the time.

Since I’m a native of this world today, recognizing the encroachment of human exploitation across the galaxy, I have to urge equality of self-defense. But I alone don’t have the technical expertise to lead the charge.

With a population nearing 16 billion plagued with social ills, I figure the best plan for saving this crumbling civilization is to somehow exploit and acquire technology from the newly introduced visitors from the Solar System.

But how to entice Earthlings to keep returning to barren Prince when so many more abundantly resourced destinations are quickly becoming available? Equally discouraging is the reality that Prince has more than double Earth’s gravity and magnetism, meaning static shock, weight gain and stress for human bodies. All that, and none of the most coveted resources Earthlings crave are present in any attainable quantity.

Perhaps the only things Prince might hold of any value to humanity are humans themselves?

I devise an attractive “discovery” in a remote part of Prince to draw human attention. I announce the opening of a concentration of platinum, gold and silver to any humans who want to personally come and claim some. Then I hear that folks in the Solar System are able to synthesize elements these days. But then I hear that it’s still in the research phase and no one has common use of it – yet. Nor will anyone for a decade. So meanwhile,,,

A brief resurgence of prospectors speed to Prince hoping for riches that were never there to be found. Most of those humans who now explore Prince or fall into our trap never return…and humanity has no means of armed interplanetary action. In all, several thousand humans with a diversity of skills are imprisoned on Prince. Information will be extracted.

Am I creating a monster? Do Princians have the wisdom to handle human tech? Who knows?

Should we be subjugated to the temporally superior force?