Ice Cold Joplin


We awaken a

t the same moment. Everywhere in the world people awaken all at once.

On this world everyone sleeps at the same time.

I, along with other citizens, pour out of our local community sleep center. While my accessing of host brains has vastly evolved, I’m somehow puzzled as to why we were all asleep together simultaneously. Working on it…

Here I am on this new awakening with my three… brothers? Yes, brothers Socio, Dilaaga and Kankara.

I observe the frosty civilization before me and my doppelganger’s familiarity comes through. Odd, we have a variety of body types among us. I wonder – am I supposed to be anyone’s mate?

Think about it. It’s coming… it’s very strange.

Oh my. There’s nothing like “sex” among the “Cocryce.” While our devotion to partnerships can be loyal and fierce, physical intimacy is considered repulsive.

Our all-male species reproduces without the need for a second parent. Every three cycles each adult male lays an egg throughout a fertility period of 25 – 31 cycles. If successful, an egg will hatch within a week to become a functional infant.

The me I am here is never distracted by sex. And the sleeping…? We were all asleep at the same time all over the world. How did I know that? Because…

Suddenly Dilaaga confronts Socio. “That was harsh,” says Dilaaga. “I didn’t know you were that upset.”

Socio is contrite. “Sorry, but – yeah – you’ve been seriously vexing me.”

“We’ll see who vexes who next time,” Dilaaga smiles slyly.

That’s right. Those two were having it out in the dream. Wait. The dream? Yes – the communal dream!

We were all dreaming! Amazing. I see why this cold place is so peaceful, so chillingly tranquil. There is no violence among us.

There is no war.

Via our communal dream individuals work out their differences, experiment with scenarios without physical consequence, and concentrate on reality-structuring for their material world. Almost all conflict is worked out in communal dreams, eliminating the need for war as it persisted endlessly on the Earth of my birth.

The mental linkage we share while asleep amounts to mass telepathy. The outcomes in the dream world determine one’s status in this world.

Love and war, sex and death – those were the two driving forces for achievement and avoidance where I come from. Sex and death were the most common and terrifying topics of the day…

If you talk about sex or death too much

It can become quite boring.

Yet everyone has to or wants to

Do one or the other;

So we do but we don’t

Yet we don’t but we do

Talk about the two too often –

So we’re dumb but we’re smart

And we’re smart but we’re dumb

From the bedroom to the coffin!

Sex or Death,

Sex or Death, if

You talk about sex or death too much

It can become quite boring.

Until now I haven’t taken grasp of the power given to me by the computer genius of Doctor Bijaksana.  I’ve been held back by fear, doubt, uncertainty, confusion. I’ve avoided Death and sought Sex like a reproductive mammal should. But this journey is about more than humanity. I’m human at my root, yes – but I’m an ambassador beyond borders. And I’m no mammal.

When I believed I was only human I wanted a world without war. We dreamed of one – and now, at least for a day as a day goes by here – I experience one.

As our wakened cycle wanes, we migrate toward the sleep center. It’s time for Somnimnia, that’s my translation of our name for the sacred gathering of mass subconsciousness. Communal sleeping allows our brain waves and breathing to synchronize and we are able to achieve communal dreaming.

Well economics and politics

Have gathered up their powers;

They’ve taken all kinds

Of brilliant minds

To their brainwash towers –

Where they rub and they scrub

And they scrub and they rub

‘Til they win that great election;

In the end they’ve got

What they think they want,

A monumental erection.

Sex or Death,

Sex or Death, if

You talk about sex or death too much

It can become quite boring.