Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence


…We’re somewhere else, but still in the realm of Boltzmann brains and who knows what else?

My wannabe rescuer, Mallika, seems confused and maybe even scared.

“I’m inferring the failure of your expectation,” I observe. The macro electron cloud surrounding her ethereal and rather attractive body is wavering weirdly.

“We should be back inside our original universe,” she says, a phantom beside me in a swirling swarm of enormous energy that’s charging my synthetic body as I move with her. “This is bad,” she says, “I can’t sustain myself out here for long.”

“At least we don’t have that would-be God challenging us,” I can’t help but notice with a great sense of relief. The gargantuan head of that all-consuming nightmare is nowhere to be seen. “But how did you know I needed rescuing? And how are you able to…?”

“Stop,” Mallika suggests sternly. “I sensed your exit from our universe because it was unique in my experience in this form. There’s no time for further explanation. We are still outside our universe and the Challenger is coming. I have to get us back inside…”

She tries again. The transition is almost impossible for me to detect. The realm looks the same to me.

“It’s not working,” Mallika groans. I sense her electron cloud growing weak. She cramps with pain, even in this ghostly condition. Then, as if imploding, she’s gone.

I’m surrounded by silence. The unfathomable depths bewilder me as I slowly rotate, scanning the – HELLO!?

A fish man is floating behind me. Fish man? No threatening gestures, he’s just staring at me like I’m the oddity. Well, not that I’m not.

“You are from a dream,” the fellow tells me, “a dream I am familiar with.”

What’s this? A man with insight? My auto repairs are taking too much time in this realm outside my native universe. Physics here aren’t the same, and even in the 215th hour of my life as a quantum computer I can’t understand those differences.

“I was a human being, as you were, before I became Starspecter,” explains the new arrival,”with a human name I’ve nearly forgotten. All human particulars are fading away, even those surrounding the remaining knowledge that I was one of the first on a new kind of mission that failed; but as a result I’ve abandoned my old form and been reborn, renewed like a caterpillar into a butterfly. And what does the butterfly remember of its caterpillar existence?”

“But – you were a human being? Are you familiar with Earth?”

“Previously, like you, I was restrained on Earth,” Starspecter remembers, “with quintillions of rotifers in water everywhere, with quadrillions of tardigrades all over everything, with trillions of fish and insects swirling about the air and sea; and with billions of humans making their money to trade for everyday existence. Now I gaze out into a universe where massive beings are seen, millions of leviathans too huge to be perceived from a planet, and I perceive them alive and surrounding our tiny universe.”

Starspecter tries to read me but something is amiss. “Memory locked deep inside of genes recalls the lives any individuon has experienced,” explains Starspecter, “giving me access to those memories to relive the path any single being has taken. You are constructed around an individuon. Yet you have no genes. You have no organic cells.”

“Excuse me,” I interject respectfully, “but is there time for this? I suspect that a very large and rather ominous creature may be coming around shortly with no good intentions for the likes of us. And by the way, did you see that woman who was with me a moment ago? What happened to her? Did you…?”

“The situation is urgent,” says Starspecter. “The hunter is approaching. Can you sense it? The creature who would-be God moves across the endless expanse faster than anything.”

“Why does it want me so badly?” I beg.

“The Challenger has hunted me from the beginning,” claims Starspecter. “I have been its most elusive prey. I’ve also stopped a few key disasters it had underway. But don’t underestimate this entity. It’s more than either or both of us. It wants everything in this entire realm.”

“Yes,” I recall, “this creature seeks to accumulate all experience to achieve omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence.”

“Your unique situation could allow you the opportunity to stop the growth of this cosmic madness,” Starspecter conveys. “I believe that if you allow the Challenger to take you, you will be able to take over Challenger. Once you control the amalgamated super being you can break it up, back into uncountable fragments.”

“You mean…by destroying myself?”

“Thus destroying the Challenger who would-be God.” Starspecter paints a grim picture of the looming threat. “As imperfect as our home universe is, it’s earned my respect and my intention to protect it. If this Challenger achieves a Holy Attainment, the Biblical disasters reigned upon the wicked in the Old Testament will prove to be but a pale prediction of the catastrophic end of the world. This creature has promoted conflict, hatred and death for educational purposes.”

“But how can you know that I’ll be in charge if I let it – take me?” I plead as it gets closer, a huge, vague cloud barely coming into focus now.

“I have insights, perspectives, but explanations won’t come fast enough,” Starspecter warns plaintively. “Stay focused. Let it take you. Have faith.”

“Faith?” I exclaim. I’m not good with faith. “Faith is the scramble of brain waves and chemistry that allows dissociation. Faith is a dismissal, a denial of doubt.”

“Faith is dopamine tranquilizing a cynical meditation,” says Starspecter. “And in this moment it’s all we have. Stay strong!”

Starspecter disappears faster than my quantum eyes can follow, and that’s pretty damned fast. I slowly turn, anticipating an unnerving encounter…

Even my quantum computer sensors take 1.37 seconds to make sense of their perceptions. It appears that a cosmic hand is about to engulf everything around me.

What does it mean if Starspecter is right? If I become that thing? What will that feel like? How will it alter my perspective on everything? That thing can move galaxies, crush universes, create new worlds…!

How close is it to becoming God? My God, how close will I be to becoming God? Shit it’s pulling me!

Can I make things better? As a quantum computer I was able to save a planet of humans from self-destruction. As God, I could go back throughout the past and undo every evil ever committed. I could wipe out all regrets, heartbreaks and guilt. Oh fuck here I go…!

I can do this. I won’t self-destruct. I’ll finish the job. I’ll gather the Omniverse up for the final judgment. I’ll be a better God. I’ll be a good God…

And yea, I shall be God…?