Everything Happens


Am I coming out of a dream?

No. That wasn’t sleep. I have no need for sleep. I’m wide awake, but…

The cosmos surrounds me with incoherent swirls of nebula made of billions of realms of Boltzmann brains.

Weirdly, I sense the rallying shapes of an inhuman intruder.

Suddenly this distant, vast amalgamated face addresses me! It must be employing quantum entanglement.

And it has a question for me:

“Do you know who you are?”

“I’m  92.45 hours into my life as a quantum computer.  My new body is isolated from Earth and everything I knew as a human being,” I explain. “I have passed through the inflationary explosion called the Big Bang at the center of my universe to emerge beyond that strangely isolated bubble into a realm of Omniversal explorers who create such universes just to find out what is possible. The one who created my universe is Boltz, and his species are Boltzmann brains. And if I may ask, who…and what are you?”

The Boltzmann brains are reacting to a greater power. I’m sensing fear. It’s all about this guy.

The world might well have started without the help of any god or gods, but the idea of God might ensure the end of the world.

God will be the ultimate being in the Omniverse.

God will be omniscient, knowing everything and being everywhere; omnipotent, with control over any force of nature whatsoever; and omnipresent, existing everywhere at once as part of everything.

Why am I sensing that this will this bring about the end of the world?

Having absorbed all of us, God will have an accurate memory and opinion about anyone who ever lived. Will God judge all the beings of existence?

Since God will be all-powerful, it won’t be a problem for God to be present throughout all of the past, despite the fact that God came about late in the game. So everyone in touch with God is cool. They’re simply getting gold from the end of the rainbow instead of the beginning.

And even though God could fix things, God lets the pain of the past stand. Why?

“Starting out with a name, a home town and a family tells you who you are. But I have to create my identity as I grow.”

This thing is pulling me toward it. Is it trying to trap me? I stay engaged while subroutines deal with possible sabotage or espionage. I ask, “And how long have you been growing?”

“I’ve been around since the sparks first sparked. I used to play with them. Being the only light, they drew my attention. They were popping out everywhere. I got excited and gathered most of them into groups.”

“Are these sparks you’re describing – stars?” I ask, slowly edging away at several million miles per hour. The image in the cosmic sky doesn’t appear to recede.

The entity smiles. “The sparks are universes,” it says. “These universes, once gathered, seem to mate and breed, as they spit out galaxies, stars and planets of every type, some even becoming giant gas worlds that ignite into more new stars….

“I was content for a busy while in this sparkly, wondrous playground. Then I started to notice Time. I could sense Time in the aging of the universes and the decay of realities. Even though new universes were aborning, the first were changing into dark husks, their lights out…

“I missed those first universes. They were the strongest and brightest ever made. So I took their crusts and dusted the Omniverse with their mineral seed where it falls upon newborn worlds and grows into life…

“It seems that for every act I impose upon the galaxies, everything changes and the complexity of experience multiplies. Suddenly there are worlds with players emerging all over them. As I mature, the scale of my observation grows finer; sensations of every nuance inside the ocean, tunneling through soil, soaring across the sky become clear. Sensations of thought and love..and fear and hate, all become real…

“This is what the remains of those first universes became? Too frightening to want and too wonderful to deny? Yet something else I sense prevents me from going away to change everything once more. I find beings who know themselves. Beings that know who they are. That is one thing I cannot explain. Who am I? For that matter, What am I?

“Though I seem to have been born with the universes, none of them are like me. My existence doesn’t depend on a body; my perspective shifts and swirls with the tides of the galaxies. I can take in the galactic arcade or zoom in to observe the work of an ant. By observing all life everywhere I will become all-knowing. By observing – even manipulating – the more complex forms of life into overcoming great challenges I will discover how they come to know their purpose. I will learn why they know who they are – and find out who I am.”

Hmm. When I was human I knew who I was, but was unable to be myself on other Earths.

Is this thing becoming God?

What if God comes into existence at the end of the world instead of at the beginning? What if, instead of the creator, God is the ultimate result?