Race In The Big Sky


Okay, Donna, here it comes. The leaders of the pack have made the turn toward the scariest task of their entire lives.

32That’s an understatement, Johnny. Turnaround Rock has killed five racers in the last two BSB 500s.

That’s Guy Plagosur from Rhea in the lead with Jefa Juya of Dione right 24_0001-2behind him in second place and closing… and coming around behind her in third place, the ‘Iapetus Kid’, Preso Carmesim!

I see it, Johnny, and there in fourth place is Zyq Blueski, a free-floater and asteroid hunter making his professional racing debut after being discovered by legendary coach Mal Dickton just 18 months ago. And here he comes…

Now they’ll be upon Turnaround Rock in less than 30 seconds. They’re calculating their angles as best they can…

You see the black robot ERs right there on the asteroid itself. Only they are strong enough to get any victims who crash on the surface away from the asteroid for medical help.

That’s right Donna, and they also try to wave off anyone approaching at a deadly angle and are set to launch in attempts to veer racers away from last second disasters if possible.

Not always possible either, Johnny. Rounding the sudden immense gravity of the super-dense asteroid called Turnaround Rock at a typical speed of 365 kph is the most dangerous leg of the Big Sky Backjet 500; too far from its edges and you’ll lose for certain. Too close and you may find your guts spread across the sky.

And there’s Guy Plagosur on the approach! He goes around! Whoa! Something’s wrong!

I see a neck injury. Did you catch that twist of the head?

He’s lost his power and drifting…

Guy Plagosur is out of the race!

And Jefa Juya rounds the rock!

She made it!

No! Her gear is crushed!

It is! It’s crushed! She is also out of control! Holy cow! She’s spinning!

Now it’s Preso Carmesim’s turn and there he goes!

Unbelievable! Another gear-crush!

That’s crazy Donna! That’s insane!

Three down and a rookie to go! Not looking good for rookie Zyq Blueski! Here he comes…

He’s taking an even sharper angle than the first three!

Is it suicide? Holy -!

Whoa! Whoa! He curved it! The rookie curved it!

Zyq Blueski’s thrown out of the turn with a speed boost of 62%! Wow!

Incredible! And he’s shown the way for the new numbers two and three, Verde Velocità and Zółty Trzecie.

And now taking first place is Turnaround Rock survivor Zyq Blueski in the final stretch of this Big Sky Backjet 500!

Here’s audio from Guy Plagosur“The gravity on the back end of that asteroid fuckin’ churned my guts…Where’s the goddamned robots?”

This was Verde Velocità’s reaction to her base after coming around to gain second place: “Damn! That turn was nearly fatal! Look at that guy! But I made it!”

Here’s what Zółty Trzecie, now in third place, had to say: That was harder than I imagined. Got to overtake the green guy!”

Jefa Juya is looking for some help out there: “The super-gravity turn broke me! Help! Outta control!”

Another racer is approaching Turnaround Rock, Donna, here’s what Nähern Felsen just said to his crew: “If I don’t hit this curve at just the right angle it’s all over.”

It looks like Preso Carmesim is panicking, Johnny, listen: “Help! Get me out of the racing field, I’m powerless. Damned supergravity’s pulling me toward the rock!”

I like the rookie’s spirit, Donna. Listen in on Blueski: “I took the lead around the most dangerous turn in the galaxy!! And the winner of the Saturn System’s 44th Big Sky Backjet 500 will be…”

That’s bravado, Johnny, that’s bravado.

He’s the long shot in this race and now it looks like he’s going to win it if he can hold that lead!

Incredible! This morning everyone was buzzing with rumors of Blueski’s sudden odd behavior, he was reportedly somewhat disoriented I guess…

Yeah, and his crew wrote it off to nerves, this being his first big race and all…

Then we heard rumors of psychological impairment…

Here comes Verde Velocità threatening Blueski’s lead!

They’re backjet to backjet now!

Velocità is pushing as hard as he can!

It’s gonna be close! What? Blueski’s blown his jets – and the shock wave boosted him over the finish line!

Blueski wins by a fraction!

It’s Blueski! Unbelievable!

Look Ma. I won!