Not So NAZI Any More


In the 1980’s the Reagan Administration consulted with former president Nixon to build a secret military Moon base.

In the 1980’s these two presidents from California, home of the Jet Propulsion LaboratoryEdwards Air Force Base and major oil and gas moguls, took it upon themselves to go beyond the Apollo missions and plant a long-term military base upon the Moon. With the military-industrial complex solidified, the reasoning was that such a base would be out of attack range yet capable of launching missiles at any target anywhere on Earth. Nixon had declared reaching the Moon the greatest moment in all of history when it happened early in his presidency. Reagan suddenly became the advocate of the “Star Wars” anti-nuclear defense shield a decade later. Their strange, budget-buried, science fictional strategy would result in the collapse of the most powerful enemy the Allies had ever faced – The USSR. But the true story – the whole story – was known only to the mOOn platOOn.

So reads the plaque on the entrance hall as you go into The SSS Space Center. History here tells a different story than the one I grew up with.

In colonial times, ambitious outlaws in America took advantage of their distance from authority to take what they wanted. Criminals like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin led a secession movement that triggered other mass uprisings around the world. The traitorous trend was perpetuated by later crafty gangsters like Jackson, Houston and Lincoln.

The moguls controlling oil, railroads, agriculture and manufacturing kept indecent amounts of profit for themselves and their cronies in politics, the police and the military. No longer able to command a slave population, these conniving bribers paid minimum wages to laborers who lived in poverty and bare sustenance.

By the start of the 20th Century, the world was overrun by the grip of greedy Western capitalists. Villains swaggering about with names like Rockefeller, Carnegie, Vanderbilt, Ford and their ilk drained the energy and resources of generations with little reward for the working families that suffered in hovels. They weren’t allowed to be slave owners but they were bosses, and bosses back then told employees what to do, where to live, where to shop and in some cases even what to think.

The only remedy for such powerful, rampant, individual greed seemed to be state greed. And from the huddled masses arose the hero who would inspire a revolution, Adolph Hitler.

Hitler organized disaffected soldiers in Germany and then Italy into a secret military force that prepared to institute state power. The state would take control of all industry and ensure an even distribution of resources. Everyone would have food, transportation and efficiency instead of just the few.

Yes, on this Earth Hitler didn’t want to exterminate anyone. He admitted his own Jewish heritage and enlisted the aid of Jewish leaders, placing many in his advisory council. Between 1939 and 1946 the Allied Forces under Hitler, Mussolini, Ben-Gurion and Tojo conquered all of Europe and East Asia. The defeated powers of the United StatesRussia and their allies were absorbed by the new monolith.

It wasn’t long before enterprising Americans worked their way into the light of the great enterprise, helping to quell the rebellious among them who refused to submit to state authority. America’s own great fascists would arise, among them men like Thurmond, Wallace, Nixon, Reagan and Trump. Their style of leadership steered generations until American Fascism ruled the planet by the turn of the 21st Century, opposed only by the United States Socialist Republic and its ally, China.

But that’s history that I’ve had time to catch up on while we’re waiting to be launched. The SSS is sending a special team on the first attempted mission beyond our own galaxy. Apparently on this Earth I am a “continuum-trained pilot,” whatever that means. If I don’t remember before they send us off things could get embarrassing.

Now I’m realizing that this experiment is a possible one-way mission beyond the Milky Way.

If I go that far – will I be freed of this endless tumble through space-time? If I’m so far from Earth, will my connection with Earth – and any other earths – be permanently lost?

At least they’ve made my last night on the Moon a memorable one.