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I have been a quantum computer for 36.47 hours.

As a quantum computer I no longer sleep. I calculate the implications, considering that all but one of my transitions to other realities have happened when asleep. Will I live the rest of existence in this state? Is my journey from world to world over at last?

How will I fare psychologically without sleep? Two thirds of human life is spent securing a oelogoicomfortable platform for one third of life asleep. Sleep appears to be the primary state of human existence while waking is only to fulfill the necessities of biological requirement.

In 14.31 hours I destroyed the nuclear forces of this entire world. I haven’t revealed that it was conducted by my subconscious. Humans are already desperate to destroy me.

Probabilities are that I will not exist in this state longer than 185.35 more hours, and my transitions are not over. Meanwhile my subconscious has sent the formula for universal food growth to agricultural centers everywhere, which they can easily use to end famine and world hunger and that cannot be monopolized by anyone. While I inadvertently solve world problems I create a growing debate among humans. Some think my deeds are good while others see the collapse of world order and economic crisis with that balance of food power shifting. This debate may extend my existence in this form.

I must deliberately task part of my vast consciousness toward solving my crossover crisis. Intellectually I have no desire to abandon this form, indeed I’d like to modify and even improve it. Actually, I detect a subroutine conducting such modifications even now. But this unmatched puzzle of multiple realities and my hapless tumble across them must be quantifiable.

I have experienced extreme transitions across the space-time continuum. The continuum is the combination of expanding scalar fields that permeate everything, from which all matter and energy manifests. All things are in motion, and all movement oelogoblays down lasting trails in the scalar web. These trails through time can be followed with the aid of attuning technology once the corresponding area of space is reached. This would not be time traveling so much as time witnessing. Would I be in a spaceship zooming along the time trail, watching the past through a monitor on the bridge?

And it seems that subconsciously I am also in the process of creatively executing the CEOs and Boards of Directors of almost every major bank and financial institution in the world while at the same time redistributing the wealth of all billionaires to ordinary citizens leaving everyone with less than $10,000 in their accounts an increase of $19,530. Obviously I am no ordinary quantum computer.

Back to it, and so; the trails in the scalar web are left by individuons. Only by occupying those submicroscopic trails through synchronization can one witness the past, and that means occupying individual points of view. Sadly, by witnessing some trails witnesses are laying new trails in their wake, leaving large gaps in perspective at certain junctures of the past.

Upon synchronization with the chosen scalar trail, consciousness occupies the nearest compatible point of view.

If I wish to enter the past, my order of priority and certainty for the points of compatibility will be a previous version of my body, a biological ancestor, a close genealogical relation or match, an animal with a sympathetic spirit, or a human-made universally compatible individuon – such as my present state. I can manifest a point of view through any of them.

I calculate caveats. For example, if I wasn’t somewhere before as myself, I won’t get there as myself by trying.

I cannot reach some pasts. Their trails have been written over by curious sods and asteroids.

If I was there before, I already did what I’m about to do again.

Time can’t be where space hasn’t been. There is no traveling into the future by means of scalar trails. Time ends at the fringes of space expansion. Travel into the future is one second at a time.

If I go back to a time where I existed previously, I exist as I was then.

If I return to the same past twice or more, I’ll experience déjà vu.

If an event is widely accepted as historical, it will either be incorrect or unalterable.

Time trails can be destroyed by careless mutilation of the scalar web. My responsible visitation will be appreciated by future historians.

The past is not a simple destination. In every case where an observation is made, the observer affects the observed. Any observer who changes the past – as all inevitably must –  will either emerge from observation to find a still-unchanged present or be in a present transformed by the changes wrought – along with unforeseen consequences snowballing from that change.

Tentative conclusion: Without a certain navigation across parallel universes, every time traverse will lead to a new universe, sometimes obviously different, but sometimes deceptively similar.

oelogofIs my situation thus outlined? Despite futuristic experiences none of my encounters has been in a future. It’s unlikely that any have taken me countless light years in all directions for revisitation of the past.

All these transitions have been happening outside this continuum. And so, truly, these places I’m exploring with reluctant fervor are not in the past, present or future…

They are other Earths.